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Week of December 16, 2018

  • #SouthandNorthDakotaFamiliesandCoolWeather
  • #LayawayGoodDeed (aka Pay-It-Forward)
  • #HolidaySeasonIsForTheFinanciallyWealthyToGiveCharityToIndividualsWhoAreFinanciallyLacking and not the other way around; What could the financially-poor possibly give to the financially-blessed citizens of our country? The financially-lacking citizens don't shop in the stores all year long, so why come to the stores and shop now?
  • #theFinanciallyBlessedPublicFigures/theFinanciallyBlessedCitizens/theFinanciallyBlessedEntertainers:HowAreTheyGivingBackInCharity?
  • #GodandHisHolySpirit
  • #WereThePilgrimsWrongToBringOtherCivilizationsToNativeU.S.? (North America seems to have rain, humidity, and snow.) 

Online Shoppers Trending Phrases

  • Christmas-item charity donations to storm-victims and storm-victim shelter hotspots (Be alert to sales or a good bargain now. Formal organizations and community outreach coordinators, ask your local grocery and store chains for a donation or reserve a donation drop-off point event date now.)