Campaign Slogan: It is Me. It is my Family. "It" . . . is America!



Our Country's Overall Brand

Our American Values


I have asked citizens to identify one word or action phrase that describes our country. What are our country's values?  To identify us, what do we want foreign lands to know of us doing here in the States, in America?


  1.  No one, in our country, shall be left to starve; (Agree or Disagree)
  2. All of our youth are taught principles and the definition of a free society, freedom; (Agree or Disagree)
  3. Country of various work-habit opportunities; (Agree or Disagree)
  4. My vision of the Section 8 HCVP HUD Housing Choice
    program is to continue its usage to low-income
    and extend to mid-middle income households. The
    reality is that we need to address consistent housing
    for all of our citizens by providing housing vouchers to
    households who use more than 30% of their income to
    pay for rent.  It is a false sense of our reality to believe
    that low-incomers, who participate in HUD programs,
    can purchase and consistently sustain a home mortgage.

    I do not believe that there should be a time restriction to
    be a client of any welfare assistance program based on
    our modern economy trends, including HUD housing

    There are citizens, unique households, who would like
    to transition to the next level of socio-economic status
    (middle-income, higher-income) if given the right conditions
    to sustain independently on a consistent basis. It is the job
    of our governmental leaders and the President to provide
    consistent paths of employment opportunities by influencing
    more entrepreneurship and valuing private business
    owners, nationally. (Agree or Disagree)

Overall Staff

Paul Ryan is the new, 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives (October 29, 2015). This job is very important. If the President or the Vice President is not available, this person is our country's replacement of command. 


Mitch McConnell is our newest majority leader of the Party. McConnell is from the great state of Kentucky.


Current Topics


Which do you prefer, small government (more independent business leadership of economics and structure), or large government (economics determined by federal, state, and local agencies, increase of staff due to work demands, etc.)?


Can you believe that 20+ States are suing President Obama for immigration reform action?


On November 4, 2014, we completed the mid-elections.  November 4, 2016 is our next election aka "the primary elections." My personal goal is to ask you to nominate me to run as your Republican presidential nominee.


Our youngest Congress representative, of both parties, is Elise Stefanik (Republican of New York), age 30.


Mia Love is our Party's first, African-American female elected in the Congress (Nov. 4, 2014).


The new, Republican-majority, Congress will begin its job functions officially beginning January 3, 2015. (Nov. 12, 2014).


Former Republican Presidents

  • George Washington, Independent
  • Thomas Jefferson, 50/50 (1/2 Democrat, 1/2 Republican)
  • James Madison, 50/50
  • James Monroe, 50/50
  • John Quincy Adams, 50/50
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Ulysses Grant
  • Rutherford Hayes
  • James Garfield
  • Chester Arthur
  • Benjamin Harrison
  • William McKinley
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • William Howard Taft
  • Warren Harding
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Herbert Hoover
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford
  • Ronald Reagan (most recent)
  • George H. W. Bush (most recent)
  • George W. Bush (most recent)

Posted 4/16: My response to current, national, police violence data:

Killed by Police in 2014



African American    233

White                      414

Hispanic                 138

Asian                        15

Unreported Race    311


Source: CNN Newsroom with Brook Baldwin


As a running candidate, I believe I should provide a comment in regards to such police violence, national data: Though I have experienced local-government violence, I have never been shot with a bullet by the police. For being black-Indian, a female educator, who desired to earn $40,000 in a welfare state, caused a lot of challenges for me and my unique household--mostly Methodist/United Methodist and Catholic communities--professionally and personally. I tried, I really did, to adhere to structured religious dos and donts, but never could quite void my own life experience endeavors for self and my kids (home schooling, G&T, 4-H/public servant,  the arts, business, etc.). Both families--mine and my then-husband have had losses involving gun violence. Him-immediate family member's husband shot himself with a rifle, I believe (1988 or 1989); Me-family member, a male cousin, was killed by a bullet while standing nearby a corner church in city zoning limits (mid 2000s). I truly have empathy for the victims' families and friends. Citizen trust is at the hands of judicial staff members that we should be able to trust and rely on in our communities to do the right or honest thing out of moral discipline and not because of being afraid of losing one's job. I want to remind all citizens that we can never fully rely or trust anyone to give truth, safety, or protection.  How can you rely on mankind who doesn't  fully know you, your friends/family, or your community in an instant?  We live as humans who have character flaws; We must also realize that safety includes personal responsibility, too. God Bless America, Sherlene Stevens

I am not one whose main desires, for my Administration, is to totally eliminate existing programs and policies [my conservative side, I guess you could say.]



If you nominate me, as Republican nominee, you are saying that you realize that I support:


What I Support

January 5, 2015; revised April 9, 2015; revised April 19, 2015


I support and acknowledge choices, citizenship choices.


As candidate and president, my job is to choose by

  • Making every decision carefully,
  • Thinking everything through responsibly,
  • Exercising your citizen freedom to choose, and
  • Deciding what is right and doing it.

Affordable Housing Programs
I Support the HUD [Housing Urban Development] Housing Choice Voucher Program aka Section 8

(Not Junk or Landlords that Refuse to do Necessary or Required Repairs--in low and middle income Communities);

I Support expanding the housing voucher program to include middle-income households. Affordable Housing Choice Movement and my Administration's Affordable Housing Plan: High school and college students apply for program, if eligible; get on waiting lists. If still needed when your intake appointment (which may take years), accept. Be a qualified housing-customer client while transitioning to a higher income bracket (balancing economic system that is more productive and outcomes of less reliance of government or public service programs).

Job and Education Programs (0 - Age 3/4; Pre K - Grade 12; Adults)
I Support the Increase of "Quality" of our Available Jobs and Education Organizations;
I Support the Strengthening of National Entrepreneurship Business Models;
I Support States' WIA [Workforce Investment Act] Job Training Program of occupation-choice activities, not simply what local communities are requesting to their government and political officials (jobs, education);
I Support Job Training Programs provided by our state departments of Social Services - Dept. of Human Services as long as they allow occupation-choice practices, attitudes, and behaviors in our local communities (jobs, education);
I Support Job Training Programs provided by our local HUD offices as long as they allow occupation-choice practices, attitudes, and behaviors in our local communities (jobs, education);
I Support the Return of Textbooks in our Public Schools;
I Support the Usage of the Same Textbooks per County or State from Pre K - Grade 4/5 (elementary school buildings);
I Support the Accessibility of the Fine Arts in our Public Schools, Pre K - Grade 12;
I Support the Decrease of School-Based Health Care Organizations;

I believe unions have a place in our democratic society, if lead by productive leaders.



I Support simpler Tax Codes, staff Gender Equality (more men on staff), and new strategies of Leadership.


I Support giving Amnesty to E
xisting Immigrants who have been adequately employed, or defined as disabled in our country for more than five years;

I Support legal citizenship to children who have been born in this country--automatic American citizenship.


Health Care

I Support an increase of prevention health care education;

I Support food nutrition education program and what food actually does to help maintain our bodies;

I Support the current Health Care Act because it is now an actual law.


Recycling Programs

I Support an Increase of Recycling in Congress, White House, Judicial Systems, Government Buildings, Affiliates, Partners, and Agencies;

I Support taxing of increased Emission Usage of Carbon and other Pollutions;

I Support wind and solar as our major Energy Source; Decrease-not eliminate-Coal usage. The sun provides enough energy in a hour to meet the world's demands for a year;

I Support the taxing of residential and business (commercial) real estate companies who build communities in advance of having assumed customer-buyers. Wise thinking, "Be as big-service and/or product as your customers' demand."


Capital Punishment

I Support the ending of capital punishment or the death penalty in our country.


Social and Family Rights
I Support Pro-Choice and Family Rights;

I Support the equality of Religious habits, pursuits and beliefs as long as they do no lead to dysfunctional criminal activity; Realizing we must include co-existent attitudes which includes public and government agencies (including public schools), sponsors/grants, and customer clients;

I Support ideas that our upper middle-income and higher-earning citizens could help to balance our overall  economic system by giving or donating/recycling to our less fortunate; 
I Support Social Freedoms and Democracies;

I Support tighter regulations of Paparazzi activities;

I Support Releasing Drug-related Criminals from our Prisons to Decrease overall Population;

I Support Voting Rights of Felony Ex-Criminals;

I Support a Law of No Smoking in Vehicle When a Child Is Present;

I Support paid, Personal Leave maternity programs (a minimum of eight weeks for regular births and three months for C-section births or challenging birth) offered by medium- and large-company employers;

I Support efforts of having an affordable or free plan of In-Home Internet service in every citizen-household in America.



I Support two definitions of marriage: "traditional" and "untraditional."


Global Trading
I Support American Businesses and Entrepreneurs Participating in Global Trading, From-Here-to-There activities;


Political Campaign Spending

I  Support and participate in limit of Campaign Spending. My campaign will be known, in our American history, as the least expensive campaign on record to be productive.


Our Government
I Support New Goals Implementation based on Modern Economic and Population Needs;
I Support Creating Easier Tax Formulas for an Even Distribution of Tax Plan paid by all the People, Citizens of the United States, and its Businesses;

I Support Smaller Government to suggest and implement my strategies of "modernization with choice" effort.


Foreign Policy

I Support The Military, Shouldn't Be Viewed as a traditional American Job (like a normal 9-5 job);

I Support War, but as the last solution;

I Support Less Interference on International Communities and More Focus of American Community Needs (often referred to as Western [U.S.] Meddling);

I Support an official review of Prison Time Satisfaction at Guantanamo Bay.


Public Transportation Routes (Bus and Train)

I Support the opportunities of providing public transportation routes in urban and rural areas: employment choice and shopping choice.


As of June, 2015, I have contacted or inquired of formal public bus transportation routes in:

  1. Maryland's Eastern Shore Counties of Kent, Queen Anne's, Caroline, and Talbot County.
  2. Maryland's Eastern Shore weekend connection bus across the Bay Bridge (Annapolis, D.C., Baltimore).
  3. Maryland's Eastern Shore weekday connection bus across the Bay Bridge to Baltimore, Maryland.
  4. Union City, Georgia (intersection of Flat Shoals Road and Shannon Parkway)






Sherlene Stevens says...
""Why Do the Rich Usually Pay Less Tax?" SS: The upper-earning citizens of our country usually provide big companies offering a high majority of jobs and full benefit packages - they can afford to do so. So the government provides tax breaks to help boost our economy to such employers because they realize that although they may be wealthy, they pay a larger amount of building and company related expenses (taxes, utilities, land, bills, loans, health care for workers, licenses, equipment, modernizing equipment to compete, etc.). It's called balancing our economic system. Most small companies (Mom/Pop shops) offer jobs, but majority don't offer full-time work or benefits, etc." (4/20/15)