The next full-moon reflection of the sun's light will be May 6th.


August 5, 2022 was the earth's hottest day of the year.


June 29, 2022 was the earth's shortest day in planet-rotation data.


July 2021 was the new hottest month of historical weather data.


February 2021 was the new coldest month of historical weather data.



Winter is when the earth's soils are the wettest. Spring and summer are the driest time of earth's soils.



Most multiracial individuals will reflect a lighter skin complexion, during the autumn and winter season.


Sherlene's Analysis and Comment. The following advice is suggested for multi-racial individuals; gray-eyed individuals; skin tones w/ freckles; natural red-hair individuals; gray-hair individuals; and youth with gray-hair strands:

  • Wear hats on sunny days.
  • Wear sunglasses w/ proper UV rays protection vs. basic sunglasses.
  • Apply body lotions at night vs. in the morning, during the spring and summer season.
  • Do not apply perfume or cologne on your arms, during spring and summer months.
  • Avoid using lotions on multiracial infants and senior citizens, during the spring and summer season.
  • Avoid applying Vaseline/Vaseline-induced chemicals on skin in the daytime, during the spring and summer season.
  • Avoid pools, beaches, waters, and fishing/crabbing activities which reflects the sun's rays more than just your typical outdoor activities.  Avoid body bathing in the sun. 
  • Limit tea or coffee beverages during the spring and summer. Drinking water is best for multiracial body types.
  • Use hair moisturizer solutions whenever possible when washing hair strands.


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