We believe that Jesus is no longer on the cross. Our Lord has risen. We are saved by our personal prayer and his salvation mercy.  We are the Church.
We believe that Jesus is no longer on the cross. Our Lord has risen. We are saved by our personal prayer and his salvation mercy. We are the Church. On Purpose.

Do you know that there are many ways to include your Christian faith in your daily life experiences? Not everyone is called to preach or facilitate a full-time church-building ministry.

No longer named "Touch of Faith Ministry" though, it did take a touch of faith to get me to this point of my Christian fellowship. 


Biblically, how can we actually hear without a pastor?
For whom God calls he annoints. He annoints to allow those who follow his annointed ones to hear his Word.

Described below is the marketing description outline, or press release kit to the general public for this fellowship.



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Gathered Before the Lord Street Ministry
(Customer Care and Encouragement Believer Outreach)

To provide customer care/customer service, to help make a shopping or service experience more productive at our local businesses. To provide encouragement to aspiring, new, and consistent fine artists and entrepreneurs (including staff, supervisors and managers). I would suggest gathering of at least two faith believers during such informal fellowship actions. Participate in greeting and general conversation with other faith believers who may be at the venue.


God in Christ's Purpose Assembly Group Meeting

(Building ministry, bible church assembly)

Actual Name

God in Christ's Purpose Assembly (GICPA)


Formal Name

God in Christs Purpose Assembly


We are the one Church. We are God's people if we believe in the grace of Jesus, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit: The belief in the Holy Trinity--God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. 

To participate in devotion socials as to the involvement of the one, supernatural, church-kinship assembly defined in the Holy Bible (Source: King James Version). This, that, we practice and have labeled as "Christianity". We are Christians. We are Christian faith believers.


Motto: We are Christians. We are the Church, on purpose, with unique purposes.


The New Monday Show: An Interfaith talk show. Sherlene Stevens, host.

















"My skill-set and annointing is as a teacher of what the bible says in real-time

of God's words for his real people, real believers." -Sherlene Stevens



Christian Talk Show Host

For those new to Christianity, or new faith believers, Sherlene Stevens is not an ordained preacher or has a degree in religious leadership. You may here someone referencing her as Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Woman of God, Child of God, Charismatic Leader, Religious Leader, Pastor, Rev, Ms. Rev, or Minister. However, she refers to herself only as a female who participates in religious tasks within the vision of Jesus's Church system (King James Version bible).


Her youth, faith-believing, upbringing was as a United Methodist denomination member. She has been a United Member lay speaker.


In highlighting her Christian work of fellowship, Sherlene offers a weekly online talk show (New Monday Show) that highlights topics of Productive Everyday Living Life Skills, Entrepreneurship and Business Appreciation; Fine Arts Appreciation; Prosperity; and  Personal Devotion.

A Message From Sherlene Stevens


Dear Sir or Madam:

Greetings Peace Be Unto You,

As the group-meeting devotion leader, my job is to provide organizational leadership and guide actions of Christian principles.  To act as overseer to aspiring, new, and acknowledged Christian faith-believers during formal gatherings of worshipping our Lord and Savior. To counsel my God-led meeting members of my evangelism in personal, social development in actions of being a scripture-based believer, and of Christian salvation so that they and I may be a part of God's everlasting life preserved for his people, in the new Jerusalem, with the holy trinity of God--God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

We are the spiritual family of our Lord God.

In this 21st century, many things have changed, yet the foundations of God's word has not. Every day, new technologies are being created. Every day, we are learning of improved historical accuracies of the holy bible, the word of God.


It is my belief, in honoring our God, that the best accounts of God's word is translated in the King James Version edition bible. There may be other religious leaders who may believe differently and that the modern, everyday-language translations or new version bible editions are just as accurate. And that's okay. God called or led my evangelist calling through my teachings to the general public of the King James Version Bible.

In closing, I will not/do not participate in any confrontation of any kind of the personal principles of my religious leadership--a compilation of a lot of years of my own personal experiences in various religious places of worship settings. I believe that there should not be any rivalry of the activities of service in honoring our one-and-true-living God and his church- system formation. I am a Christian entrepreneur and evangelist, by no means am I suggesting that a business leadership degree is equivalent to a spiritual degree. (In fact, when I have the time and financially able, I intend to continue more formal theology studies to receive proper certification of recognition.) Because of my leadership college major background, it probably wouldn't take me the average 2-10 years to complete a degree in theological training. Again, I have completed a few courses that would be applicable--if I would like to proceed in actions of official non-denominational ordination. At this time, however, I would rather focus on simply personal and family-devotion leadership and conversations to the people that the Holy Spirit calleth to this assembly.


The God of peace shall be with you, [Sincerely,]

Sherlene D. Stevens