Family Quilt Newsletter

2008 Theme: Seeing Destiny Between the Haves and the Have-Nots

Table of Contents
A Note from Sherlene
Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurial Advice)
What's On the Menu? (Nutrition, Recipes, etc.)
Education Dialogue (Education, Child Care, Local School News)
Right (the) Rights (Politics, Top Stories of Minority News)
Wants/Needs (Sales, Bartering Advice)
Not Another Ripoff (Real Estate, Jobs, Announcements)
Hallelujah 'N' Amen (Church news)
With this Body, I Create (The Arts - Gifts and Talents)
Calendar Preview (Social Events, etc.)

Note: This newsletter is not intended to offend any religion, race, or person. It is not my ministry calling to convert anyone.

January Edition

Poem: What was on Your 2007 Wish List?
Author Unknown
I asked for Strength and I was given difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for Wisdom and I was given problems to solve.
I asked for Prosperity and I was given a brain and strength to work.
I asked for Courage and I was given obstacles to overcome.
I asked for Love and I was given troubled people to help.
I asked for Favors and I was given opportunities.
"I received nothing I wanted...but I received everything I needed."
Live live without fear, confront all obstacles and know that


Have you seen victory outcomes from your 2007 goals? This year, I believe, is not a year of new beginnings; we will or have begun to see the fulfillment of goals made in 2007.  I hope that everyone received a blessed holiday season. I would like to thank you for your participation in the Kwanzaa activities (an African American celebration).  It was a time for rededication, and renewal within communities.

This month's newsletter discusses the formation of the first-church order, and God's (Yaweh, Allah) elected leaders.  We will review the meaning of God in the flesh; and, he is the Prince of Peace. For we know that Jesus (Yeshua, Isa) is no longer a baby. He is no longer suffering on the cross. We know that we not only have God and Jesus, but we have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was with God when he created the world (see Genesis, Holy Bible).  The Holy Spirit is our helper, a gift from Jesus and God. A true gift to have...

In summary, all we have to do to receive Jesus is accept the divine unity (God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit), and admit our sins to God through Jesus.

Peace, love, and prosperity,

Sherlene Stevens, Family Evangelist

_Believer's Kingdom_
New Business Owner: Please mail me several of your business cards to distribute. Wanting business partners: all partners will receive free business advertising, secretarial tasks, and other specials for a small monthly donation.

New Minority Business Listing: Listings were provided to the general public.

_Education Dialogue_
Now is a good time to make certain that your child(ren) have adequate school supplies or tools for the remainder of the 2007-2008 public school year.

Calendar Preview
Rev. Martin L. King, Jr birthday

_What's on the Menu?_
Harmony baking fundraiser - All proceeds will go towards the building fund, and paying any outstanding debt that is owed to Centreville National Bank. Still not quite sure where to send a charity donation, why not give to this organization? Give what you can to make this year's fundraising a success.

Idea: In 2008, try new foods. Begin with different fruits and vegetables based on the season.
1. Try new foods in restaurant buffets and other places where cost is not an issue.
2. Scan the local newspapers for coupon and sales on new food items that you are unable to afford.
3. Always select new foods using popular name brands.

Beans are good for everyone and they have less than 10 grams of fat per serving.  For new bean lovers, take your time including beans into your daily diet.  With all new food choices, try eating a couple of tablespoons to begin.

Keep up the good work in making your body into the best shape that you can. You are never too young or old to change into a better you.  A you that you alone are proud of even if you recently splurged during holiday events :) I would also recommend fasting (full or half fast depending on your health) at least once this month.

_Right (the) Rights_
According to Time magazine, 66% of Americans believe that God exists. There are 300 million Americans on this planet. 85% of Americans follow a Christian faith. The majority is built of denominational activities and beliefs. Each vary in their definition of Christianity. Only close to 3% are Jews. The remaining 12% are either Muslims or believe in Buddhism.

History reveals to us that the divine trinity includes first, Judaism, Christianity, and, then, Islam. Islam was born out of Christianity. Christianity was born out of Judaism. Christianity is different in America because we are a grouping of all different races and customs. The majority of U.S. Christians would like everyone to assume that Christianity should be advertised and taught as being a majority-based faith (we must be realistic of society).  We must acknowledge history from other lands (globally) that includes the beginning of Christianity in minority lands where Islam/Judaism is prominent. There is no mistake in the true origin of our Christian religion (based on foreign land history). In my opinion, if we were teach anything else (white Jesus with blue eyes) it would be sinful. It would not be revealing the true knowledge of the existence of our faith.

Poem: God's Elected Leaders
(From the Holy Bible)
Author Unknown
The next time you feel like God can't use you just remember he chose Noah who was a drunk;
Abraham who was too old;
Isaac who was a daydreamer;
Jacob who was a liar;
Leah who was ugly;
Joseph who was abused;
Moses who had a stuttering problem;
Gideon who was afraid;
Samson who had long hair and was a womanizer;
Rahab who was a prostitute;
Jeremiah and Timothy who were too young;
David who had an affair and was a murderer;
Elijah who was suicidal;
Isaiah who preached naked;
Jonah who ran from God;
Naomi who was a widow;
Job who went bankrupt;
Peter who denied Christ;
The Disciples who fell asleep while praying;
Martha who worried about everything;
The Samaritian woman who was divorced;
Zaccheus who was too small;
Paul who was too religious;
And Lazarus who was dead!
When God votes you in no weapon formed shall prosper.

The bartering ministry is doing pretty well in the Kent County community. If you would like to include your business on our bartering list please call me with your information.

Calendar Preview
The February issue will be the annual, special issue of all minority business owners on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland. Please make sure that I have updated information for your unique business.

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
Continuation of the discussion of the Cross (December, 2007)

The Cross

The Roman Cross was God's will for Jesus. There were other forms of punishment used in the culture such as the X-shaped cross. During the time of Jesus' birth, the cross was used as a form of punishment for anyone who committed a serious crime. This is why Jesus had to suffer on a cross (to be humanized). Jesus took our burdens. He endured the suffering of the moment to allow us to live forever with God. Are we to suffer like Jesus? The answer may surprise you: "No".

When Jesus said (Mark 8:34), "Pick up your cross." he meant for you to deny self of things that distract you from God and his plan for your life.  Choosing right over what we know to be wrong. Loving over hating; living rich lives versus being poor. Did you know that Jesus' ministry was offering peace, hope, and eternal life to anyone who would accept it? He did not offer it only to the Jews who demanded that he die on the cross. He designed Christianity and the first church; and, out of Christianity we have the Islamic faith.  Taking up our cross is doing what is right in God's commandments.

_Scriptures for the Month_
(Holy Bible - King James Version)
New Testament:
Mark 13:32-37; 16:15-19
Matthew 10:1-15
John 8:45-56; 15:25-27; 17:21-26
Acts 2:5-12
Romans 8:18-39

Holy Quran Translation
Surah III:46-75
Surah XLII:7-17

February Edition


This will be the last newsletter for the outreach ministry. It has been a pleasure of giving you good news through written publications. Recently, I (finally) completed my undergraduate studies.  I believe that God is leading me in, yet, another path in this walk referred to as life.

When I think of home I think of Kent County, Maryland (currently residing in Wilmington, DE). A place that gave me an opportunity to believe that I could achieve all of my career goals (educator, minister). I have always commented that if you want good theological training then venture into the town of Chestertown, Maryland. With tears, if I had not chosen my ideal career path (public school educator) I wonder how productive I would be right now in climbing the career ladder? God knew and knows my destiny. I thank God for years of living and participating in Kent County--outstanding educational experiences that included 4-H and home schooling. I thank you community for your guidance and cultural mannerisms of having my four children educated as public school children. No matter where they go in the future you have achieved, together, in giving them a public school foundation.  And for that, and that alone, I say thank you. I thank God for the opportunities that allowed me to serve my hometown for so many years.

I hope that you will agree with me that I have made your lives, your spiritual walk, a little easier to endure. I have tried to provide your unique household current and factual information.  The acceptance of other faith believers (i.e., Nondenominational, Islam, Judaism) is a part of our Christian duty, United Methodist members. He, and He alone, knows why He has chosen me to trod the less trodden path of introducing Interfaith discussions to you, dear readers.

Peace, love, and prosperity,

Sherlene Stevens, Family Evangelist

Poem: God's Will for You and Me
Author Unknown
Just to be tender, just to be true,
Just to be glad the whole night through,
Just to be merciful, just to be mild,
Just to be trustful as a child,
Just to be gentle and kind and sweet,
Just to be helpful with willing feet,
Just to be cheery when things go wrong,
Just to drive sadness away with a song,
Whether the hour is dark or bright,
Just to be loyal to God who is always right,
Just to be believe that God knows best,
Just in his promises ever to rest --
Just to let love be our daily key,
That is God's will for you and me.

Sermon: (1 Corinthians 10:8) For the Man is Not of the Woman, But the Woman for the Man

God has equipped us with everything we need to fulfill our positions:
Ability to Pray
Women, we were made for man. This means that we are to support man; we are to nurture man. Ladies, when God designed us he made us different for a reason. We have everything in us that we need for ourselves, for our mates, and, even, for our children. We know that we have to be there for everybody and everything. We have been there for others when we, ourselves, needed a little compassion. Readers, can I get an amen. Prayer without works or action is absolutely nothing.

Men, your duty is to keep your woman focused on the job of being a partner within your relationship.  If not, you may begin to see a little nagging, complaining, or a gossiping spirit rise up. These habits cause a female to stop doing things that they would normally do for their mates, bosses, friends, and your children.  Such dysfunctional habits causes a lost of focus of who one is and who one is attached to.

So this Valentine's Week, let us all remember our duties as men and women. Continue to fulfill your godly duties as a mate. Do not let the "grass is greener on the other side" demonic spirit invade your marriage. Singles if you do not have a mate, remember there is no perfect mate or relationship. All have sinned and fallen short of being godly on earth. Try to find something good in the opposite sex. Or, be prepared to continue your search of finding the ideal mate.

God bless.

Valentine Poem
"Let there be no love poems written until love can exist freely and clearly." -Author Unknown

I Am Special
I am special as you can see.
Because no one looks or acts like me.
I am myself, one, Me.
And that's the way that it should be!

Black History Month Fact
A Tribute to Armina Ross
Who, you may ask is she. Why she is no other than Harriet Tubman. Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland in 1820. She was born into a life of African slavery along with her five brothers and sisters. In 1844, she married a free black man named John Truman. She later discovered that he had once secretly tried to sell her. She personally guided about 70 slaves to freedom on her 13 expeditions. Ms. Ross, as she liked to be called, made approximately twenty voyages to rescue nearly three hundred enslaved friends and family.

_What's on the Menu?_
Don't forget our Harmony Bake fundraiser.

Most of you probably have favorite meals and desserts to share during Valentine's Week. I have chosen to share a few helpful suggestions for your family's kitchen.

Always use frozen cooked foods within one to two months.
Egg whites need to be at room temperature for greater volume when whipped.
When baking in a glass pan, reduce temperature by twenty-five degrees.
1 lemon yields about 1/4 cup of juice; 1 orange yields about 1/3 cup.

_Scriptures of the Month_
Holy Bible - King James Version
Romans 5:5
Ephesians 3:17-19; 4:32
1 John 4:7-8
Matthew 7:24-25
Isaiah 59:21
2 Timothy 3:14-15
Numbers 23:19
Revelation 7:12

Holy Qu'ran translation
Surah III:1-8
Surah IV:1; 171-172
Surah CIX(all)
Surah XCIX(all)