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GICPA: My Humanitarian Analysis Presented to the Human Family of our Year of 2023--

In basic words, along with the same analysis of our year 2022, again. I also believe that we will experience more peaceful spirits and life experiences. Year 2022 analysis was ... "You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the year."

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  • Black Race Appreciation Month (February)
  • Being Black is a Cultural-Identity Gathering because Most African-Americans are Multi-racial
  • There is Something Psychologically Wrong In Society When a White Person Can Go to any School Setting in America and Freely Look About Black Children and Declare "I Will Take That One."
  • 40 Days before Easter (Lent faithbelieving season)
  • Unproductive Police Killed 100 Human Beings a Month in 2022
  • Girl Scouts Cookies
  • It's Mardi-Gras Socials Season in New Orleans, LA (now - end of February)
  • (Free Covid test kits)
  • To Avoid Mail Delays, Don't Use the USPS (Post Offices') Blue Boxes
  • Last Social Event of Our Hair-Dye Free Challenge: 1st Day of Autumn - 1st Day of Spring, 2023 (not very exciting responses)
  • Universal Subsidized Income (USI)
  • Our Current total of U.S. population is 334,805,269 citizens.
  • Working Class Citizens are Mostly Now People-of-Color, GLOBALLY
  • America's Working Class: You must "Work for 10 Years with a W-2 Paycheck" to Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Over 61 Million Americans Are Disabled and Receiving Some Form of Social Security Benefits
  • Over 10 Million Senior Citizens Are a Part of the American Low-Income Classification
  • Women and Women-of-Color Are the Majority of the 40 Million College Student Loan Borrowers Who Are In Financial Debt in America
  • Young Adults and Students Should Know the Minimum It Costs to Live in this Country.
  • We Know There's a Street Drug and Medical Pills Pandemic Going On. The American Economy Can't Survive off of a Majority of a Country-Population of Dysfunctional People.
  • Support Our 'I Recycle' Socialization Activities: Purchase Items in Glass Containers or Cardboard Packaging vs. Plastic Containers/Packaging #EndPlasticPollution
  • Scientists have stated that Earth has less than 500 years left to give to us, humans, globally. This means only two or three additional generations of our human-being classification kind will exist.


What To Purchase This Week

  • Black History Month Greeting Cards, and Decor
  • Valentine's Day Greeting Cards, and Decor
  • Recycling tools and equipment 
  • Tulips, daffodils, or other flower bulbs to plant during winter. These are flowers that will bloom every year without much gardening.
  • Pajamas or sweat pants and sweat shirts
  • Flannel sheets
  • Winter coat, hat, gloves, scarfs, and other accessories
  • Squash
  • Winter Decor and Decorations
  • Clean Home or Business Building Gutters of Debris 
  • Glass or Boxed Product Items vs. Plastic Wrapped Product Items
  • FEBRUARY offers Mattress sales.





Motivational Quote

Life has no GPS:  You have to take direction from experience, general knowledge, and God. U-turns are allowed. Stopping at stop signs is necessary.  Yielding is encouraged, and staying in your lane is best. When God shows you his route, or reveals people and situations that are a detour, don't ignore.  Keep a mental note of all directions given. --Author Unknown


"Last Week, I Mentioned" Quote

There are other 100% whites who also agree with me: if you purchased my inherited property legally, okay. If not, I want it back in my possession immediately. (I will let you rent it out, but you cannot have ownership of it ... your buyer's contract will be considered null and void ... if there is any possibility that I can still have the deed to my inherited property.) Lastly, if the personal representative (my aunt/stepsister) preferred to sell the property to you instead of me, that is an illegal sale of my inherited property that you, new homebuyers, need to truly understand.

I am not sorry for you the latest homebuyers--white couple--that my inherited home is still being highlighted of ongoing court, legal, and governmental matters (you think!). I told you and your realtor of such things--before you purchased it, both verbally and in written communication.


Inspirational Quote (KJV Bible)

Give a portion to an end of a thing, and a portion to a beginning of thing. (For doing so, you shall have double for your trouble of taking such actions of doing so.) --Ecclesiastes 11:2

Adults, this week, have you listened to concerns or topics of a child, teen, or young adult ?  Have you shared productive life-skills advice?


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