Creation of the Public Assistance and Finance Virtual Hub Model Including National 

Local-Hub Community-Site Locations 

Social Activity: No more will you have to visit welfare agencies to receive financial or Medicaid/Medicare healthcare insurance assistance. Informational Promotion of the Differences of Services Offered By the States' Modern Social Services Agency Model vs. Sherlene's Family Services Model. Let's Pretend: As citizens, we will create for the government the Public Assistance and Finance Virtual Hubs Model. We will pretend that the Public Assistance and Finance Virtual Hubs/Hub Community Locations will offer opportunities to apply online, or offline at a local hub in your community:

  1. Universal basic income of $1,000 per non-working citizen/illegal citizens (non-working adults and senior citizens and disabled citizens only). The basic income will replace the SSI program for adults;
  2. Based on family size and income: Food stamps/SNAP;
  3. Medical Assistance to all who earn $100,000 or less and have combined values of $400,000 or less (property, stocks, bonds, IRAs, etc.);
  4. Energy Assistance to all who earn $100,000 or less and have combined values of $400,000 or less;
  5. Section 8 vouchers to all family sizes who earn $100,000 or less and have combined values of $400,000 or less;
  6. Based on family size and income: WIC; and,
  7. SSI (provided to disabled children only instead of to disabled children and adults).


Financial Cards That You Will Receive Via USPS After Applied and Approved

  1. Basic Income Debit Card per each non-working person within a family composition.
  2. SNAP Food Stamp Card per individual or family household.
  3. Medicaid or Medicare Card per individual.
  4. Energy Assistance Card per family household who rent or own a home and earn $100,000 or less and combined values of $400,000 or less.
  5. Housing Card per individual or family household with or without children.
  6. WIC Card per each young child (Newborns - age 2).
  7. SSI Debit Card per each disabled child.


Governmental Program Closure

  1. Public Housing Assistance Dept. of Local Public Housing Authority/HUD Agency;
  2. WIC vouchers of food items for pregnant females before birth (Only formula and food item vouchers given to parents for their newborns - age 2 only.); 
  3. SSDI Dept. of Social Security Administration Agency; and,
  4. Unemployment Insurance Dept. of Department of Labor Agency


Note: Paper applications will be accepted at local hubs, nationally. Otherwise, all applications, for each financial program, must be completed online. The virtual hubs will accept picture uploads of legal identifications if necessary. Approved customers will have scheduled phone appointments when or if necessary. If additional paperwork is ever necessary by agencies, the local public assistance and finance hubs will accept such documents for each governmental welfare agency highlighted. Renewal applications will no longer be required to receive financial assistance: You must inform the hub if you earn above $100,000 per household and/or combined values above $400,000 or to report a birth or death. Customers who earn $100,000 or less and/or combined values above $400,000 should no longer visit their local Social Services Agencies or local Section 8/Public Housing Offices.


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