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2009 Theme: A New Beginning: A Tribute To Our Elders

Table of Contents
A Note from Sherlene
Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurial Advice)
What's On the Menu? (Nutrition, Recipes, etc.)
Education Dialogue (Education, Child Care, Local School News)
Right (the) Rights (Politics, Top Stories of Minority News)
Wants/Needs (Sales, Bartering Advice)
Not Another Ripoff (Real Estate, Jobs, Announcements)
Hallelujah 'N' Amen (Church news)
With this Body, I Create (The Arts - Gifts and Talents)
Calendar Preview (Social Events, etc.)

Note: This newsletter is not intended to offend any religion, race, or person. It is not my ministry calling to convert anyone.

Poem: Benjamin Banneker by Sherlene
Benjamin Banneker: The self-taught mathematician and astrologer. He also was considered a poet who collected all sorts of poetry according to the Black Writers of America: A Comprehensive Anthology.

Benjamin Banneker
was born in the year of 1731. His grandmother provided his early learning foundation.
She taught him how to read by faith, the size of a mustard seed.
A short time later, he went to a Quaker school not realizing that he would some day lead.
His first invention was a wooden clock.
It is believed that all parts were made in America--tick-tock.
Benjamin had never seen such a thing.
Yet, he created it in a fashion fit for a wealthy king.
Although a farmer whose trade was to create vegetation;
his skills showed preciseness in mathematical denotation.

"So how did this wise man become a poet?"

He wrote a math problem to a friend in poetry form.
In those days, his intellect was way above the norm.
It was an untitled Mathematical Problem in Verse,
where one of the characters became so frustrated with his work that he began to curse.
A poem that portrayed the artistic designs of the 18th century.
I could not believe how difficult it was to find a collection of his poetry.
Then, I discovered that Benajamin Banneker had only written one popular poem before his death in 1806.
And the rest were just a collection of poetry that was a mix.
He collected poems written by women and Native Americans.
His writings included national and international liberations.
Finally, I now know the history of this poet.

Benjamin Banneker,
I recite your poem with your love of scientific knowledge,
while attending a course at Wilmington College.
For without your abilities of memorization,
we would not have been able to design the Washington, DC city designation.
You once wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson about racial harmony.
Yet, no one would listen to effect changes in our country's racial disparity.
Within the 21st century, we find today,
we know more about the sun, moon, stars, and clouds of gray.
We also have fewer students majoring in math and Astronomy.
The increase of global warming concerns has caused scientific autonomy.
Perhaps, we will find answers to our scientific questions.
Thank you for your accomplishments and suggestions.
A self-taught African American poet and dreamer:--and his name is--Benjamin Banneker.

_Believer's Kingdom_
Aspiring business owners, there are many opportunities for your skills and talents. Do not be afraid. Imagine, our elders who made it with nothing to create something.  I realize that our economy in North America is facing the challenges of creating a budget from global overspending. As we continue to recover from the tribulations that we proclaim now is behind us, we must continue with our forward march of rethinking what our needs and wants are.  If you desire and can afford to start your own business pursue your dreams and aspirations. Others already in business, determine how you can decrease your expenses such as in advertisements, utilities, or discarding outdated equipment to become more productive.

_What's on the Menu?_
Never soak vegetables after slicing; they will lose much of their nutritional value.
Store ground coffee in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it fresh.
When frying meat, sprinkle paprika over it to turn it golden brown.
_Education Dialogue_
It's FASFA time, new and attending college students! You may pick up forms at any local college or public library.

-My Honorary Teachers-
Mrs. Leap, she inspired me to be patient with gifted and talented children. One day, while in her class, I was punished for completing an assignment ahead of the class.

My Mother, she home schooled me when it seemed impossible.

Mrs. Black, she allowed me to be placed in an advanced classroom setting. This allowed me to be with peers of the same academic level as myself.

Mrs. Smith, she frequently expressed her position as the teacher in a multicultural setting. It did not matter to her the race of her students. There was no exception to achieving in her classroom.

Mrs. Clark, she allowed me to teach others after I completed my independent assignments.

Mrs. Spriggs, I admire her because she had a no-nonsense teaching approach in her classroom. This allowed me to transition successfully to the middle school level. I learned a lot.

Mrs. Tolson, she told me that I was a leader and that I inspired people (in front of the entire class while I was quietly doing my work).

_Right (the) Rights_
Congratulations, President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden!
Hoping Congress will quickly approve the economic plan. Congress should be of people that it represents. Or, are they?! Support your community by expressing your minority concerns to the United States' Capital (202) 224-3121.  Voice your suggestions/concerns to your elected representatives. Let's all work together to help build the future that we want.

Save for items wanted. Run your home like a small business, and you will immediately learn the value of supporting your own community. Readers, support your local community stores.

Employment suggestions: At least 200 resumes should be distributed every three months. Make sure you update your resume frequently.  A thousand business cards should be distributed each month. If new skills are needed take courses at an affordable college. Work with your local state employment agency to receive free training or financial assistance, most require income and debt information. Don't worry, they keep most household information on file for years.  When it is time to update your information the process is rather simple to complete.

_Tribute to our Elders_
An elder is someone who is older than you, or an officer in a church. A church is where most faith believers  gather to fellowship. Our older black citizens have suffered, cried, died, and received the best education that they could based on their communities. All of our elders either Black, White, Latino, Indian, Jews, Christians, or Muslims--doesn't matter the culture--used what they knew to create a world that now needs to be revised or improved. As with any thing that is being re-made, you have to discard or improve things that do not work to thrive in this modern society.  It is not for you or I to determine what works best for all people, unless you are knowledgeable about majority of the population's needs. How dare anyone enforce regulations on one's human rights.

With soo many inventions, many of the elderly feel overwhelmed with not understanding the current generation of young people. It is now our time (ages 49 and under) to renew our North America and global relations. It is our job to make North America what we desire for the next generation. We can not be stopped; we will not be stopped. It is indeed a fact that nothing is new under the sun. However, if we do not know our history it makes it difficult for African Americans to understand where they are headed. Our ancestors, before coming to North America, did not write information down. If it were not for the Arab world we would hardly have any information. The Arabs are known for keeping the history of earlier African colonies.  This is information that the younger generations may know more than our elderly population. Unfortunately, the older generations were not allowed to learn about global relations (unless in the military) due to the European-Christianity philosophy.

Young people (ages 49 and under) it is your responsibility to be patient while this process of remaking is completed.  Teach an elder how to use a computer, how to read and write.

Make sure that senior citizens can adequately read the Holy Bible, Torah, or Holy Quran. Make sure that they understand what they are reading. For most of their upbringing, the only pictures of Jesus that they saw was of a Savior with blue eyes and blonde hair. If you feel shameful of the Savior's identity in modern media translations do not support movies or pictures that do not reflect the true minority ethnicity of Jesus, it's that simple. Explain to older adults that Jesus was probably not born during the winter season. If their religious institution does not want them to know or appreciate this information, then it is time to create or select other alternatives for them.   This is a good topic to discuss before allowing an elderly person to live in your home. And especially important if there are young children in your home.

Young children are learning about global cooperation (unity of all countries). They see pictures of real skin tones of other continents on a daily basis. I do not know of any parent who allows their child to learn and then take the learned information away simply because it's not the belief of the family. Please choose your child's school wisely. Allow young children to read to elders. Have bible study in a homebound or elderly home. Show them pictures of other countries.  If the elders become to overwhelmed give them time to understand this modern world. Pray with and for your unique generation. I will be praying for my generation: Generation X. We are part of the improvements that were suppose to have been made in the 60s. Now we are determining, did the generation before us make all the right decisions. Pray generations for unity.

God bless,

Sherlene Stevens, Family Evangelist

_2009 Scriptures to Read_
(Holy Bible, King James Version)
Genesis 18:19
Deuteronomy 4:9-10
Proverbs 4:18; 8:20; 15:1-33; 22:6; 24:10
Psalm 78:4-8; 91:4-6; 144:15; 146:8-10
Isiah 12:2
Job 22:29
John 20:29
Luke 1:77-80; 14:13-14
1 Peter 4:9-11
2 Peter 1:5
1 John 1:9
Romans 5:3-5; 8:28-39
Hebrews 6:10-11

Holy Qu'ran translation
Surah 2:77-79; 258-259
Surah 5:15-20
Surah 6:71-73
Surah 8:71-75
Surah 27:27-28
Surah 50:1-8
Surah 51:12-60