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Available during extreme storms such as hurricanes and blizzards in North America continent only. When completing this form, you may choose not to provide your real name or real email address if necessary. 


NEW! The WEMA Hurricane Storm Track Forecast Model 


Storm Name, _____: "I believe it will …"


Please note that this model may not be reliable of the storm pattern. This extreme storm model track is simply my hypothesis or my personal calculation of the current storm, through many years of paying attention to severe storms and hurricane patterns as they pass through local communities." -Sherlene 


Current Storm: "Hurricane Name" (Date - Ongoing) Anticipate Category winds, rains, and flooding that will be experienced in pattern areas announced by your local weather, and rains and clouds will also be experienced in neighboring states of the storm track.) 🌀☁️🌦️🌊


How may I/we help you? What do you need? Do you need someone to provide to you emotional support, charity resources and information, and/or before/after cleanup assistance?

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  • Real-Time Storm victim-evacuees may use this free service. Independent customer service, Weather Emergency Management Agency (WEMA).
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