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Our Country's National Economy Feelings: Last Week's Talking Scripts

  • Concerns of the upcoming presidential election ... or presidential reelection is causing much discussion and personal opinions.


YEAR 2023


GICPA: My Humanitarian Analysis Presented to the Human Family of our Year of 2023--

In basic words, along with the same analysis of our year 2022, again. I also believe that we will experience more peaceful spirits and life experiences. Year 2022 analysis was ... "You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the year."

Full analysis, click here.







  • Unclaimed 2021 Stimulus Checks Should Go to Non-Profits, Places of Worship, and Humanitarians, If Such Americans Don't Want Theirs
  • (9/20 - 9/24) Annual Legislative Council Conference, Washington D.C. (Hosted by Congressional Black Caucus)
  • President Biden and Legal Immediate Impeachment Actions Inquiry
  • Christmas Shopping in October 

  • Most Americans Own at Least One Home vs Renting: Most Homeowners are of the White American Culture or Race Identity. 
  • Majority from the African American Culture or Race Identity Typically Rent vs Home Ownership
  • Over 41 Million Americans Are Considered Low-Income Classification, Excluding Senior Citizens
  • Universal Subsidized Income (USI) to All Who Earn Less than $100,000 per year
  • Our Current total of U.S. population is 334,805,269 citizens.
  • Working Class Citizens are Mostly Now People-of-Color, GLOBALLY
  • America's Working Class: You must "Work for 10 Years with a W-2 Paycheck" to Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Over 61 Million Americans Are Disabled and Receiving Some Form of Social Security Benefits
  • Over 10 Million Senior Citizens Are a Part of the American Low-Income Classification
  • Women and Women-of-Color Are the Majority of the 40 Million College Student Loan Borrowers Who Are In Financial Debt in America
  • Over 1 million homeless people sleep in their cars, daily
  • Young Adults and Students Should Know the Minimum It Costs to Live in this Country.
  • We Know There's a Street Drug and Medical Pills Pandemic Going On. The American Economy Can't Survive off of a Majority of a Country-Population of Dysfunctional People.
  • Support Our 'I Recycle' Socialization Activities: Purchase Items in Glass Containers or Cardboard Packaging vs. Plastic Containers/Packaging #EndPlasticPollution
  • Scientists have stated that Earth has less than 500 years left to give to us, humans, globally. This means only two or three additional generations of our human-being classification kind will exist.


What To Purchase This Week

  • Halloween Candy
  • Halloween Themed Decor
  • Pumpkin Printed Decor (Recycle use for Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving)
  • Recycling tools and equipment 
  • Reflective Street Number for Your Dwelling or Mailbox, Rural Neighbors
  • Clean Home or Business Building Gutters of Debris 
  • Glass or Boxed Product Items vs. Plastic Wrapped Product Items
  • SEPTEMBER retail offers: Real Estate; iPhones; Holiday Airfare; Back-to-School Supplies.



Motivational Quote

The cure for grief is motion. --Author Unknown


"Last Week, I Mentioned" Quote

Personal opinions are different than actual memories. --Sherlene Stevens


Inspirational Quote

For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.  --Luke 7:28


Adults, this week, have you listened to concerns or topics of a child, teen, or young adult ?  Have you shared productive life-skills advice?


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