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Condolences to the families of the more than 1 million Americans that are no longer in the earth realm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Text your zip code to 438829 to find a local site in your community to get the vaccine.



SNMB Marylandmy home-state roots! One of the southern states of America.

I am a Marylander, from one of the Eastern Shore's counties, whose desire is to be financially wealthy/prosperous the morally-correct way! And I'll say it-- "On behalf of my native home state, apologies to the decades of injustices towards Native Americans/Indians and Native Americans of Color." My family sets are long-standing citizens of Maryland (maternal over 160 years on the Eastern Shore), but our ethnicity roots are from the neighboring Deep South.


Overall, Eastern Shore counties are perfect for a day trip out of urban areas: blue crabs, public parks, bike trails, public beaches, and friendly restaurants--and weekend Ocean City traffic patterns.  Our ethnicities are diverse so, if you notice that people of color have blue or green eyes in our state ... such neighbor-citizens are not mermaids of Maryland islands. We are American Marylanders with international origin identity. 


There is limited Eastern Shore first-stop public transportation service available only, Monday - Friday. No hourly city-style public transportation is available on the Shore.


#MarylandLine      Eastern Shore |   Western Shore |   Southern Shore


We Are the People of Maryland, Small Towns in Any Direction.

Rural City - Chestertown, Maryland




Rural Kent County, Maryland




Rural Northern Queen Anne's County, Maryland




Eastern Shore, Western Shore (including urban Baltimore City/Baltimore County), Southern Shore:



Special Reporting: Maryland


In Memoriam: Police Brutality Case of Marylander Anton Black, and many others, 'We do not treat other human beings as though stray animals, or African slaves ... or slave boy ... or slave girl."


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