Dear Audience Family:


Thinking of all kids and families who are participating, socially, at national rallies today (March For Our Lives). Kids, going to the D.C. rally, socialize and build networks today: Public-schoolers, will you be sociable with other schooling-choice(s) students who will be at the rally today, too? 

Yesterday, March 23, 2018, I was in discussions with my hometown government (Kent County, City of Baltimore) in regards to where we are in updates, productive societal updates, involving the horrific scam that has formally defined me as the "victim" and, medically, a victim of culture shock--now that I'm back to living in Maryland.

Let me use the power of the pen and consider my actions carefully--

As many of you know, I am in actions of bringing my nonprofit to Maryland--to help not to harm socially.  Where we are in the process: some people would rather for the entity not to be officially confirmed in Maryland--some local citizens, individuals, families--a mental belief that this will cause others to know of their participations in the horrific scam that took place involving several counties (including Baltimore City "Towson" "West Preston Street") of Maryland.  A scam that involved government. school (public school). law enforcement (legal outlets and jurisdictions). There is still feelings of anger coming from those involved (actual partakers, agencies, affiliates, and other constituents), not acceptance as we had hoped by now. It is my opinion that they, said parties, still haven't completed the emotional phases of acceptance, of reality, of their behaviors and attitude yet.

Today, after reviewing all online comments and feedback, will determine my ongoing actions and strategies of the nonprofit. It has been commented that my actions is almost like or similar to actions approving or signing off on a legislative bill or law that influences our entire country. I was your aspiring president, wasn't I ? :) I know my responsibility in being a leader, I do. My master's degree and other personality or skills assessments have consistently revealed such traits, too. Overall, you must remember that I am an individual, a former individual of the middle-income social class who knew "nothing" of the welfare systems, of low-income systematic traits, of our country.

I didn't work in government agencies that involved welfare: Officially, I only worked at government agencies that were for "all the people" (4-H, Cooperative Extension, State Highway Administration). It doesn't matter if my hometown, the community, refuses to officially/formally express what I did (job duties) as an educator at a local public school (Kent County Schools) such as the court-ordered Work Verification Letter request by three judges and a host of other companies, it happened. You do realize that public schools are defined as the community as the community body (a symbol representing the social and morals of community) as local government that is not a part of state government actions, don't you? We now know all of the particulars, as unlearned citizens that we once were.

Lastly, my message is that, yes, I am a victim of a very horrific scam that happened in my hometown county (Kent County), that happened in the state of Maryland. I am, also, expressing that I am a female leader that is productively helping, productively leading, and productively seeking independent financial wealth and earnings. [Productively trying to make up for the years of going without, to make up for the years my children that went without, through no fault of my own, and to pay for the $126,000 value of student loans incurred through no fault of my own.] So the leader-mentality of me would like to express to you that the choice is yours--you can either help me or try to deter me in said productive actions. It's just that simple of our country's social choices of what we consider freedoms.


Updated: July 2019

The matter has concluded with involved or constituents of Maryland; I will write no further updates of such on-going topics of the former said experiences. Because of my life's former personal experiences, I am now a motivational speaker. Book me now to speak at your motivational setting or venue.


With Love,