The National Museum of African American History & Culture Wants Your Photos, Videos, and Stories to Help Document the Black Lives Matter Movement and COVID-19 


 The National Museum of African American


History & Culture (NMAAHC) doesn’t have a date set to


reveal a new public exhibition dedicated to these life-


altering events, but the Voices of Resistance and Hope


online platform will be a resource for museum curators


to start collecting timeless assets, such as original


music that addresses social injustices, poems that


capture the thoughts of marginalized communities,


photos that reveal the most poignant moments of a


peaceful movement, and the personal prose that 


showcases the fear of the unknown about a global




    It’s hoped that these countless stories from African-


American and global communities will create a


colorful mosaic of perspectives. These are historic, real-


life experiences and stories that the NMAAAHC need


your help to tell.   Read mor








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