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2006 Theme: Persevering To Prosperity
2007 Theme: We Must Remember Our History So That We Will Not Lose Our Racial Identity.
2008 Theme: Seeing Destiny Through The Revelations
2009 Theme: A New Beginning: A Tribute To Our Elders
2010 Theme: Unveiling American Government's Classification System
2011 Theme: God's Promises Are Keepers: It Is Just Up To Humans In Regards To The Timing Of The Promise
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*Note: This is a special edition newsletter in honor of Black History Month.

2014 Theme: Givers and Receivers
In This Issue:
A poem by Sherlene, Editor-In-Chief
Biz Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurship)
Unique Households' Needs/Wants (Finances)
What's On The Menu? (Recipes)
Timbuktu Dialogue (Education)
Right (the) Rights (Politics)
With This Body, I Create (Gifted & Talented)?
Hallelujah 'n' Amen (Spirituality)
The Family-Promise Pledge
I promise to allow open and free communication without fear.
Each of us has our own unique gifting and/or talent. I promise
to be a productive team member in goals that strengthen our
family. I value others and their opinions and expect others to
value mine.  I will encourage family members' strengths, and
help them in areas where they are weak.  Please do the same
for me in an appropriate and helpful manner.  I will not become
defensive, or refuse to be a part of our family during challenging
moments.  I will support and participate, when I can, in family
bonding opportunities.

Welcome Unique Households and Family Businesses,

This year’s newsletter theme is based on my participation of fundraising for A Time To Learn Academy’s IRS nonprofit application fee.  I want to share with you what I have learned in regards to the behaviors and attitudes of people who “give” and people who “receive.” First, the last shall be first and the first shall be last, comes to mind. We all have learned that it’s better to give than to receive. Some of us who are Givers have too much pride to receive. You see, if you are willing to give then, you have been through what I refer to as the receiving process: the action of receiving is human and spiritual development combined. Those who aren’t willing to receive haven’t fully gone through or aren’t willing to go through this process.

“Receivers can’t receive unless God allows.”

In summary, God is the only one that can truly change your mind, body, and soul to receive. When you give, think nothing of it. One must give freely—without any silent hope of getting something in return. That’s truly giving and receiving…

God Bless,
Sherlene, Family Entertainment Evangelist

_A Poem by Sherlene_

The Family
Tree is
a visual symbol of your family bond; the good and the could-have-been-better moments.

     Every family member is a part of your family tree: Some are considered “tops” of the tree—favorites or family leaders. Other relatives, for some reason or another, are at the bottom or the trunk of the tree, yet still holding all others firmly.  Former loved ones are under the tree. Your two founding relatives create the roots that keep the family’s historical existence and disposition in your given hometown.

     Every part of a family tree is nourished with self-esteem and self-interest. It creates the amount of your creativity and imagination abilities, your love or hate for others, and the amount of family dysfunction or family bonding you will participate in at your immediate dwelling. With consistent family bonding, your enemies—predators—will find it challenging to attach onto the center of all that is genuine of being you, of being a part of your family tree. Trees, like many other things on earth, make a sound. Is there too much chaos … too much noise … coming from your family tree? Does your family tree even make a "unison" sound?

     Family members of unique households, be like a pine tree: The pine tree has been here since the world was cold; c-o-l-d world. When struggles or chaos blow its way, it takes action. It makes a sound, a whisper. Every family wants to protect members from the coldness of negative human interactions, the outside participating inwardly. Productive families make sounds when there are moments of challenges and joys: Great communication great sounds. Great communication at your household creates healthy family behaviors such as family-bonding activities and healthier communities.

     Trees are given names based on the climate. Families are given generational names based on their unique climate: personal behaviors and attitudes internally and externally.  Does your family have a distinct name that you can be proud of in your community? In an old tree, most members have learned to live with each other through the storms and the winds, through hellish hot days, and through the cool days. So every member learns to have their personal space with consistent shelter —any roof over your head.

     Finally, families, be like the trunk of a pine tree—flexible with others who live with you and who don’t. That way, if a strong wind of challenges happens to blow your way, you might bend, but you won’t break.  The family tree gives something to all its members. Some members stay closer to the roots; wise ones do. So, families, use every part of your family tree, value it.

_Biz Believer's Kingdom_
We have fully launched the website for A Time To Learn Academy, non-profit organization. With your financial support, it will resemble this website portal in the coming months.  A Time To Learn Academy offers family business venture assistance such as start-up documents, forms and templates and more.

This year, I am suggesting, very strongly, that your unique household or business have a home office area. Allow each household member the opportunity to help in arranging space and materials. Young children should be given clear rules of whether to tamper with given items and spacing. You may need to get on the floor and search for any safety concerns just begging for little ones to touch, grasp, or push. I will continue home office space and organization topics throughout the year. (Family Bond Paper, www.familybondpaper.blogspot.com)

_Unique Households' Needs/Wants_
Again, you must be cautious of what is really needed or wanted at your unique household, this year. Just a reminder that outdated large appliances may increase your electric bill. Be cautious when purchasing used or barely-used items at thrift stores, flea markets, or yard sales.

I welcome you to use the principles of the Spend-Save-Donate jug of A Time To Learn Academy.  Teach points to your children. I agree it’s important to shop locally: It is also important to budget and sometimes it may be worthy your interest to shop online for the best deals. Amazon, online merchant, seems to always be the better choice for most households, regardless of shopping budget.  Often, online stores will offer a different price online than offline. Your unique household could save between $10 - $300 on most of your needed or wanted items.  You must purchase with a major credit card or a prepaid debit card for most discounts or free-shipping promotions. Need help, phone or email me for personal shopping assistance.

_What's On The Menu?_
Nutmeg Custard
Simple Sparerib and Sauerkraut Supper
Recipes can be found on this website portal (large qty recipes tab)

_Timbuktu Dialogue_
Parents, I want you to really consider and review your unique household’s definition of education, for self and your children. This year, I believe, there will be continued discussions of the role of public education in our states, in local communities. The real issue is that there is no real local tax money going back to the overall government to help with the current economic crisis: national debt crisis.

In my opinion, education is often viewed as a personal investment. Without children, do we really have a next generation of Americans? The same could be true in regards to increased job outlooks. No matter what we do when get out of a crib (children) or bed (adults), someone needs to teach us the basics of normal-people behaviors, and we need opportunities and freedoms to explore such behaviors and attitudes. If we look at education from this standpoint, how can we not budget efficient money for all education choices including adult job training.  It’s simple, right? If you want to work at most good-paying jobs, then some college work is usually required. We must educate others of this fact. It is not the point of simply “apply for a job” that parents or working people need to suggest to others.

You see, when we ask traditional middle schoolers to dream, or even to imagine working in a given trade, we are already allowing them to pick their first job path before even entering high school.  Instead of giving them a firm foundation in let’s say STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) lessons, we force our youth to choose a career focus: And each neighboring school systems in our states do not have to use or even share the same teaching tools and textbooks.  Interesting. Will you let me have an opportunity to serve you, my fellow Americans? I want to provide your unique household with overall basic government-systems equality and mannerisms. After all, isn’t that what you, your family, America expects from a president?

_Right (the) Rights_
Is there anyone of my readers who would like to address the issue of why President Obama, the current Democrats, and current Republicans are being blamed for, what appears to me to be, years of Congress dysfunction in communicating effectively with their local citizens, to our total population. All the chatter and debates sounds all too familiar to me. Such government staff behaviors are very similar to what I’ve tried to express (to anyone who will listen) about my education business case: years of participating in government-sponsored (job training) programs and at the finish line –told I was never involved in such activities or my trade or skills were never a “needed” occupation in my state of residence. Like in my case, who really pays for these types of mishaps? “Hardworking families and disciplined money citizens” that’s who I believe pays. It is nothing more than an unending pattern of leadership dysfunction. … If we remain in participations of being silent--except only to speak of racial inequalities--it will show in our country’s upcoming leadership elections.

_With This Body, I Create_
Will this be the year that you return to an old hobby, or participate in one that you’ve always wanted to try? For new hobby explorations, you may want to shop at low-budget stores. Though, you may need the good kind or product brand to fully participate in the final product or performance. Stop! Don’t give your finished hobby items or materials that you no longer use to your unique household’s trash can.  Ask an education classroom or nursing home if they are in need of such items. Recycle, recycle.

Lastly, if you know of an interesting, large-group fine art event or if you’re going to be a participant in an event, please email me the description and I will share it on either the portal or the education website.  Also, I’m always looking for vendors to highlight. The vendors' section (donate tab) is based on 25% commission per item sold for you. A picture of your items to be posted is suggested for increased sales.

Family fun sheet activity for your unique household; You will need to download and print.

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
There is a need to shine the church light, yes, I agree, but how effective the light depends on God and its leaders. So, is your little light shining too? Members should include their given faith, in some form or fashion, at the job place, at home, and at attending schools. Do you? I’m not implying that you should walk around with a big cross saying, “I am a Christian.” I am simply making the point that it’s nice to know when you are around another faith believer.

I believe we all have great tasks of citizen responsibilities—ahead of us—to accomplish in 2014. With or without our current leaders, we must learn to not only ask for prayer but, instead, “Will you pray in agreement with me?”

Hallelujah to all of our past accomplishments, ancestors and inventors.
Hallelujah to all accomplishments achieved, today.
Hallelujah to all of our future accomplishments, in unison. Amen.

_2014 Scriptures to Read_
*Holy Bible, King James Version
Genesis 1:15-18; 13:14-18;14:21-23; 15-18:15; 21:1-7; 22:1-19; 24:13-67; 28:22; 30 (all); 38:12-30; 41:16-57; 42-49:28
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Holy Quran Translation
Surah I (all)
Surah II:109 and 116
Surah IV:86 and 94
Surah LVII:11-23
Surah LXI (all)
Surah CIII (all)
Surah CXIV (all)

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