His Earth Realm:

The next full moon will be on May 6, 2023.


Sun. For the sun star's light is getting brighter, and will eventually be just an historical remembrance.


Full-Moon Reflection: For the moon has no self-light, only light reflected from the light of the nearest star, the sun. 

Nearly 80 Tornado Warnings were issued from eastern Texas into Alabama and the Florida Panhandle between Nov. 29 and Nov. 30, 2022. (Fox Weather Channel)

The month of July 2021 was the hottest month of historical data. The entire year of 2021 was the hottest of all, per global data.

Did you know that February 2021 was considered the coldest the entire Earth has been in 75 years?


Winter is when the earth's soils are the wettest. Spring and summer is the dryest time of earth's soils.



Season Change: Multiracial people reflect lighter skin tones, more than other racial tones, during the autumn and winter season.


Sherlene Analysis and Comment: The following suggestions are mostly for Multiracial Ethnicity Skin Tones, Skin Tones w/ Freckles or Natural Red Heads, People w/ Grey Pupils, People of Color Who Have Grey Hair or Grey Hair and Grey Eyebrows, or You Have Grey Hair And You are a Child Identity

  • Wear hats on sunny days.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect our unique multiracial eye color. 
  • Apply body lotions at night vs. in the morning, during the spring and summer season.
  • Do not apply perfume or cologne on your arms, until evening-event socialization.
  • Avoid using lotions on multiracial infants and senior citizens, during the spring and summer season.
  • Avoid applying vaseline/vaseline-induced chemicals on skin in the day time, during spring and summer.
  • Avoid pools, beaches, waters, and fishing/crabbing activities which reflects the sun's rays more than just your typical outdoor activities.  Avoid body bathing in the sun. 
  • Limit tea or coffee beverages during the spring and summer. Drinking water is best for multiracial body types.
  • Use hair moisturizer solutions when ever possible when washing hairstyles.Wet hair first, then apply hair dye, if you choose to use such hair chemicals.



Modern Day Earth: Do not plant new shade trees in high-humidity or high-moisture neighborhoods or near your home or business dwelling, nationally. 


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