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                                                                                                                                                                 Tips for an Outdoor Cinema---

By Christina Hansen,

You'll Need

1. A video screen

2. Projector

3. Speakers

4.DVD Player

5. Video Game Console

(just in case

kids get a little bored.)

6. Outdoor Extension Cord

7. Surge Protector

8. Cord Cover

9. Rolling Equipment Cart

10. Light Strands

11. Standard fans turned

   on to distract nuisance bugs. 

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MusicTV   Series Premieres, Awards, and Specials 


May 7 - MTV Movie & TV Awards (MTV) 8|7c.


May 21 - Billboard Music Awards (ABC) 8|7c.


May 25 - Beat Shazam (FOX) 8|7c. New Game Show, Season Premiere.


June 25  - BET Awards (BET, CENTRIC) 8:30|7:30c.


FamilyTV  Series Premieres, Awards, and Specials


Note: Who wants to watch our favorite game show (remakes) 10 at night?!


May 14  - UK's BAFTA TV Awards (BBC) 


May 30 - World of Dance (NBC) 10|9c. Premiere.


May 31 - The Carmichael Show (NBC) 9|8c. Season Premiere.


June  1 - Nashville (CMT) 9|8c.


June 11 -Tony Awards (CBS) 8|7c.


June 11 - Celebrity Family Feud (ABC) 8|7c.


June 11 - $100,000 Pyramid (ABC) 10|9c. Game Show Premiere.


June 12 - So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) 8|7c. Season Premiere.


June 12 - Superhuman (FOX) 9|8c.


June 12 - Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (NBC) 10|9c.


June 13 - Face Off (SYFY) 9|8c.


June 22 - The Gong Show (ABC) 10|9c. Game Show Premiere.


July 16 - Game of Thrones (HBO) 9|8c. Series Premiere.


Family-With-KidsTV Series Premiers, Awards, and Specials

And other interesting shows based on Sherlene® brand and social themes. 

*Most Kid-Appropriate TV Shows Available  7 p.m. -  8:30 p.m., Daily.


June 10 - For Better or Worse (OWN) 9|8c. First episode of last-season show on OWN.


June 20 - Queen Sugar (OWN) 10|9c. Season Premiere.


July 18 - Being Mary Jane (BET) 10|9c. Season Premiere.


Celebrity News:

Did you see this person on recent family-friendly TV show?






Sherlene® Entertainment News: Primarily African-American or Black-Indian Celebrity Family News, Product Releases, and More.

Sherlene® celebrity News 




  • Avery Sunshine releases new album "Twenty Sixty Four"














  • Hollywood Game Night premieres  August 7th, (NBC) 10|9c.


  • Iyanla Vansant for Essence's May edition was very inspirational. I would like to personally say that I am so glad that she overcame, and now willing to eliminate any daily negativity.






  • La'Porsha Renae  releases album. In stores now! Already All Ready


  • Marlon premieres August 16th, (NBC) 9|8c.






  • OWN will air new comedy Tyler Perry's The Paynes! (year of 2018).


  • Patti Labelle has a new album "Bel Hommage" available May 5, 2017.
















  • Xscape  girl-group is now out of entertainment retirement and working  on some thhiinnggs (upcoming projects).






Family TV Remakes . . . Should We?!

Source: Top 100 TV Shows So Far


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

A Walton's Family Reunion

Former Game Shows (Love Connection [FOX]; Match Game [ABC]; Hip Hop Squares [VH1])

YES Network (returning to Comcast)

Mama's Family

American Idol (returning on NBC)

For Better or Worse (reboot on another cable channel?)

House of Payne (spinoff The Paynes on OWN in 2018)

All My Children

One Life to Live

Every Which Way But Loose (movie remake)

Will & Grace (NBC, this year)

Living Single

One Day At A Time  (Netflix, beginning Jan. 6)

Good Times  

The Jeffersons

All In The Family


Knight Rider

2017 TV Show Series Cancellations . . ."Uh, No!"


Bates Motel

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (final series)

The Leftovers

The Knick

Duck Dynasty (series' Final-episode March 29, 9|8c, 2017)




Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor (last series-season begins 3/4 @ 9|8c, 2017)

Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse (last series-season begins 6/10 @ 9|8c, 2017)

Girl Meets World


Marco Polo

The Steve Harvey Show (May 2017, current show to restructure to Los Angeles, CA )

Most Kid-Appropriate TV Shows Are Available 7 p.m. -  8:30 p.m., Daily


Sherlene® T.V., Movie, and Event "Grading Scale" is based on the following audience-content source.

Sherlene grades TV Episode; TV Show Series; Movie; or Event for family-appropriateness or kid-appropriateness.


Family Depictions of the Past, TV Shows

  • Maude
  • All in the Family
  • Julia
  • Sandford and Son
  • The Jeffersons (10 years of enjoyment)
  • Good Times
  • What's Happening!!!
  • The Cosby Show
  • Family Matters (9 years of enjoyment)
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • In the House
  • Sister, Sister
  • The Hughleys
  • My Wife and Kids
  • The Bernie Mac Show
  • Everybody Hates Chris
  • House of Payne

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