April Devotion Message and Sermon 


Title: The Old and the New Can Create A Godly Sound of Harmony,

In Everyday Living Actions



April, 2020.


This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be [like] the first month of the year to you. -Exodus 12:2


Bible Language: For GICPA members (devotion faith-believers of my brand), our devotion principles include not focusing on the events that led to the actions of the Prisoner's Cross, but on the living human being, the man, the living spirit of God whom came down to earth to help us all. The reflection of your personal cross, daily, should be of similar faith-based actions of helping others. Amen. (Let it be true.). Not Palm Sunday, not Easter-themed sermons of the actions that led of Jesus' death on the Prisoner's Cross, but Passover alone.

Passover is a religious event that we, GICPA members, must participate in recalling the night that God didn't allow the death spirit to take all of his people, the Jews. The Jews of the time, were considered the first-believing civilization, God's original faith-believers who purposes today are to protect the original focuses of God's scripture words, writings, and teachings. (Changes can be made of the way we go about achieving such faith-based tasks, but not the actual intent of his words.) In other words or in actions, we as GICPA members, don't focus on the human hatred to replay the history to manipulate into our daily lives, our daily walk with our God. In so doing would be teaching hate: anything that you continuously rehearse in thoughts, actions, or abilities is what you learn and becomes a habit. Do you realize that?

Do we, modern groupings of earthly humans, want to be a habitual liar, cheat, or criminal? Such criminal actions of stabbing people in the back? Such criminal actions of piercing the side of another human or bruising another human being's body towards their killing? Such criminal actions of committing fraud by saying someone did something when they didn't and placing them on punishment or jail or prison? Such criminal actions of making someone else bleed, or actions of pouring out another's blood? Such criminal actions of crowning someone ruler/leader to only make fun of them? Such criminal actions of giving another no food, only vinegar and water? Such criminal actions of taking another human away from their original parents? The answer is no. No, we will not discuss the actions of the Prisoner's Cross during any 7-day week of any month of the traditional calendar. No-- for our Father God/God/Yahweh/Allah/Great Spirit/Waka Tanka. No-- for Jesus/Yeshua/Isa. No-- for the Holy Spirit of God that lingers in this earth realm with us, everyday.

I have stated there is a new earth that is forming: God said in his word(s) that the actual earth that we live in today shall never pass away, but be somehow destroyed. His spirit in this earth realm shall never pass away. An example that may be easier of his said word: A baby is born from the old human DNA. Therefore, we could say a baby is the new DNA, but it doesn't mean that the old human form, parents, do not exist. So the new and old human form exists, yes? Yes, God, the old exists. Yes, God his spirit, the Holy Spirit, the old exists. Yes Jesus, the new exists. Will you try to incorporate, also, the new spirit into your dwelling, into your prayers, into your worship, into your praise, into your business? into your faith-based buildings? Jesus is the newness of us all, and we must adapt and accept such realities. Amen.


Seek out and do actions of good always, of helping--when you have been given. Amen.


The God of peace shall be with you, [Sincerely,]
Sherlene D. Stevens, GICPA Entrepreneur Evangelist

God In Christs Purpose Assembly


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Scriptures (KJV) or God's Word Highlighted:

  • Genesis 1:1-4;
  • Genesis 1:14 "God gave Jesus, be the light" "God gave Devil, be the darkness" Always seek to do, to help in the actions of the light, and not darkness, read now Matthew 5:44-45. Distract Satan/Devil by doing the right things, and he will leave you for a time, until the next time of other helpful actions..;
  • Genesis 1:16;
  • Genesis 1:24-31;
  • Genesis 2:3;
  • Exodus 12:1-14
  • Exodus 12:15-20;
  • Every Generation Action of Your Immediate Family, Exodus 12:24 -27. The blood of the animal lambs is to forever be remembered that were placed on the two side posts of dwellings of the Jews.  Two is the biblical meaning of double blessing for your trouble of doing something on purpose.
  •  Exodus 12:24 - 51;
  • Matthew 1:17. Jesus' birth was an easy and miraculous thing done by God, but Jesus' forever burden is being the light to all things, to all human classifications.;
  • Matthew 1:18 - 25;
  • Matthew 2:2 - 7;
  • Matthew 2:23; 
  • Matthew 2:10;
  • Matthew 2:16-17;
  • Matthew 3:4; and,
  • Matthew 6:6-13.




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