A Humanitarian Analysis: My Faithbased Prophesy Overview of New Year 2023

Global Family,

In basic words, along with the same analysis of our year 2022, again. I also believe that we will experience more peaceful spirits and life experiences in the new year 2023. There will be more peaceful experiences in communities, globally. Wait now, in the alignment of the human species, there will be a small number of people who will be uncomfortable with God's 1-year plan of peace. ... How dare such harmony of the social classes, this new year, will be their point of view. Yet, there will be no stopping such peaceful actions of the human species because such peace will be godly, and will be initiated by God. In common words, will be God allowed. The universe is demanding it.

Such grouping of negativity towards peace will either be more socially mannerly, or very hostile to others who are different from themselves.

Our world will be a peaceful stage of human living, and togetherness because we're no longer ignorant of the expressions of our true selves. We are starting to understand each other again, globally. Those who are serious about things that do not matter will be ridiculous in serious matters. Peaceful humans back to work: low-income; middle-income (hardest status to maintain ... unstable reality for many, not low or high income); and, there will be those who are of the high-income financial level.

Also, we must express the social classes' truths to the younger generations so they will know how to embrace such situations.  The younger generations are experiencing the true identity of humankind in more expressive ways: straight couples (traditional), scientific human male genders with other male couples (non-traditional), and scientific female genders with other female couples(non-traditional). The younger generations, we all are adapting to the truthfulness of others' self-identities in relationship freedoms; the human right of the pursuit of happiness.

The government will continue to decrease its number of separate financial welfare programs. It will begin offering the public more productive government staffing arrangements to allow what's considered Universal Subsidized Income (USI).  The universe is demanding it.

There will be a continued increase in the number of African American business owners and independent small businesses.

Bishop T.D. Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes will either build a new home on their existing land, or make their home somewhere else in the state of Texas.

We've approached the common-sense era of historical times.  People will increase their quality of time with the simplicities of life.  There will be an increase, like in no other historical times, of recycling activities per household, not necessarily per community. This will ultimately be good for all of humanity.

God doesn't want precious rainwater wasted in maintaining weeds and unnecessary trees, or new forests when there are communities and people who are lacking invaluable water resources. God says, "What if you cut down weeds and trees as productive actions against the realities of global warming? What if trees and new forests are not required in the future generations of humanity?"

By the end of year 2023, homeowners and landlords will have only one large, old, tree per yard, per household. Towns will begin to have public works personnel cut down unnecessary trees in public areas, roads, and highways.  Rural community programs will be created with real funding towards cutting down many tall, old, trees, not shrubs or small or medium trees. Pathways, like our life experiences, will be more visible. Pathways will be clear like in former historical times. ... how it used to look, in basic words.

Just remember, I could go on and on, of a very peaceful year of human actions toward self and others, outwardly. In so saying, I will also participate in offering more productive, uplifting, communications to you instead of online negativity. Although I present real truths. I promise.

In humanitarian service,
My Faith-based Prophesy Overview Was for Our New Year 2022:
"You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the year of 2022."