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FINANCES Our Country's National Economy Feelings: Last Week's Talking Scripts

  • Why are we saying "Happy Holidays" as Christians?--If we are celebrating the CHRISTmas season?

DEAR 100% WHITE PEOPLE A Humanly Kind List: Social Etiquette of Most People of Color During December's Festive Days

  • Most People of Color will try a new dessert recipe over the December holidays.
  • Most People of Color love to listen to or sing with music during November and December. ... any music genre ... quietly or loudly. 
  • Most People of Color have already made their holiday plans to fly vs.a long-ride road trip. 
  • Most People of Color typically mention their family ancestors during the December holidays, AND New Year's Eve.
  • Most People of Color will shop at retail brands, but prefer to shop with a person-of-color entrepreneur brand that has similar things as 100% white retail entreprenuers.

DEAR PEOPLE OF COLOR A Humanly Kind List: Social Etiquette of Most 100% White People During December's Festive Days  

  • Most White People prefer silence more vs. Christmas caroling through the December month.
  • Most White People will purchase quality clothing that will last for a while than cheaper fashion items and accessories. 
  • Most White People grew up receiving only gifts of one thing (a fruit basket, etc.,), or clothing pieces that they really needed (a pair of shoes, a coat, etc.,).


Most Asian Americans Will Be

  • Most Asian Americans choose to embrace their own heritage during December's festive days, mostly out of respect and reflection of neighborly kindness towards those who are sincere of the American holiday. 


Most Latin Americans or Latinos Will Be

  • Most Latin Americans, Latinos, will embrace December's faith-based festive days with inclusions of their heritage. There are less Catholic Latinos in current historical times. 


Most Native Americans or the Indigenous People Will Be 

  • Most Native Americans choose to embrace their own heritage during December's festive days, mostly out of respect and reflection of neighborly kindness towards those who are sincere of the American holiday.

Most Islam Muslim-American Neighbors Will Be

  • Most Muslims choose not to embrace or interact in such holiday activities, as with all other traditional American holidays throughout our calendar year. 

YEAR 2023 GICPA: My Humanitarian Analysis Presented to the Human Family of our Year 2023--

In basic words, along with the same analysis of our year 2022, again. I also believe that we will experience more peaceful spirits and life experiences. Year 2022 analysis was ... "You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the year."

Full analysis, click here.





  • Coat and Toy Drive Charity, now - 12/17:  Families are asked to give a coat and/or toy to your nearest local charity sponsorship.
  • Food Charity Week, 12/11 - 12/17: Brothers/Team Gentlemen, You Are Needed to Help With the Carrying of Such Kindness-Giving Food Boxes for Distribution to Those In Need. Please, Men/Young Men, Help the Ladies With Such Efforts.
  • Seniors/Mature Adults During the Holidays: "Drive me to the store so I can do my Christmas shopping." (And wait patiently for me, please.)
  • Website 2024 Copyright Information Update Should be Posted by 12/29 to Reflect, Legally, an Active Web Page on the World Wide Web.



  • Well, If There's No Oil or Gas, You Will Have to Change Over to Electric, Americans
  • Team Ladies: It's Wear Your Long-Lined Bras and Body Shapers Season
  • Food Distribution Charity: Feeding the Insecure Now - January 1, 2024 (National Pop-Up Grocery Stores in Public Spaces; Pop-Up Food Drives, etc.)
  • It's Chocolate Candy Season (End of September - April): Please don't waste chocolate           food-product things.
  • Autumn Household Room Temps Should Be Between 64 - 72 degrees Per Room When You Are at Home to Avoid a Stuffy Nose, and Dry Skin. 



  • Third Party Candidates Are Not On the Ballot in Every State, But the Write-In Candidate Choice Is.
  • Personal Household Budgets: Most Americans Are Downsizing to Simply the Basics of Every Day Living, Decreasing Formal Fashions and Lifestyles.
  • Most Americans Own at Least One Home vs Renting: Most Homeowners are of the White American Culture or Race Identity. 
  • Majority from the African American Culture or Race Identity Typically Rent vs Home Ownership.
  • Over 41 Million Americans Are Considered Low-Income Classification, Excluding Senior Citizens
  • Universal Subsidized Income (USI) to All Who Earn Less than $100,000 per year
  • Our Current total of U.S. population is 335,000,000,000 (335 million) citizens.
  • Working Class Citizens are Mostly Now People-of-Color, GLOBALLY
  • America's Working Class: You must "Work for 10 Years with a W-2 Paycheck" to Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Over 61 Million Americans Are Disabled and Receiving Some Form of Social Security Benefits.
  • Over 10 Million Senior Citizens Are a Part of the American Low-Income Classification.
  • Over 1 million homeless people sleep in their cars, daily.
  • Young Adults and Students Should Know the Minimum It Costs to Live in this Country.
  • We Know There's a Street Drug and Medical Pills Pandemic Going On. The American Economy Can't Survive off of a Majority of a Country-Population of Dysfunctional People.
  • Support Our 'I Recycle' Socialization Activities: Purchase Items in Glass Containers or Cardboard Packaging vs. Plastic Containers/Packaging #EndPlasticPollution
  • Scientists have stated that Earth has less than 500 years left to give to us, humans, globally. This means only two or three additional generations of our human-being classification kind will exist.


FAMILY SHOPPER'S What To Purchase This Week

  • Shop Recycled Item Things for Gifts for Children Along w/ New Things. Wash items, first.  
  • Simple Gifts to Wrap to Give to Neighbors Who Come By Your Dwelling During the Holidays
  • Christmas Greeting Cards
  • Recycling Tools and Equipment 
  • Reflective Street Number for Your Dwelling or Mailbox, Rural Neighbors
  • Clean Home Vent Ducts By Dusting, Hire Professional Tech If Necessary
  • Clean Home or Business Building Gutters of Debris 
  • Glass or Boxed Product Items vs. Plastic Wrapped Product Items
  • DECEMBER retail offers: Pools, Spas, Clocks, Watches, and New Cars.


Baton to this Generation: People of faith, it's now our time to celebrate and in the Spirit the birth of our Lord and Saviour. --Sherlene




If you try to cleanse others--just like soap, you will waste away in the process. --Author Unknown


Motivational Quote

Prayers for Concerns of Others: Faith believers who are transitioning away from Methodism and such December festive church activities, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers of continued courage. --All of us of the TSB Humanitarian Community



King James Version Inspirational Study

For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy

seed (descendants) for ever. --Genesis 13:15



Adults, this week, have you listened to concerns or topics of a child, teen, or young adult ?  Have you shared productive life-skills advice?


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