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Episode (Monday, April 2023) 

Episode Topic: Reading the Reports of Our TSB Bi-Racial Race Appreciation Month and theme. 


Parental Note: Family-appropriate topic.


#Diversity #Bi-RacialCouples #Feelings




Description: A financial social-classes commentary broadcast. This Christian broadcast includes sharing the word of God with understanding translation:King James Version bible.  It is a welcoming approach to the Christian faith for non-believers, non-Christian neighbors, too.


Concepts Referenced of Lacking or Blessed

1) Financially;

2) Academically;

3) Physically; and,

4) Spiritually.


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Live Broadcast on Mondays. A financial social-classes commentary broadcast.


The bible says to not give a thing until you have first received.


As a faith-believer, daily, strive to mirror your productive emotions and actions. Reflect such feelings outwardly to others, to all socio-economic classes. Demonstrate or reflect the healthy emotions of your personal cross, your personal character, to your immediate family and to others.


Standard Salvation Prayer

Would you like to change your family's expectations? Do you need a new purpose for your life? Or, maybe no one has ever told you that you can start a new life journey. Do you know how to follow your unique purpose of living or career endeavors?


When you are ready, say the following prayer---

Dear Lord,

     I would like to pray to you today. I am a sinner who wants forgiveness. Lord, I repent. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I know that I may be challenged by my past as I begin to change my life, and that life as a Christian is not all good days. Right now, in Jesus name and with his help, I will begin my new life. I realize that you, God, work through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God you are the "one" true and living God. Thank you for saving me. Amen.

     You are now saved. Its simple to say. Yet, it is up to you to view each day as a new day to keep the faith, focusing on personal goals that you have made. Pray for guidance, strength, and confidence in your new life. If you just want to talk or pray with another faith believer phone me.

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Sherlene encourages the importance of family traditions, and constructive family behaviors. Her youth faith-believing upbringing was as a United Methodist denomination member. She has been a United Methodist trained lay speaker. Currently, her faith beliefs are still of the Presbyterian beliefs in the Three-Person of God (God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus).


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