Socialization Executive 


Founded in 1979.  

Sherlene Stevens began this family business by

offering child-care services in her local hometown: 

Today, she offers Self-Help discussions, and

Family-Friendly amusements. This organization is

available to all races and creed.


*Please note my company brand is not affiliated with any state's local Department of Social Services, human resources agency or social-welfare government agency, including the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The vision of this company actually was out of "denials" of welfare for my household and my Shore's maternal family's households, during household financial emergencies: due to earning above the poverty earning limits or some being a part of "just shy" of middle-income status. Most of my maternal family have now understood their role with said agencies (2016), and are or have begun taking productive actions to improve their financial situations to earn and/or maintain "at or above" the middle-income or higher-income bracket. As of January 2017,  within any U.S. state or internationally, any and all hiring governments, employers (company brand), or agents must have an official written contract between Sherlene D. Stevens (not family-related or of former working relationships) for any and all current or assumed job-opportunity actions or job-opportunity contract involving Sherlene D. Stevens or she and her four biological children.



          My platform is            always open online! 




This customer service website platform is known as the 

portal of public-amusement information, online journalism, and lifestyle services: The first and only family-bonding portal, and family-friendly interactions on the World Wide Web. Home of Sherlene® NEWS.


Sherlene Stevens is also a founder and president of a non-profit that provides free career counseling, and housing assistance: A Time to Learn Academy, Inc.





Serving in Annapolis, Maryland and Queen Anne's County, Maryland.


'Hey Neighbor' promotional tours Rock Hall, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.



Audience Customer Service Email:

Portal Customer Service Email:

Phone: (888) 600-0805



Company Vision: Promote the importance of consistent devotion,  family-bonding (time and tasks), and (local and national) family-friendly activities by providing family-friendly resources and company brand services. Audience: 13+



  1. Communicate of the importance of adult family members providing clear communication of household family traditions habits, and constructive family behaviors to increase family-bonding opportunities;
  2. An opportunity of family and personal devotion using Christianity words and discipleship opportunity;
  3. Provide useful strategies of how to create family-oriented goals and how to divide such activities among household members in a productive teaming effort;
  4. Provide just-in-time open communication opportunities or media: family-friendly topics, resources and themes; and,
  5. Offline or local actions of my own consulting services, Made-in-America customer services, and products approaching family lifestyle customers (local families and international families who are visiting America).


Sherlene's Social media hours

Mostly, Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Summer Schedule - Varies based on social and amusement media and weather presentations.


Sherlene's Office Hours


Monday - Saturday, By Schedule Reservation Only. Available August 1 - April 30, yearly.


Summer Season Hours: May 1 - July 31, yearly.


Social Networking Schedule

Mondays....Bible Study Devotion Social, uploaded to its Facebook group page. Faith-based discussions and talk show;

Tuesdays....Family Bond Paper; Pinterest and LinkedIn Tuesdays, quality time w audience;

Wednesdays....Facebook Wednesdays, quality time w. audience family;            

Thursdays....Twitter Thursdays, quality time w. my Twitter audience family businesses; and,

Monthly.....Shopkeeper Gazette


.............LinkedIn: Working Parents Comments (posts and shared posts).


..........Facebook: The Script in My Box; Sherlene NEWS (news reported by Sherlene/or presented by The Sherlene Brand); Politics and Family Social Class.



Sherlene NEWS

……...Facebook® Picture of the Day; Facebook Video of the Day; Daily News Headliners and Special Coverage Presentations.

……...Twitter® Picture of the Day; Video of the Day; Thursday's Celebrity/Public Figure Twitter Question and Answer; Daily News Headliners and Special Coverage Presentations.

*Audience-Family chatroom is available, when utilized or announced on this web page.



Office Closed due to Holiday*


Jan. 1, yearly                    New Year's Day

March or April, yearly       Easter
May 31, yearly                  Memorial Day
Nov. 25, yearly                 Thanksgiving Day
Nov. 26, yearly                 Day After Thanksgiving Day
Dec. 24, yearly                 Christmas Eve
Dec. 25, yearly                 Christmas Day

Dec. 31, yearly                 New Year's Eve


An Equal Opportunity Employer, and is a drug-free and

smoke-free workplace. 



Family Lifestyle News. Amusements. In Local Communities®


News, amusements, and consulting for the family lifestyle in local communities.®