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Hi, I am your life coach (work-life-family balance).
My published memoir. (2012).
My maternal family's foundation . My great grandmother's 96th birthday. She is no longer with us on earth. My great grandfather passed away many years before this picture. A truly, real married couple in our family history. We all have different skin tones, but we are of the mixed-race group, Black Indians.
Baby Me, Little Black-Indian Child
Me Again
And Again
Former Hometown Church
My Youth Choir Robe
Childhood Home
My Great Grandparents' Wedding Anniversary: From this union came 15 children.
My Great Grandfather
One of our Family Reunions - Great Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles
Some of my immediate family. I have four siblings on my maternal (mother's) side and three siblings on my paternal (father's) side. Of all, I am still the oldest.
My, kids (the twins) do grow up fast.
Former Marriage Years: My then-husband, and four biological kids. High-school couple and 16 yrs. of marriage. -The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness.