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December 6: Funeral and Remembering former president George H.W. Bush (11/30 d.).

























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This platform features classic show clips and documentaries/news of daytime and late-night talk-show hosts, and special broadcast livestreams.  #talkhostschannel #talkhosts


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Did you know that I created this website portal and wrote my personal memoir, with an aspiration of being a self-help TV talk-show host? I went here ... and there ... hoping an agent would sign me Wilmington, Delaware; Pennsylvania; and New York City (Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2012). Investors, the following is a sample video portfolio of my work in sourcing and selecting classic TV talk-show program episodes. 


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Let's see where these skills in online journalism take me.  

It takes making money to give money--to charities and those in need.  If you can't financially see yourself investing  in my pursuits right now, watch and like any of the video-clip presentations. Such activity will let potential sponsors and investors reach out to me to support my ambition of an actual channel on cable TV or live streaming TV such as Netflix.  It seems like everything that we watch and listen to, television or radio broadcasts, are based on overall ratings and social-media or digital ratings.


What do you think? Is it worth investing in an actual channel dedicated to featuring talk shows ... and reruns ... 24/7?  It really takes a lot of money to buy rights to re-air someone else's work, and you know I don't have such monetary means--Yet! Serious investment inquiries only.


Families, we decide what we want to see and hear for entertainment. Thanks for your loyalty and feedback of what I personally offer to you in our local communities. Check out my job title for this gig :) Do you like?



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