My Birthday: 51 Motivational Quotes for Families


  1. I Don't Have To Be As You To Understand Your Situation, To Help You.
  2. If you refuse to listen and interrupt another while they are speaking, you are avoiding true communication. You are either fearful of verbal thought, or you do not want to hear what the other person has to say altogether.
  3. Communication of your personal expressions is very important.
  4. Too high to get over, and too low to get under.
  5. Start with the person in the mirror.
  6. They are just puppets; don't blame them, blame the puppeteers.
  7. Which way are you going? Pull with, pull together, or separate way?
  8. You cannot choose who follows you, but you can choose who you follow.
  9. There are six major groups of people in business activities: 1) Investors/Sponsors, 2)Owner/CEO, 3) Shareholders, 4)Managers, 5)Employees, and 6)Customers.
  10. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
  11. America has never had a true economy based on long-standing business ventures, except for the African slave trade.
  12. The stronger the dialogue, the stronger the brand. The weaker the overall conversation, the weaker the brand. -L. Weber
  13. You waste your time talking to an enemy alone. You must inform her/him that you have someone behind you that supports your actions. Then, someone behind her/him.
  14. Whatever you do, do it well. 
  15. Don't purpose to pursue, be in pursuit of purpose. -T. Brown
  16. Stop. focus. do!
  17. Think of one organization that you are willing to give your time to volunteering.
  18. It's a true expression, fake it until you make it.
  19. Practice makes perfection.
  20. Remember: No one is perfect so, make mistakes and live.
  21. If you are around people that demand perfection always, without errors, they are the dysfunctional kind--not you.
  22. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it that you can. -Danny Kaye
  23. The Holy Trinity of God has allowed me to have the wisdom and knowledge to appreciate all racial ethnicities, and aliens (just kidding).
  24. The best sport to play is the game of life, the tumbles and the touch downs.
  25. Your team members are just as important as your coach. 
  26. Don't believe everything that you read or hear.
  27. Who Are Friends: "F"ight for you; "R"espect you; "I"nvolve you; "E"ncourages you; "N"eed you; "D"eserve you; and "S"tand by you. -J Ingledue
  28. Never attempt to attack someone who is without personal knowledge of a thing.
  29. Sometimes people become defensive because they have their own issues or dysfunction.
  30. Conflict is any form of a challenge in maintaining one's values, traditions, and/or social norms.
  31. Some old things are truly good for us.
  32. Schools are simply a visual of communities outwardly.
  33. One who hinders your learning is either a fool or a brilliant mind.
  34. Sometimes faith-based sermons are not about loving everybody, or treating everybody right.
  35. Religions define sin and who are sinful.
  36. There are two types of judges: government and sacred (religious); two types of laws to abide by--as a "good" citizen.  
  37. I am only giving you my personal experience of a thing.
  38. I will not be commenting on anything financially productive, of things in known local-welfare communities, nationally, anymore.
  39. You may comment if you like, but we all have our opinions. Yes, all humans, are entitled to [have] their own opinions. 
  40. Do math actions of both your personal and household's needs and wants.
  41. Each person in your household should be able to express your family unit's values.
  42. Your attitude about money, education, and socializations are influenced by the attitudes presented to you by your family members.
  43. Families, back in the day, ate either white potatoes or corn, at every meal.
  44. Every household has its challenges. How conflicts are handled is what the future generations will remember.
  45. I appeciate the awareness that I had family members who lived in their same housing structures for more than 50 years.  ... my custodial father ... yeah ... 50 years of consistently going through the same doors that he, we, called home is no more.
  46. Most of humanity is multiracial; being black is to be a part of a culture of racial awareness.
  47. God created the colorful rainbows above,and human skin colors on earth.
  48. Don't perm your hair, if you don't have new hair growth.
  49. Plant four rows of both squash and lettuce: Squash, gossip; indifferences; grumbling; and selfishness. Lettuce be faithful, kind, patient, and flexible in the how's of really loving one another. -Tidewater Trader 
  50. Habits are hard to break, make sure you have good ones.
  51. Do something every day that your future self will thank you for.


Our 2022 Summer Challenge, Team Ladies & Team Gentlemen:

Universal Subsidized Income (USI) Bill Examples

*President Biden's Bill guarantees each working and non-working adult up to $2,000 per month, indefinitely.


Recession Layoffs: Due to the recession, popular corporation brands are downsizing or closing several site locations, nationally.


USI Action: The USI Bill will subsidize pay to those who lose their part-time, full-time, or independent vendor contracts with such corporations, up to $2,000 per month.


Extreme Weather Community Victims: A hurricane went through a community, last night, and destroyed many commercial/business buildings. Most working neighbors are not sure when they will be able to return to their jobs.

USI Action: The USI Bill will subsidize their pay to both hourly and employees who have an employment contract: guaranteeing each worker at least earnings of $2,000 per month during this weather-related community challenge.



Person A: I appreciate Biden's USI Bill because our construction team will stop work before 1 p.m. today. "Construction team, it's too hot to work in this type of weather today."

USI Action: If there is no cooler weather during the rest of June, and the construction team doesn't each earn $2,000 for the month, the USI Bill will subsidize their pay: guaranteeing each worker at least earnings of $2,000 for the month.

Construction workers' normal pay is $3,000 per month.
Due to extreme heat, lost hours/lost pay was $1890.
The government subsidy, USI for each worker will be $890 each.


Congratulations, Class of 2022!


Dear School Graduates,


Oh, the advice that I could offer aspiring college students and graduates.  During my life's experience in seeking higher learning higher education pursuits  ... as a woman, I learned the external reactions of others. towards education. I am the first in my immediate family to hold a master's degree from a college. And I am still learning, currently, I have ambitions of two more state certifications in continued pursuits of my best self.


I realize now that there are many Americans who innocently do not understand the activities and the dedication that it truly takes in attending a state college, or a college university. For others who have never enrolled in a college program, it is the equivalent of going to an 8-hour job two or three days a week, hoping that your hard work will be reflected by your supervisor.  Next, it's up to your supervisor to pay you wages after 6 to 10 weeks of hard work.  Now your boss pays you such standard wages, excluding overtime in studying for specific-work exams or the cost of travel for college-based external field trips, the loss of family time or socialization time with friends, or the materials that you had to pay out of pocket to do your best work. Imagine performing such work, hoping to receive a big raise after two years, four years, or, like me, 10+ years of your life. Then, in order to receive the big pay raise of tens of thousands of dollars, for most, you have to pass state assessments to obtain such achievement. And finally, after doing all of this, you have to attend hours to maintain your pay, every two years. Every two years of doing additional training to repeat the same learning process or educational activities. Your life's learning ambition is going around and around obtaining higher components of the same standards of the 3R's ... reading, writing, and math arithmetic.


I would like to urge our Congress and the President's administration, his staff, to take the initiative in voiding student loan debt of students who attended college programs during1989 to 2021. I know some of you would like to own a home, one day, but fearful how your student loans will challenge such endeavors. You are correct in such ambitions, owning a thing is always better than leasing without a purpose.  Remember that a home is actually a place where you feel comfortable, a place that provides you a little personal space to rest and to pursue being the best of yourself: your productive academic self, your physical self, your financial self, AND your spiritual self whatever religious freedoms that may be for you.

Graduates, you must never stop learning because this world has so much to offer in learning things. As you know now, YOU must be ready or willing to learn what it has to offer. You are the only one that can do this--not your momma or daddy or your spouse, children, or friends, but "you" and you alone. If you are always ready, always flexible, then you won't have to prepare yourself emotionally of doing so.

In closing with a little bible language, the King James version, embrace the honor of realizing that God allowed your inspiration to pursue and achieve such an ambition that others will never experience. God wanted you to achieve such special, skilled training, for a purpose that he alone will eventually reveal to you whether now or as you pursue the human aging process. May our true-and-living God, Yahweh, Allah give you the productive kind of emotional character traits, the emotional stability, to continue achieving his purposes of your learning and training experiences going forward, no matter what other challenges you may face in life.



Sherlene D.




*Month of February.





*Beginning 1/15th or 1/17th.





*Basic Income March (9/25 yearly)



  1. Drive-in movie cinemas.
  2. Create or be a part of a volunteer prayer group.
  3. Create or be a part of a food-pickup volunteer group for seniors and disabled.
  4. Create or be a part of a food-prep volunteer group delivering meals to seniors and disabled.
  5. Create or be a part of a new or organized volunteer group in your local area.
  6. Create a journal entry book.
  7. Clean your social media pages.
  8. Clean your address book.
  9. Clean your daily or monthly calendar.
  10. Clean the outside or inside of your home.
  11. Do laundry.
  12. Iron clothes for a week in advance.
  13. Match or pair socks.
  14. Style your children's hair with a hairstyle that will last for a few days.
  15. Learn how to braid or cut hair.
  16. Wash stuffed animals.
  17. Wash or toss out sleeping pillows.
  18. Clean out the garage or work-space closet.
  19. Clean junk or mail drawer.
  20. Capture new pics of self, children, family, etc.
  21. New pic uploads on social media, etc.
  22. Clean your home office.
  23. Mop the floors. Vacuum.
  24. Wash windows outside and inside.
  25. Clean baseboards and vents. 
  26. Polish silver.
  27. Clean all glass-made items.
  28. Wipe glass of mirrors, television screens, computer monitors, cell phones.
  29. Dust.
  30. Clean out freezer and fridge. Check expiration dates of food items and food-item seasonings.
  31. Paint a room or object.
  32. Plant bulb-style flowers because they will bloom yearly.
  33. Cut your lawn.
  34. Clean the outside or inside of your vehicle.
    Do a vehicle maintenance of basic things such as oil check, air filter check, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and battery dust check.
  35. Sort your mail publications such as advertisements, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  36. Sort your bills or daily mail.
  37. Contact your debtors if necessary.
  38. Select and follow a religious public figure, partner with a ministry, or volunteer tasks that you can consistently do at your dwelling:  view their media outlets, or drive by their closest location to your dwelling.
  39. Select and follow new people or public figure on social media: view their media outlets, first.
  40. Bake or create healthy food items. Choose a new recipe to make.
  41. Start flower or vegetable seeding. Create a spacing plan for flower or vegetable garden.
  42. Begin a new hobby that's affordable to your personal and household budget.
  43. Order items that you weren't able to purchase while at work. Standard shipping 3 - 7 business days.
  44. Exercise or yoga at your comfortable pace.
  45. Walk at a quick comfortable pace.
  46. Have sex with your spouse/partner at least 3 times per week.
  47. Challenge your drinking water consumption per day or week.
  48. Challenge your discipline of healthy snack choices.
  49. Challenge family members to do an activity together, or together meet a family or personal goal.
  50. Phone the elderly or disabled. Max. 5 min. talking time.
  51. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while.
  52. Read the bible, or a religious book.
  53. Pray.
  54. Sing.
  55. Listen to music.
  56. Dance.
  57. Worship.
  58. Laugh.
  59. Meditation.
  60. Watch a new cable channel or streaming show.
  61. Install or cancel cable or streaming service.
  62. Wash your hair. Grease your scalp. Trim your ends.
  63. Shave hair areas of your body.
  64. Read books of various genres.
  65. Read magazines.
  66. Read someone's memoir or personal journey of something.
  67. Write with a pencil or pen.
  68. Create a To-Do or Shopping list.
  69. Check on your neighbor, be a good neighbor.





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