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Modern Day Slavery




America's Missing Children and Teens

Feb. 11, 2017--A few days ago, I began reading articles of the increase number of missing children and teens in Africa. 

There are reportings alleging that children are being taken from their natural communities by a majority white-race, American, Christian organization.

100s of 1000s of kids are reported missing in our country each year, and even more internationally.

Again,  Parent(s) or Guardian(s), if you no longer want to participate in the good-and-bad involved with parenting, you may drop of your infant(s) or child(ren) at my doorstep. Please do not harm your child, just drop your child off to me for some quiet time, or so that I may make other solutions on your behalf. Remember, children never ask to come to our great world. You may also phone me.



Missing Children and Teens

International Articles 


Missing and Exploited Hotline Number (800) 843-5678, Open 24/7.




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