In the Archives: What is Welfare?


Dear State of Maryland Governing Bodies, do I have to be a customer of such programs? welfare programs? Is it the social norm of this area,really?!


Calm down everybody--


Okay, okay, just please don't separate my children from me. Noooo,you don't know what a mistake that you're making! Please, please, let me have consistent housing for me and my four young homeschooling children--since you say it's called "welfare" that I need.


(Lord, they trying to take my babies away from me, for this divorce?!) Just divorce me, and let me be. Leave us alone. What you say it's called? ... welfare, right? Okay, so let me be a "welfare" mom, and have my children live with me too. 


I thought welfare was like a business grant ... this grant referred to as Section-8 can be used for housing only. ... this grant of SNAP or food stamps can be used for food, etc. As a middle-income family member, again, what is welfare? Can you tell me? How about you, can you tell me? Please tell me what welfare is so that I can have my children living with me, please! I am a mom of four young children who left my teaching job to finish up my college experience. Now they're saying my college program is closed and my husband wants an abrupt divorce. What is this united-confrontation sound of welfare stuff that you keep suggesting that I apply to receive? Do you not know me at all?



And if all of the following wasn't ENOUGH, I was a part of a healthcare scam involving the Social Security Administration; a miscommunication of some sort of benefits requests.


Challenge --

SSA: Did you edit your denied application as approved in our Social Security Administration database? Was it you? How did you become one of our beneficiary clients, Sherlene?!

  ME: "No, it wasn't me, and I told you that my states' courts DID NOT request for me to accept such benefits. Family counseling or counseling yes, but not SSI or SSDI benefits. I told you it was a scam in 2006--when you sent me the first SSA benefits check in the mail."


Outcome: Resolved.




Challenge -  Due to a family emergency (grandmother's passing and recently grandfather's passing), I moved back to my home state of Maryland from my beloved rural-area Georgia. I have learned that I may be the heir to not one property, but five properties on Maryland's Eastern Shore (2019).



UPDATE: Student Loan

Challenge -  My student-loan financial packet distribution discovered dispursement accidentally for a non-accredited dual education major program at Delaware State University. Also, falsifying in-house my student transcript and financial-aid information to avoid discovery by, federal-tier, Dept. of Education's loan vendors. In basic words, my public-service undergraduate program didn't exist in its entirety. It had been done away with five years before my actual enrollment or of being a student there. 


Delaware State University allowed me to enroll in a major that, in reality, no longer existed at their main campus Dover, Delaware.  Department of Education (DOE) was the first to recognize the situation after high-dollar student loan distribution to the college for a traditional 4-year dual college program. The other colleges that I attended to complete the program would not allow me to complete the said teaching major for graduation ... would require to take on too many additional courses as though being a freshman again.


First, my student-loan packet providers reached out to me to inform me of the college scandal. Next, DOE contacted me. While trying to become a university, the college lost its teaching accreditation. I finally received an official transcript of my journey of college experiences for the first time, formally, in 2014!! During spring 1998, I was told to leave, transfer, or select a new college program onsite to graduate under.


Note: The police in the said local jurisdictions refuse to allow me to complete a formal police report, since the beginning of said disputes - present (2020).


Outcome: Resolved.



Challenges that Caused Me to Change Political Views

from Democrat to Republican and to Run in the 2016 Presidential Election


Note: Civil Personal Legal Cases (2000 - 2015) or (1987 - Present):  Key  #Housing  #Education  #Middle-IncomeGovernmentEmploymentActivities


"What do you do when government organizations have great service goals of helping its citizens, but it's the local people and its own staff which cause a decline of service participation?" -Sherlene Stevens

"I am the "victim" of governmental scams. As a victim, you don't get to express to me what was done, what I witnessed, or how I feel about such challenges, that's first. Although I have forgiven such attitudal behavioral actions of local government bodies, I am due fair compensation, according to judicial laws for these mishaps--that should have never happened or situations that could have been concluded in a timely fashion.  ... If only a lawyer for representation on my behalf, or fair government processes done on my behalf of described scam of actual, education (work) position and education (college) loan funding (three colleges out of five closures)." -Sherlene Stevens

"There is no amount of money that will replace my participation--during my absences--from family, friends and work. None. No amount of money that could ever be equivalent of the loyalty that I gave to my community and my employer." -Sherlene Stevens


"My husband and I were the first minority family to have discussed joint custody, co-parenting, and education options in our culture or upbringing [as solutions of outcome of arranged marriage and divorce in our home state of Maryland, Maryland's Eastern Shore]. Yeah, thanks, family members who weren't very supportive to us of co-parenting with shared housing living. A few family members were a little too expressive against our legal parental rights, for some reason.-Sherlene Stevens


My Unique Household Journal 

Personal Journal Entries (Civil Matters)*


Update (2019): I no longer hold a Section 8 housing voucher. I am living in my family home owned by my custodial father (his wife deceased in 2016 who gave me her 50%). Now my custodial father has given me his 50% via his will. He died in April 2019. 50 + 50 = 100%. Right?


July 18, 2016.  Well it has been a year since I have written a journal entry in this section: I still hold a Section 8 housing voucher for housing-rental usage.  I have recently completed the forced Section 8 housing-rental stay in my current, local, community (where I normally just vist during travels).  




July 15, 2015. Updated August 19. You may want to read other journal dates below before reading this particular journal entry. This will be my last entry in regards to my housing situations and current career/personal goals. I feel that if I continue journaling in this section, it would be unproductive and repetitious writing of housing activity actions. My current leasing company will no longer initiate further housing activities in Georgia, announced July 13, 2015. So having said all of this--similar to a new school-year education employment contract--I must begin to plan for the next housing setting:

  1. Unless a full-time pay job opportunity (I still have not received the court-requested work verification of job tasks performed by the Kent County Schools, Board of Education), Hopefully for a short time, a housing move before officially moving into the White House in January, 2017 by the American people.  [smiles.]
  2. My current housing unit has been consistently cited by its own leasing company--since Day 1 of my entrance of May 1, 2015.


May/June 2015. I recently relocated from Washington, D.C., residing in Union City, Georgia to improve my personal financial stability; personal goal of being a taxpaying citizen again  

--due to the following description overview of inconceivable cases as an actual official government employee and programs' participant, and long-standing citizen/taxpayer of Northeastern neighborhoods. It has been concluded that I should have never (financially) qualified for job-training services of JTPA (Dept. of Labor) during my late teens/young adult years. During such years, my current household size included two adults who were not married. So only my grandmother's and my salary were calculated for sign-up of described new job training program offered to teen who wanted to be taxpayers on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The scout came to the local high school, and I was suggested by my guidance counselor because of my "most likely to achieve" status if given the right opportunities. [high-school youth in a rural, disadvantaged county area during the late 80s] 


Salary Vision (based on a real budget of my unique household's expenses, needs, and wants)

The reality of needs and wants, my salary vision is to earn above $40,000.


Conclusion: My vision is to become financially stable, and continue to introduce and share business etiquette learning habits to my own kids and others. I really desire to have my kids working at our own family business.  The data has shown that if you anticipate making over $40,000, you better own your own business--will save you a lot of dysfunctional time of being frustrated. This is my reality. A middle-income traditional who somehow became a part of welfare programs. What's welfare?!


Mission: To participate in employment processes (private, government, or nonprofit) to receive an interview and complete hiring activities of consistent work habits, with verified employment and work references and education references.


Action Activities towards Goal

  1. Month of May, 2015 - My full-time job will be searching and applying to employment opportunities without assistance of relocation welfare (Medicaid, Food Stamps - SNAP). Outcome: Did that, very few call-backs or interview offers;
  2. Month of May, 2015 - Reduce needs and wants where ever you can. Outcome: Did that. I still do not have enough groceries in the house for one entire month (in case of an emergency).  Outcome: I am going to have to apply for welfare if no job offers by June 1st, while asking for call-backs and interviews of current hiring employers, and increasing my networks, etc.
  3. Month of May, 2015 - Life Skills: My Children. My children are no longer babies, or school-aged kids who need to be directed by public-school educators: I have two teens, a 12-year-old, and a 20-year-old.  I can now fully express, at their maturity level, why my co-parenting habits have included moving so frequently while being a part of the affordable housing program, and other injustices, etc. In other words, Mommy has been a public servant--whose own household had to deal with its own social and civil rights as an American, pure-native, of this country. I don't want my children to have hatred or lack of respect to our governmental agencies simply because of our participations with dysfunctional staff members of such given agencies.


My Affordable Housing Choice Rental, Section 8 Unit


July 15, 2015. I must begin to plan for the next housing setting:

Unless a full-time pay job opportunity, I will be moving back to my home state of Maryland, Maryland's Eastern Shore. I will be moving, with all anticipations, to Caroline County, Maryland. Hopefully for a short time, a housing move before officially moving into the White House in January, 2017 by the American people  [smiles.]


My current housing unit has been consistently cited by its own leasing company--since Day 1 of my entrance of May 1, 2015.

Updated: My Georgia landlord changed its mind of raising the rent, but my aunt has no one looking after my custodial father ... the man who looked after me since birth. To me, there is no question of what to do?

Relocate back home to Maryland. He died April 2019.


The last week of April, 2015, I was informed by the local housing authority of HUD, here in Georgia, they will not be including this unit for a second-year lease due to budget pricing. The rent will increase close to $400, excluding utilities. This was the only unit that the leasing realtor and company would show me, although I had applied for other properties owned by them. I couldn't apply to public housing unit in the area because I would have to wait at least one -two months for application processing: I would have been homeless. 


The D.C. landlord couldn't wait any longer for me to vacate: my D.C. unit was rented out to someone else since February and was waiting on me to leave.  As you know I didn't leave my D.C. unit until the end of April.  When the mishap occurred with porting my voucher originally from D.C. to Georgia and some other family happenings, I tried to find a unit in Maryland but most of the counties had a waiting list or, again, the processing would take to long which would displace me and define me as being homeless. So I am here--in Georgia now.

Lastly, I don't believe my existing unit will pass an annual housing inspection of HUD: I still have not received a copy of the "passed unit" entrance inspection which ordinarily verifies the allowance of a Section 8 customer to move into a housing unit (either a public housing leasing landlord or a private leasing landlord).


July 8, 2015.  Although I am a new tenant, the rental leasing company conducted their own annual inspection of my unit, today.  So soon?! They are completing such inspections for "all" of their properties in the local community. They noted several maintenance challenges be improved.


As I discussed earlier, before moving here to Georgia, I scheduled in advance--with the leasing company--to view several available units within my government welfare budget. Oddly, this unit was the only rental shown to me by their third-party realtor staff person when I arrived to pick up my Georgia-based voucher (District of Columbia Housing Authority is the official supervisor of my said regular Section-8 voucher. 


July 4, 2015.  I have now received close to just half of my former D.C. security deposit, several weeks late. Fees were itemized as to why the full security deposit was not returned: mostly cleaning fees (refrigerator hood cleaning & repainting, refrigerator cleaning, trash removal and cleaning of kitchen cabinets, under stove, refurbishing tub & repairing stopper, etc.) and cleaning of a door. I am not quite sure which door because there is only one entrance to the said unit. A bedroom door or main entrance door to the unit, which one?  I want to clarify with the landlord that I did fully clean the unit before exiting, and she knows that I consistently cleaned my unit. I have exiting pictures of the apartment for review, if necessary. ... Again, this is not the first time that I would receive only a portion of my security deposit, after vacating a Section-8 approved rental. No dispute with the landlord about the fair cost fees. I will be sending her exiting pictures via fax to remain on good terms and to have a viable reference. 


I still have not received a copy of the passed GA housing inspection. I now have a new housing counselor and new landlord representative. They two have not complied with my request.


I have continued distribution of my resume to hiring companies: a challenge of no vehicle before being hired at a company. This is still a goal to purchase a vehicle after being hired at a company.  


I have also learned that there are two classifications of being a part of the affordable housing program: financial need clients, and SSI clients. Is this why they kept changing the number in my household? the voucher-size criteria?


Update: The State of Maryland no longer has me on a roster of such categories as mentioned, a closed-case matter.


I mentioned earlier that the State, State of Maryland, had forced me to be a part of the SSI program (my earliest official notification was 2006, but I had been on the SSI roster before this time. Shame on you, Maryland, realizing all the discipline I had working two and three jobs while attending college on a full-time basis, and volunteering in the Maryland-community of the City of Chestertown. I don't know how you did it, but I guess it was simple when you only have government businesses only in the community as the main economic participant.  No we don't need more stores, a movie theater, family center, but just more government. My family didn't even realize that I didn't know until 2006. I've asked when was the SSI claim completed on my behalf ... After being a part of the gifted-and-talented program at my local Title 1 school? After the car accident in 1987? After teaching at the middle schoo? After the drug-addicted teacher classroom experience for the students? After the birth of my second child? After the conception of my third child? When Delaware State wouldn't provide official documentation of my school activity participation? After I found out that my then-husband was living a double life-meaning never wanting to be married at such a young age (forced marriage arrangement, mistresses)? After I wanted to leave him??? After I cussed you and him out for forcing me to remain in environments where I wasn't really needed or wanted such as my public-servant activities? Or was it when the student loans were being reported by the feds, but no completion of college was reported, through no fault of my own? Oh, I know... oo-oo! I know state of Maryland when you tried to eliminate all of my background and character history from Maryland's Eastern Shore. When Maryland, when?


What are you going to say to my children and the next generation of my maternal family when they grow up or become maturity aware? ... One day it will happen, I tell you.  I wonder how many other citizens of the state have faced such government abuse? Such ritual or community tradition unjustices? I could also add that I truly do not believe it would have continued, for such a long time, if I wasn't of the minority race of the time, or was able to become more financially productive: instead of the low-wages your state offered to me for my services of work. State of Maryland, you were asked to review the activities that led me to be on SSI (to give you an opportunity to understand that you were wrong in doing so), but no such activities by you or any of your networking partners have done so. I am still going to get a job with or without your help, Me an actual former State of Maryland employee with approved possible-return employee category.


By the way States and local governments, I am still available for the 2016 candidate of president position. I believe the salary would pay off my student loans and I would be more of a financially stable female for me and my kids; a $400,000 salary with benefits and retirement. What say you citizens of the United States of America?


May 12, 2015. Rental company's maintenance did several repairs, today. I am still waiting for copy of housing authority's initial inspection. My bedroom's--referred to as the "guest" bedroom--bathroom is in need of flooring and tile repair.  Its toilet is being leveled by a concrete plate, not a steel plate. Another toilet required leveling and new caulking. Georgia Comcast still needs to complete its work. All of this and I just moved in: had to wait to complete the walk through, the key and the lease, and sleeping out in moving truck for two days. Now, they expect me to be available as if I don't have other things to do. I have also had to unpack. What a task? 


May 10, 2015. My D.C. Comcast phone service is still on! Why?!


May 9, 2015.  Current rental company may have to relocate me to another one of their housing units: living room lights flicker; living room ceiling - water damage near ceiling light fixture and ceiling decorative molding now has two long cracks (12 in. and 4 in.); guest bathroom toilet (steel plate has been added to level), tile breakage due to unleveled floor; ant infestation, possible termites; and, guest bedroom's two windows will not open. Condensation on all windows in each bedroom. Comcast noted that they had installed cable wiring recently for last tenant. Presently, cable wiring has been cut by last tenant possibly out of anger of maintenance challenges (in guest bedroom and living room space on side near the water spot on ceiling).


Comcast service. It cost $60 for new cable wiring installation to have service turned on, yesterday.  It will be part of my first bill that I receive. I need my service to communicate to the outside world (as the old folks used to say), and my family in Maryland: phone and internet. Television service, I don't think is really a need, but it's cheaper to get a bundle package. Comcast has been the supplier for this housing unit.


Some of these issues were already noted before I moved in, but not repaired by the rental company.  A neighbor said that they believe the fire department or City official has been out to see the unit for some reason. I will request a copy of the housing authority's initial inspection to see if there are any notes of described maintenance and cosmetic issues of my housing unit. The rental agency's maintenance staff will be coming to view challenges next week. Question. Would a private landlord complete work faster than a rental company? 


May 1, 2015 [Post provided May 8, 2015]. I moved into new affordable housing rental, today: South Georgia area. I had to sleep in moving truck several nights: no early move-in offered, and couldn't afford a motel room. Some housing authorities have different dates as to when move-ins take place.  A new tenant can pay the pro-rated amount out-of-pocket if landlord agrees, until the official move-in.


I couldn't update earlier because local Comcast of D.C., service centers in Maryland, refused to disconnect service at former unit. I requested disconnect (Jan. 27) after bill kept increasing, the move, and overall poor service. They wanted me to keep services on to do repairs while an active customer was in apartment building. I was told it would finally be disconnected on May 4th, and that I would receive "full credit" for the months service remained on. Tech didn't come out until March (December to March): poor signal strength (two years) and quality of all three services--phone, internet, and cable. Also, over-charged for bundle package plan (for two years), and customer service refused to place me in correct plan when requested. Thankful, I have service now. Sorry, I didn't provide move update post until today. I am here. I can say I have shelter--a need, not a want--in the state of Georgia. Though, due to my finances, no Mother's Day with my mother and grandmother. As mothers would say, "What is more important? ... You can visit or give a gift at another time." :)


My point: Time ... Time... I have moved 16 times since 1991. A little discouraged, but forward I must and shall proceed: My cup is half full and not half empty.


April 20, 2015.  Well, it took two years in the process of moving to Georgia (requested out-going port while residing in Newark, Delaware), looks like I'm finally residing there.  The next update will complete all civil disputes described below: employment, education, annnndddd "housing". I guess some of these challenges occurred because I was a government employee before becoming a government customer of various assistance programs.  


The next update that  "I have the keys to my Georgia unit." Yeah! As with most local government agencies, each housing authority has its own procedures--but mostly similar according to what I've learned through all of this. Thanks to all H.E.L.P. Forwarders who remained patient with me as I explained such bizarre situations.  Another thanks to government staff in resolving these lengthy issues that were through no fault of my own. 


April 17, 2015. Unit passed initial inspection. Move-In briefing to be announced. 


April 9, 2015. My RTA was submitted by the housing authority's deadline.


April 3, 2015. My RTA still has not been submitted to my housing specialist at the GA housing authority. If I were to remain in my current D.C. unit--via another 30-day extension request--I will be required to pay the full month's rent of my new Georgia unit to keep it (even after the initial inspection is approved). So I will not request another extension for my existing D.C. unit based on my own moving relocation budget: I can't afford to pay for two housing units and utilities. Out-of-State ports require specialized knowledge and knowledgeable housing specialists who are willing to cooperate with the process through full lease-up activities.   


April 1, 2015.  The rental agency has processed my security deposit. The rental company must now provide the rental description summary (heating, cooling, year built, etc.) or the RTA of the unit to my Section 8 housing specialist in a timely fashion to calculate pay-out qualifications or payment standards based on several factors already discussed at the recent incoming-port intake appointment of March 24, 2015.


Next step, once my housing specialist approves, she will request an initial housing inspection for my unit submitted to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program's Inspection department to perform (in a timely fashion). Then, any time after the inspection, I can move in :) Patiently waiting for all these steps and procedures to be completed in a timely fashion; and by protocol, so that I won't have to worry about relocating or emergency vacates like former units. This will also almost guarantee that the rental agency will receive rent standards on time, each month. There should not be any other landlord paperwork to complete if unit passes initial and annual housing inspections. The housing specialist and I want to make certain that all procedures are done correctly based on former HUD experiences: uninhabitable units, City and HUD citations/violations of units, etc. I have requested a long-term rental agreement with the rental company based on my desire for some consistency of housing and local employment opportunities which I have never really experienced since being a part of this program (2006-present).


Patiently waiting ... with an existing move-out date formally given for my D.C. third-floor apartment or unit that was originally dated March 1, 2015. My D.C. landlord, who already has leased my unit to someone else, is patiently waiting, too (mix up of delay of my port to the Georgia Housing Authority from D.C. Housing Authority has caused an over-stay of not weeks but several months).


March 27, 2015. Back in DC.. Georgia Section 8 housing intake appointment went well (March 24th). Same house rentals were still available. On March 25th, I placed a security deposit on a rental, based on what I had saved up. My housing options would have been greater if I had a higher security deposit to put down. I placed some things in a local storage (rented a Budget moving truck) while there to be ahead of vacation traffic of Atlanta's I-85 and heat. No money in the budget for staying at a motel so I stayed in the moving truck for the week and came back on a bus to D.C. :) Thanks to my helpers (another moving cost) that brought my things down from my third floor D.C. apartment, and packed items in the moving truck. Some of my items were damaged in the process such as my home office desk--heavy thing.


Next, came home and read an email (dated March 26th, 8 a.m.) that my security deposit wasn't accepted?! An error?! Most often rental agencies require a security deposit in the amount of the first month rent, and in the form of a money order or a cashier's check. I have left voice mail messages for rental agency and my housing specialist, now waiting for phone conversations on Monday.


March 21, 2015.  As an incoming-port of the state of Georgia, a Section 8 tenant must decide the housing authority based on where you intend to lease-up. After the delay of my port, I still may have chosen the wrong housing authority based on the unit(s) that interest me (that I have applied for) and affordability of the standard security deposit. The landlords are getting me a little confused in regards to the housing authority of interest.


It is now the weekend and there are no weekend phone numbers for the housing authorities. I told my D.C. housing specialist of the specific area I wanted to move to: as a new Section 8 client remember that you have to express in advance the intended housing authority. I should have allowed her to direct me to the proper housing authority in Georgia in the beginning of the outgoing-port process. In any event, one must still apply for a unit and get approved by the landlord for an intended zip code or housing area.


My situation now, it's just that, the state of Georgia has a housing authority per zip code or divided by areas--there are so many. Georgia is a big state. You have to know the housing authority for your intended zip code or choice area, not county or city based like the housing authorities that I have participated in thus far. Standard landlords--who are not specialized Section 8 landlords--don't understand the importance of selecting the exact housing authority to intake with. So for new Section 8 tenants, I say to you that it might be helpful to choose a landlord who is familiar with Section 8 lease-ups instead of landlords who simply are willing to accept your vouchers. This includes landlords who are willing to participate in the housing choice process to have you as their tenants, but ordinarily are just private landlords who provide rentals to any unique household (to all income brackets or socio-economic status). At this point, I believe it is best for me to have person-to-person contact instead of trying to reach out to these housing authorities per phone calls. I will also keep my intended landlord informed of my progress so that he will not lease-up my unit to someone else. It's all about the time frame as an incoming-port Section 8 customer and leasing up ... 


March 17, 2015.  Again, notified my D.C. landlord of current water/moisture damage (floor buckling/uneven surface of hallway area and surrounding floor space), water spot issues on living room wall on and near 2" thick wood wall trimming or moulding adjacent to neighboring unit and ceiling area of bedroom #2, and settling cracks that are less than 1/2" wide on various walls visible in all rooms of my current unit. My Housing Choice - Section 8 specialist and the Inspections department have been notified of challenges, too (via informal phone conversation since I am in the process of porting or leasing-up to a housing authority in the state of Georgia).  


March 11, 2015. Porting from D.C. was still in process. ... So I must keep my current landlord informed of my intent to vacate, and if a vacate extension request is necessary. A new tenant is waiting to take my current apartment. I will be meeting with my new porting housing authority soon: now, (new) landlord search or lease-up activities can be more formal with a more accurate move-in date. My move-in date was suppose to have been March 1, 2015.


March 5, 2015. Unfortunately, in this weather, my unit is beginning to reflect former issues (City and HUD violations). I so don't want to report these issues to the landlord or the housing authority, since I am in the process of relocating. The City has turned off our water several times this week; and, I know they will be knocking, after the storm, to see if there are any current issues to report as they have done in the past. 


February 28, 2015.  I would like to publicly thank the D.C. Salvation Army for picking up my furniture donations.  Since I am in the moving or porting process to Georgia, as a Section 8 customer, I will no longer give updates unless informative to issues such as compensation from the other housing authority or HUD Region 3 ($5,000). Further, thank you D.C. Housing Authority for initially accepting my voucher when I wasn't given enough time to relocate to housing choice of Georgia during move of 2012: typical porting voucher normally has "at least" 60 days of usage. The New Castle, DE Housing Authority had given me a 30-day voucher which isn't ordinarily usable in any state or D.C. because of the rental inspection and customer-relocation protocol. I would also like to give a thank-you, in advance, to those I have or have not met that will be helping my unique household with relocating.  


February 7, 2015.  I still have not received any communications with HUD Region 3 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office), or the New Castle Housing Authority (New Castle, Delaware) in regards to my payouts (close to $5,000) through no fault of my own. For the next relocation, due to financial hardship at each of our housing [due to the forced vacate of the 4-br town home in Newark, Delaware now in less than 600 sq ft. excluding bathroom), I may not be able to move all of my household's furnishings: from the largest moving truck down to a smaller moving truck probably. Packing and discarding, packing and discarding (creates challenges for business and social networking) A dream, HUD Region 3 or local housing authority sending movers and moving truck for the relocation to Georgia that should have taken place two years ago. Me, the responsible and reliable one...


January 15, 2015. I have sent another e-mail letter request to proper authorities of HUD to comply with protocol or policy and give me customer-tenant reimbursement of former moves and rent payouts through no fault of my own.


Customer-tenants of the HUD Public Housing program receive reimbursement or credit of their moving expenses when they have to vacate their unit through no fault of their own. There is no such policy for someone like me who is a part of HUD's other housing program, the Section 8-Housing Choice program.


January 13, 2015. I went to the D.C. Housing Authority to express my concern of the "you owe" rent letter provided to me by my current landlord. Conclusion: "I do not have to pay HUD's portion of rent owed."  HUD did pay the landlord for January. However when repairs were not completed by the requested date, HUD requested a return of their portion of my rent. The landlord should have completed repairs in a timely fashion, considered a breach of (landlord participation's) contract. Such challenges caused a review of my customer case profile. My customer case profile has been updated with the intended housing choice relocation to Georgia (requested beginning end of 2012 - present).


Now current concerns that I have are former customer payouts (After case review, it is now actually more than $5,000 tenant payout through no fault of my own.), and not having had adequate time to choose intended housing choice location (before or while living in D.C. under New Castle Housing Authority and New Castle Housing Authority and D.C. Housing Authority program partnership) or relocation causing further financial hardship (for further housing choice activities) and typical traditional patterns of family behaviors of my unit.


January 12, 2015. I have received a "you owe" rent letter from my current landlord for the amount due in January: local HUD-Section 8's portion. I have contacted local HUD-Section 8 in regards to this matter. I am still waiting for the request of a formal Hearing of customer payout (me, the tenant customer) of close to $5,000, and sufficient reason why we had to leave the adequate space unit in Newark, Delaware.


January 5, 2015. Updated January 6, 2015. My unit passed inspection today. Still waiting on formal Review that I requested of my payouts (close to $5,000) due to no fault of my own for earlier unit(s) vacate (Delaware, 2009; 2011; 2012): both of us (parents) requested our children to be on my former and current Housing Choice voucher [rental budget].


Currently, my ex-husband works in D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland though he lives on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Our housing (kids, me) was appropriated, when we lived in Delaware, he worked in Delaware. When will the current government agency staff tell the truth by providing a formal Review? We have been used and abused by our own local government body ... Forced married ... We were able to endure and matured to be productive citizen --only asking for housing and welfare assistance when needed: until I find a consistent job. We both have worked since the age of 13 as natural born citizens of this country, America. I have even been a government employee, for years, and yet this has been the way I have been treated. No special treatment requested (I realize many citizens are facing financial challenges, but this situation could have been resolved a long time ago, if truthful.) I'm just not understanding this, these challenges. So I have asked for answers for my unique household that could have been resolved in such a quick fashion... Local citizens of Maryland, Delaware, and D.C., I am requesting the formal Review by local agencies involved be it #education, social services, and/or housing.


#Blacklivesmatter  #educationchoice #housingchoice #familychoice #humanrights.  


Now the Ifs ... while waiting for my request

If my degree was completed as anticipated (and not closed by the given college) and had the correct major on my official college document (transcript), I could have returned to my education contract position in my hometown.  If local citizens would have allowed us to divorce and simply co-parent of which we (he and I) chose for the circumstance that we were placed into then, a lot of outside events by local agencies and citizen behavior wouldn't have happened ... Just because faith believers didn't agree with our household's choices ... How long will this type of behavior be allowed in states? Even today, Maryland (my home state) "does not" allow homeschooling unless supervised by a religious organization or an accredited education organization. Living in the state of Maryland has taught me that there must be systematic ways of doing things, but where is the freedom? Outline the choices that you allow families to define for themselves? We are not babies who need someone to help us every step of the way, those are activities of group homes, senior citizen duplexes, and nursing homes.


We are kids who have grown up--who have lived long enough--to fully understand. Adults who began working at a young age: me, a 7-year-old child who began a career path of being a public servant. My home state of Maryland (citizens), you allowed that (focusing more or work than education [I am an achiever and over-comer so that didn't avoid the expectations that I had for myself to become who I wanted to be). Maryland the welfare state of Title 1--school failure is good for overall economic stability. It happened in generations before us in my black Indian family --my grandmother, my siblings, and now my kids?! It's not about family dysfunction; it's all about money stability and balance in states. And all the college and working that I endured and it's never enough ...  These facts, my dear citizens, are why I am asking for a formal Review for my unique household and aspiring to be your 2016 president-elect. I realize that it causes attention to communities and social habits, but some places and some people need to consider who they want to be about their values and their traditions. 


December 23, 2014 I received a letter from DC Housing Authority for the request of a special, third, re-inspection of my unit. It is formally referred to as a Housing Abatement Compliance Inspection for January #, 2015. Hope unit passes or I will have to vacate and find another unit...


December 22, 2014 I submitted a letter of reminder to the landlord to either request new re-inspection or withdrawal from tenant occupancy contract. I have requested a formal, hearing of each local housing authorities of which I participated in regards to reason of requested vacates per each housing authority (due to no fault of me as a customer), and reimbursement of customer payouts of close to $5,000 (2011-present).


December 20, 2014 I received a Notice of Possible HAP Contract Termination due to failed re-inspections.  A special, third, re-inspection has been requested per the landlord, including a fine for not having repairs completed by the deadline. The major violation:The sub-floor, in hallway, "has defective parts creating a health and safety issue." Due to outstanding breach in the Contract, the DC Housing Authority is suspending or has suspended the rental payment (I pay some too which I, too, have paid for Dec.) effective December 3, 2014: takes place in January, 2015.


December 15, 2014: Via telephone conversation with D.C. HUD - Section 8, my unit was considered as a failed re-inspection.


December 9, 2014 Today, I received the Fire Department documentations from the City of Wilmington, Delaware.


December 8, 2014 I have requested communications or documentation from the City (Wilmington, DE [Fire Marshal, Fire Department, and local police department] and Washington, D.C.) for the inspections (code and proactive) that took place. I am still requesting a HUD Public Housing review of dollars that I paid out for first or last month rent of forced relocations due to no fault of my own--close to $5,000.


December 3 and 4, 2014 Section 8 Housing Re-Inspection and City Proactive Re-Inspection. Section 8 housing inspection will need to be completed on another day; requested work is still being completed.  


November 12, 2014 HUD Case Update With Resolutions:

Forced City Proactive Inspections, Violations: May 28, 2014 (without landlord) and October 16, 2014 (with landlord) [My unit or apartment was cited by the city before I moved into it, by the former tenant.]   A proactive inspection is a mandatory inspection for three or more units of an apartment building.

Notice of Rent Increase (almost 50% increase or double) without consideration of our kids or co-parenting expenses since forced relocation (due to no fault of my own).


HUD Annual Inspection, Cited Violations: November 5, 2014. Comment: Unit failed standard housing inspections according to their Section 8 program codes and regulations. Landlord has 30 days to make noted repairs, thankfully.

I have requested for HUD and/or Section 8 Local to provide immediate reimbursement of housing-move expenses for the last time this happened (while living in the state of Delaware, 2009, 2011): moving expense (moving truck and helpers) and having to pay the first month rent on relocation to a habitable unit due to no fault of my own. I think there needs to be a moving expense allocation to any government- assisted client when they must move due to no fault of their own: moving truck and helpers, and first month rent if rent has already been paid to the former landlord or uninhabitable or unsafe unit.

"This is a part of my agenda as elected madam president 2016. What say you, citizens? What is your point of view to these Section-8 housing-program dysfunctions?"



November 17, 2014 Attending judge dismissed Sherlene Stevens v. U.S. Government  - Department of Housing and Urban Development. This concludes all three main focuses of legal actions sought. All three cases could be heard in given state courts (Maryland, Delaware) of actual addresses of participations, but given the realities of Democratic-themed courts and little ol' me, a Republican, I will not pursue such actions realizing such anticipated outcomes.  You may view actual Memorandum Opinion (attending judge's conclusions for granting a Dismissal) for each case at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.


My Middle-Income Employment: Board of Education of Kent County Updates

Attended college just for this job opportunity; student loans were to be voided as a student enrolled in the Student Loan Forgiveness Program for education staff in our country.


Conclusion: Student Loan Debt of $120,000 through no fault of participating student.


March 2015.  There are currently two other cases of unknown reasoning for dismissal of two principals by the same Board, Board of Education of Kent County.  Both principals, a white one and a black one, were not given a specific reason for their contract not being renewed. Along with this breach of contract, they are also claiming discrimination (age, race).  These cases are a little different from my case in the fact that I "was not" fired or terminated (time length of college completion, ex-husband family is the majority of student and church enrollment on Maryland's Eastern Shore). 


Maryland's Department of Personnel, Budget and Management Office was already aware of this possible fictitious position upon being hired, but this department neglected to inform me (thought issue had been resolved): for several months, unknown to me, this department had conducted their own internal "human resources" investigation of my hiring process, of the said local schooling system.


October 7, 2014 Attending judge dismissed Sherlene Stevens v. Delaware State University, and Sherlene Stevens v. Board of Education of Kent County.


September 29, 2014 HUD's attorney has requested a "second" request of Motion to Dismiss. I provided a reply to Defendant's Response to Motion to Dismiss: Leave to file Denied. I must file a motion to leave of the court in order to provide a sur reply to Defendant's Response to Motion to Dismiss.


September 22, 2014 I have received my first "real" transcript of my major-participation at Delaware State University via their lawyer!!! Why did it take so long for one to be given to me, the student?! After all, I am the one who has student loans, bills, and took time out of my life activities to take their courses. Fair? ....


August 25, 2014 I requested to post a community notice in my state (Maryland) hometown's local newspaper to inform citizens that I realize their difficulties in understanding the challenges that occurred within the local school system--where I participated for 31 years.


My community notice via e-mail:


                    "To Whom It May Concern - Legal Ad Section, Kent County News, Easton/Talbot County                         Overseer, Chestertown, Maryland. This is the content that I would like to place in

                    the Notice section of the Kent County News." [Yet, it was okay for them to write

                    articles about me or including me or published pictures of me over the years of my                                   dedicated work and community services.]

Ad/Notice Content

This is to provide public notice that Sherlene Stevens (Gould) [former, full-time employee]

has requested a work and benefit verification letter from Kent County Public Schools. [No

response by the school system has been provided at the time of filing this notice.]



Kent County News response via e-mail (August 25, 2014)


                         "I have had my supervisors review this and at this time we're going to decline

                         to publish your notice."



August 15, 2014 I have completed the submission process of responding to each Dismissal requested by the following defendants.


August 13, 2014 [Received e-mail on this date by each attorney after earlier conferences, via e-mail and phone communications] - Attorney and Defendant Final Response Before each Judge Rules on the Request of Cases Dismissal or to Proceed With Appearance of Civil Case Court Dates


Attorney and Defendant Final Response

Board of Education of Kent County aka Kent County Public Schools

"Our client has checked and found no record of receiving a request for work verification from you. [An earlier work verification was provided. However, it was an inaccurate overview of job title and work activities. And verbal and written suggestions that I was not an actual, bona fide, full time employee with the given school system.] If you would like to submit a request for work verification at this time, you should forward the form to us.  The document you previously emailed me does not appear to be a proper Work Verification Request.  Rather, it appears to be a legal document prepared by you containing questions directed to our client related to this litigation.  Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(d)(1) prohibits the issuance of discovery requests prior to meeting the conditions set forth in that section, including a discovery conference and/or issuance of a Scheduling Order.


Given that there is a pending Motion to Dismiss, we do not believe this case is ripe for a discovery conference at this time.  However, if you submit a proper Work Verification Request form from a prospective employer or government agency, we will take it under consideration."


Delaware State University

"In follow-up to your e-mail below, I have discussed with my client your settlement proposal.  My client does not agree to pay you any money [for the burden of additional student loans, specialized teaching major closed in process which forced me to attend other colleges, and a possible conclusion of a mastery level major program], but my client will agree to provide you a certified copy of your transcript.  I expect to have that certified copy in the next week or so.  Please let me know if that will resolve the current litigation.

Additionally, my client has checked its records but has found no record of a current or outstanding request for a copy of your transcript, prior to your telephone call to me of July 29th."


HUD Philadelphia Region Office

I have passed along your settlement demand to my client but at this time, HUD is not interested in pursuing settlement of this litigation." [immediate monetary relief of unnecessary, prior moving expenses and recalculations of household participation costs, rent and utilities].


Also, this week, via phone conversation to the SSA and IRS agency, the My Earnings Statement copy that I received reflected different yearly earnings than what SSA actually has on file for me, some higher other years are lower (which may only show working one job instead of including the part time jobs). This also needs further attention and must be addressed by a case worker at the SSA and IRS agency. My point of view: Provide my accurate work credits of participation in pursuing many American dreams and ambitions.


August 12, 2014 - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports your earning record history to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Make certain that your local or territory IRS reports your earnings correctly. Your earnings reported to SSA by the IRS are calculated by your W2 "gross" income before deductions. For example, this affects whether you receive enough work credits to receive SSI ($700-800 per month and no benefits portion for your biological children) or SSDI ($1200+ and benefits for your biological children per month). SSI stands for Social Security Income which is normally received by the elderly, children, and hardly employed young adults.  SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance.

"A young person who has worked and paid Social Security taxes in as few as two years can be eligible for disability benefits.  Social Security (work) credits you earn move with you from job to job throughout your career."

August 1, 2014 - All cases have been moved to District of Columbia District Court. Defendants have filed a request to dismiss cases. You may view cases online at (Sherlene Stevens).

In the current review of cases, I have discovered that the Social Security Administration has incorrectly or understated my (correct) yearly earnings reported by my former employers: I worked one main full time government job along with  working one or two part time jobs (a hospital, retail stores, government organization, fulfillment center), and attended college on a full time basis (mainly at Delaware State University, Wilmington University, and noting the other two attending colleges). The understatement reported is well over $10,000 for all work years recorded (1986-2012, haven't found an external job in DC at the present time, participating in officially knowing of SSI benefits and transition currently 2006-present). What should I do?

Civil Complaint Cases 


It is my hope and consideration that the court does not dismiss any of the following cases filed in the year of our Lord, April - May, 2014. Sherlene Stevens is the plaintiff. Cases have been accepted or assigned at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. As of May 29, 2014, the Superior Court dismissed or presumed a notice of removal for two of the three cases. Cases have been removed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. If you would like to be an added Plaintiff of any of the following cases, contact me at (202) 813-3995.


Due to HUD being a federal government agency, the housing agency's lawyer has requested and moved case to the District Court for the District of Columbia on July 2, 2014.


Active Pending Cases

Sherlene Stevens v. Board of Education of Kent County aka Kent County Public Schools (docket-0002598; Removed to docket-1:14-cv-861) - Breach of Contract proceeding. The plaintiff has alleged that Kent County Public Schools refused to provide a formal verification of employment duties and activities, in a timely fashion, to external organizations and agencies... Plaintiff alleges that she was asked to participate in job activities beyond her normal duties due to dysfunctional staff activities (drug usage, trafficking, etc.)... The complaint also refers to the plaintiff's belief that her job would be ongoing after signing a new yearly employment contract (full-time, salary employee)... Instead, the plaintiff was forced to take a financial conclusion of government income,her own (input into the social security tax system by years of working, since the age of 14) income (SSI), per requested by government agencies and/or staff. It was only until the plaintiff relocated, out of the community, that her current source of income was realized and reviewed by other government bodies.The plaintiff's yearly income is reportedly of a dramatic decline of assets due to no fault of her own.  Sherlene Stevens is trying the case. 


Sherlene Stevens v. Delaware State University  (docket -0002599; Removed to docket 1:14-cv-00897) - Breach of Contract proceeding. The plaintiff has alleged that Delaware State University refused to honor a formal, student case review (federal loan dollars and grants, no academic advisor) involving her performance while a student (active, inactive) at the college... Evidence was allegedly concealed and a theft of plaintiff's personal belonging was stated. As of the year of our Lord, 2014, a current official transcript has not been presented to the plaintiff which would highlight her specific major activities. Sherlene Stevens is trying the case.


Sherlene Stevens v. HUD Philadelphia Regional Office (docket-0003135; Removed to docket 1:14-cv-01127) - Breach of Contract proceeding.  The plaintiff alleged that she was led to believe that she would receive consistent, safe, and affordable housing through the Housing Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 Program... Due to not receiving housing, in a timely fashion, she and her household were defined as homeless at one time (Maryland and Delaware motels). On one occasion, the plaintiff, alone, was forced to reside in a Baltimore, Maryland shelter while waiting for an "already" approved housing voucher... Evidence was allegedly concealed pertaining to her household's participations in Program while living in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC ... (HUD Office Local - MD, DE, DC of which is under the regional office), including consistent activity patterns of voucher reversals (six voucher moves in an 8-year span). This caused a decline of plaintiff's personal assets (office and residential furnishings, monetary assets, co-parenting participations of supporting biological children, necessity for a reliable vehicle, etc.). The complaint also refers to prejudice of plaintiff's actions to participate in her occupation from home and while participating in the organization's (government) self-sufficiency program and activities. Sherlene Stevens is trying the case. 


My Informal Bio:



Proven Allegations of Local Community, Local Government and other Governing Bodies 
Fraud~   Government Waste & Abuse~   Libel & Slander~   Conspiracy~  


Sherlene Stevens says...
"Dear American Citizens, How are you feeling about my initiatives of these court civil cases? Do you believe I am being fair in representation actions?" (8/18/14)
Sherlene Stevens says...
"Attention Parents, who are following my civil cases, who reside on Maryland's eastern shore or in the jurisdiction of Kent County Public Schools, please do not take your child out of the public-school system to homeschool unless you are certain that it's the best choice for your child. Contact your local superintendent or school board so that they may address your immediate concerns, and resolve any issues. There may be other solutions in resolving school-building issues. " (8/18/14)