". . . Black haircare products including relaxers and damage


to health, and the hair product companies are following


established regulation." --Melanie Curry (Feb. 25, 2023)



TSB Portal Link: Black Women Say Products for Black Hair Are Dangerously Toxic—Why Are We Still Not Listening?









My Birthday Year (2022): 51 Motivational Quotes for Families

  1. I Don't Have To Be As You To Understand Your Situation, To Help You.
  2. If you refuse to listen and interrupt another while they are speaking, you are avoiding true communication. You are either fearful of verbal thought, or you do not want to hear what the other person has to say altogether.
  3. Communication of your personal expressions is very important.
  4. Too high to get over, and too low to get under.
  5. Start with the person in the mirror.
  6. They are just puppets; don't blame them, blame the puppeteers.
  7. Which way are you going? Pull with, pull together, or separate way?
  8. You cannot choose who follows you, but you can choose who you follow.
  9. There are six major groups of people in business activities: 1) Investors/Sponsors, 2)Owner/CEO, 3) Shareholders, 4)Managers, 5)Employees, and 6)Customers.
  10. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
  11. America has never had a true economy based on long-standing business ventures, except for the African slave trade.
  12. The stronger the dialogue, the stronger the brand. The weaker the overall conversation, the weaker the brand. -L. Weber
  13. You waste your time talking to an enemy alone. You must inform her/him that you have someone behind you that supports your actions. Then, someone behind her/him.
  14. Whatever you do, do it well. 
  15. Don't purpose to pursue, be in pursuit of purpose. -T. Brown
  16. Stop. focus. do!
  17. Think of one organization that you are willing to give your time to volunteering.
  18. It's a true expression, fake it until you make it.
  19. Practice makes perfection.
  20. Remember: No one is perfect so make mistakes and live.
  21. If you are around people that demand perfection always, without errors, they are the dysfunctional kind--not you.
  22. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it that you can. -Danny Kaye
  23. The Holy Trinity of God has allowed me to have the wisdom and knowledge to appreciate all racial ethnicities, and space aliens (just kidding).
  24. The best sport to play is the game of life, the tumbles and the touch downs.
  25. Your team members are just as important as your coach. 
  26. Don't believe everything that you read or hear.
  27. Who Are Friends: They "F"ight for you; "R"espect you; "I"nvolve you; "E"ncourage you; "N"eed you; "D"eserve you; and "S"tand by you. -J Ingledue
  28. Never attempt to attack someone who is without personal knowledge of a thing.
  29. Sometimes people become defensive because they have their own issues or dysfunction.
  30. Conflict is any form of a challenge in maintaining one's values, traditions, and/or social norms.
  31. Some old things are truly good for us.
  32. Schools are simply a visual of communities outwardly.
  33. One who hinders your learning is either a fool or a brilliant mind.
  34. Sometimes faith-based sermons are not about loving everybody, or treating everybody right.
  35. Religions define sin and who are sinful, and offers formal moral instructions.
  36. There are two types of judges: government and sacred (religious); two types of laws to abide by--as a "good" citizen.  
  37. I am only giving you my personal experience of a thing.
  38. I will not be commenting on anything financially productive of things in known local-welfare communities, nationally, anymore.
  39. You may comment if you like, but we all have our opinions. Yes, all humans, are entitled to [have] their own opinions. 
  40. Do math actions of both your personal and household's needs and wants.
  41. Each person in your household should be able to express your family unit's values.
  42. Your attitude about money, education, and socializations are influenced by the attitudes presented to you by your family members.
  43. Families, back in the day, ate either white potatoes or corn at every meal.
  44. Every household has its challenges. How conflicts are handled is what the future generations will remember.
  45. I appeciate the awareness that I had family members who lived in their same housing structures for more than 50 years.  ... my custodial father ... yeah ... 50 years of consistently going through the same doors that he, we, called home is no more.
  46. Most of humanity is multiracial; being black is to be a part of a culture of racial awareness.
  47. God created the colorful rainbows above,and human skin colors on earth.
  48. Don't perm your hair, if you don't have new hair growth.
  49. Plant four rows of both squash and lettuce: Squash, gossip; indifferences; grumbling; and selfishness. Lettuce be faithful, kind, patient, and flexible in the how's of really loving one another. -Tidewater Trader 
  50. Habits are hard to break, make sure you have good ones.
  51. Do something every day that your future self will thank you for.







  • January - National Mentorship/Goals and Aspiration Month. TSB Theme: Help someone else with their goals and aspirations this month.
  • February - black race appreciation month. TSB Theme: How to Offer Encouragement to community-wide Citizens Who have a STD/VD and Still Want To Maintain a Healthy Sex Life.
  • March - White Race appreciation month. TSB Theme: Because The Faith Systems Say So: All Major Religions Practiced Were Created by the International White Race--Including American-Based Nation of Islam.




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