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UPDATED: Wednesday, May 5, 2021


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Condolences to the families of the more than 560,000 Americans that are no longer in the earth realm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Text your zip code to 438829 to find a local site in your community to get the vaccine.


Maryland is my home-state roots! One of the southern states of America.

I am a Marylander, from one of the Eastern Shore's counties, whose desire is to be financially wealthy/prosperous, the morally-correct way! And I'll say it-- "On behalf of my native home state, apologies to the decades of injustices towards Native Americans/Indians and Native Americans of Color." My family sets are long-standing citizens of Maryland (maternal over 120 years on the Eastern Shore), but our ethnicity roots are from the neighboring Deep South.


Overall, Eastern Shore counties are perfect for a day trip out of urban areas: blue crabs, public parks, bike trails, public beaches, and friendly restaurants--and weekend Ocean City traffic patterns.  Our ethnicities are diverse so, if you notice that people of color have blue or green eyes in our state ... such neighbor-citizens are not mermaids of Maryland islands. We are American Marylanders with international origin identity. 


Slogan: Maryland, Line of Small Towns in Any Direction.


There is limited Eastern Shore first-stop public transportation service available, Monday - Friday. You must call several days ahead to board such transporation. There is a fee to board the service.


#MarylandLine      Eastern Shore |   Western Shore |   Southern Shore


We Are the People of Maryland.


 Anton Black


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