My Campaign Run for Citizens, Families, and Entrepreneurs


       Republican Write-In; and Replacement Substitute Pursuit for Trump if He Chooses to Conclude His Campaign Run.


























November 2, Updated:  My final informal VP picks for my administration, respectively, are Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice, Christopher Christie, or Max Boot.


September 20, I publicly announced my vice president picks for my campaign run.


               "On September 20, 2016, I am hereby stating whom I would like as my VP,

               going forth in the my presidential run: Barack Obama (though could never

               take full President role, the House Speaker would do so if necessary),

              Condoleeza Rice, Christopher Christie, Brent Scowcroft, Tom Nichols, or

              Max Boot. God Bless the United States of America. -Sherlene Stevens,

              Write-In (R) Presidential Candidate"


August 3, I publically announced my endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan. 


August 2, I publically announced a summary of a local community transportation business-plan project: Shuttle service loop in my community area of Union City, Georgia. This project would reduce local government's burden of the proposed, and shall I say non-productive, trolley system project in the community--avoiding wasteful spending and possible more traffic dysfunction in the area.







Note:  I am no longer using the campaign email of  

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