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Posted:   June 22, 2018 10:34 a.m. EST

Updated: June 22, 2018 1:36 p.m. EST


We have a social problem that we must face, recent national cultural actions of the illegal aliens and their children. A civil topic that most American citizens refuse to discuss in settings: hidden children. Why? Why are there actions of hiding children away from the general population in our local communities? Why, as American parents, do we feel afraid to discuss such topic openly ... without blaming? 


Why does global history reveal to us that for social dysfunctions (chaos) children are used first, whenever we have a social national challenge?


Background History
The cultural shock and trauma that my ex-husband and I and our children have had to deal with are horrifying and troublesome to those who have a right mind (simply put). Any other actions of lack of empathy are one of a psychopath.  Sometimes, heck , I thought my then-husband was a psychopath. ... I felt that he just let them take me out of his house with no sadness, no remorse, no attempts to try to help me stay with him and our kids. I was alone. No family (on any side agreed with me!), nothing: 15 minutes to leave our children, my personal belongings  [and don't look back] by white people who I thought were my social-community or neighborhood friends. And I would want my kids to live where? ... That's how I felt.

Then, I had to use what I had learned, through the years, from God and humankind: God gave me wisdom, and those same white people and my family and my community had given me lessons; my educational experiences, my educational makeup/values.

Next, I took my identity back (wife, mother, co-worker). I fought back the legal way of 'How could you do this to me?'.  I sought legal actions for such civil/social disputes that happened to me in my home state of Maryland   I took my then-husband to court (divorce, alimony, co-parenting rights).  I took the local government systems to court (Maryland's Social Service agency, local school systems). Lastly, I took my then-boss (the government) to court. I came out looking like the loser; I won really nothing except for identifying and knowing my self-worth. 

Guess what, I sleep well at night, and I can face anyone, each day, because I know that I did all that I could do for my local community, and for my own four children--not necessarily doing what was best for me.  A person of good standing, good character, was exposed to police systems, to court systems, to government systems, to welfare systems, to health care systems, to discrimination, and to civil unrest.

Overall, yet, I realize, the struggle isn't ever really over.  I live day to day still knowing and accepting what happened to cause the destruction of my black Indian (Native American) family of Maryland.  Then to understand, that this is a habitual activity that happens every day, everywhere, in America (In other words, if you even try to explain such dysfunctions to those who are involved in doing it, they don't identify themselves in personal actions of aiding and abetting.). It is a learned behavior that was taught to Americans to help our American economics withstand the reality that we are not a financially rich country. A behavior or attitude that most have learned, while growing up in social and public systems of dysfunction and lack of moral leaders.


If you are a child that is being hidden, instructions: Turn the lights off and on four times consecutively, every evening or when you happen to see a police vehicle.







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