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CALENDAR: Our social theme for August  22 - September 22 is

Read Something in the Presence of a Child

2018 Theme: When Police Are the Murderers, Harassers, and Abusers


Hair-Dye Free Challenge (entire year 2018)


With Love,   




Police Brutality (8/22 - 9/22)




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July is Multiethnicity Appreciation Month; My Birthday Month;
Team Unison 'Gentlemen and Ladies' Last Activity of our  2018 Summer
Challenge, Social Activity: "Hidden Children of America and Globally"

Summer Time

Multiethnicity Appreciation Month

Birthday Celebrations In July (My birthday is 7/23.)

According to a recent article (7/2018) of iPolitics.CA, other July celebrations: 

National Blueberries Month, National Hot Dog Month,

National Baked Bean Month, National Grilling Month,

National Culinary Arts Month and National Bison Month. 

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June Global Male Appreciation Month

Just a reminder, please don't buy chocolate as a gift for Father's Day,

unless you're sure he will eat it--Preserving Chocolate actions.


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Global Female Appreciation Month

Just a reminder, please don't buy chocolate as a gift for Mother's Day unless you're sure she will eat it--Preserving Chocolate actions.

U.S. Asian-Pacific Appreciation Month

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Mixed-Race Appreciation Month (Black and White Biracial Identity Only)

Spring Cleaning Month

Would you like to help in preserving chocolate and the chocolate market?  

  • Do not give chocolate-ingredient items to kids if you know they don't like it. Don't waste water. Don't  waste food. Don't waste chocolate!
  • Do not make chocolate-ingredient items for family or social gatherings--except if you are sure that such bakings are desired/wanted. From experience, with my bakings, I know that most people do not like chocolate-only edible items.
  • Limit the quantity of edible choices that include chocolate or the chocolate flavor. Suggestion, have more of other flavorful varieties.

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Youth Art Month


White-Race Appreciation Month

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Black-Race Appreciation Month

"Living was about surviving. We confined ourselves to our own neighborhoods just to be able to live." -Former Black Americans

Married Couples' Appreciation Month

Other Social Chatter

*Hair-Dye Free Challenge, Entire Year of 2018

January 18 - 31, 2018

Hair-Dye Free Challenge Entire Year of 2018

[ I am going to try, not promising that I can actually do it. Ha-ha.]

National Faith-Based Fastings, Entire Month of January

Social/Consumer Brands and Personal Relationships:

Why Do We Abandon Them?

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December - January 17, 2018

Round Up of Year of 2017

Global Christmas-Season Family Traditions social theme

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Family Self Worth Month social theme

Native American and Black Indian Appreciation Month social theme

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"What If There Were No American Businesses?" social theme

Families, Speak Out Against Generational Family Dysfunction social theme

Halloween or Hallelujah Night (Christian-faith name for Halloween)

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September 23:

September 15 - October 15:

Hispanic Appreciation Month

Social Theme 8/22 - 9/22:

U.S. Slavery, Gangs, and Judicial Systems History

and #WhereIsThisEducationTakingMe

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Take Your Child To Work Day (4th Thursday, April 27)

Mixed Race Appreciation Month (mainly Bi-Racial black & white identity)

Spring Cleaning

Earth Sounds and Nature's Lights

Easter Season

*Please send me your captured pictures of angels fighting, or videos of angel(s) singing this month.

Jesus, the Holy Trinity of God: Real Angels Actually Seen Fighting on Our Behalf, by American Citizens

Note: None reported by audience family.





Food Fasting Challenge

White Race Appreciation Month

February 2017




  • Beware of Charging Your Cell Phone in a Public Area
  • Beware of the increase purchase of clown costumes in local communities, nationally.
  • Beware of using costume contact lenses (Halloween item).


August and September


  • History of the Braves Stretches Far
  • The Olympics: The Games of the XXXI Olympiad airs on NBC beginning August 5, 2016.
  • Muhammad Ali "The Peoples' Champ"


March 2016