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October 16, 2018


Trending Words 

  • #MeghanMarkleandPrinceHarry (Are …. expecting! Congratulations!)
  • #LastDayofNationalHispanicHeritageMonth (9/15 - 10/15)
  • #ArtsandHumanitiesMonth (October)
  • #StormVictims (Some with no electricity and water, or are without shelter and many will be for quite some time.) 
  • #NativeAmericanAdoptionLaw
  • #UHaulOffersFreeStorageUnitsToStormEvacuees 
  • #DisasterReliefVolunteersHelpStormVictimsPlaceThingsInStorage (My WEMA Office)
  • #LodgingOpportunitiesForDisasterReliefVolunteers (Hurricane Michael)
  • #LodgingOpportunitiesForStormVictimsandFamilyStormVictims (Hurricane Michael)
  • #ChromeBrowserDecline ("Android 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 or device that use Jelly Bean will soon not be able to use the Chrome browser.")
  • #HalloweenSocials
  • #DecorandCandyForHalloween
  • #OktoberFest
  • #PumpkinsandMumsFlowers
  • #NationalClergyAppreciationDayandMonth

Online Shoppers Trending Phrases

  • Halloween- and Christmas-item charity donations to storm-victims and storm-victim shelter hotspots (Be alert to sales or a good bargain now. Formal organizations and community outreach coordinators, ask your local grocery and store chains for a donation or reserve a donation drop-off point event date now.)
  • Halloween sales
  • November's Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday Weekend sales
  • December's Christmas Season sales