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Law Proposal: Affordable Rent Act




From the Desk of Sherlene Stevens                                                                                                        FOR RELEASE

Affordable Rent Act  - Choose And Rent Housing Plan                                                                 Friday, February 24, 2017

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Dear Audience Family,


I would still like to achieve in proposing the following rent law or HUD affordable housing plan. Domestic and Universal Housing Program [ housing vouchers], and eliminating the Public Housing Agency Section 8 Certificate Program:


My current ambition as former, non-nominated, presidential candidate of the year of 2016 is Universal Affordable Housing Transfer Voucher Coupons to replace all existing HUD and HUD-Local vouchers. Such actions would be similar to our universal law of Health Care. Volunteers, HUD, HUD-Local Housing Authority agencies, and legislation supporters are needed to pursue such a plan. A community and economic development plan that would, ultimately, boost financial consistency in our local communities and neighborhoods.


Proposed Action Plan

Choose-And-Rent Housing Plan. An immediate project-action plan of restructuring HUD's Housing Choice Voucher Program, affordable housing or rental program, with a vision and mission of allowing every American citizen or household, that earns $100,000 or less, to pay a pro-rated amount for rental dwelling-place expenses: home rentals, mobile rentals, condo rentals, public-housing rentals, townhome rentals, and apartment rentals. Such renting participation will not be mandatory. Or, if an actual housing law, lack of renting participation would not initiate paying a fine or penalty of law.


Allow HUD and Local Housing Authority (HA) Oversight

Every renter, every household (up to $100,000 max. income) will have the opportunity to apply to receive a domestic or universal, Affordable Housing Choice voucher also referred to as a housing coupon. The definition of a voucher usage is equal to the value of real money towards the monthly-rent burden by any and all official American-citizen renters.


All productive landlords, in our country and abroad, would have an opportunity to receive an American renter's housing voucher or housing coupon for said rent payment portion. The total rent obligation can not exceed the Fair Market Rent within local communities. In other words, landlords will not be able to hike the rent above the average or fair rent standards, for a similar rental within a community's neighborhood area, city area, county area, or state.


A town-home complex or development with diverse, townhome owners/landlords of a specific section or side of a grouping of town-home units will no longer be excepted as qualifying units for the landlord subcontractor relationship with HUD or local housing authorities of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. (ex. one townhome is owned by a landlord, and the adjoining townhome is owned by another private landlord, whereas each structure point of the townhome, and can not be utilized during a maintenance complaint, building engineer inspection or action, or Department of Planning and Zoning jurisdiction of a necessary emergency inspection or action).


Such rental relationship actions adhered to may or may not include utilities. I would, also, like to propose giving an external incentive to landlords who subcontract with HUD or local housing authorities. In so doing, if HUD landlord subcontractors include utilities with the overall rental-lease contract (as known as HAPcontract), then they would receive the incentive either from HUD or the local housing authority, within the assigned HA jurisdiction, of the HUD-approved unit.


Such rental relationship actions adhered to would not include the security-deposit expense burden of families, if applicable. However, landlords will be required to participate in actions of and accepting security-deposit charity or contribution on behalf of any and all HCVP renters.


The lease-up actions of housing vouchers or housing coupons would be utilized for 6-month or 12-month lease agreements, in any of our 50 states, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia.


In such a declaration of HUD and local housing authorities, or an Affordable Rent Act law, renters will be able to choose "any" dwelling place that they so desire (house, mobile home, townhome, or apartment; standard rent housing, public housing, project-based housing, or tax-credit housing). Renters will be able to choose a dwelling place domestically or globally (for formal work-action initiatives only).  Renters will be able to choose-and-rent an inexpensive dwelling place (where the HUD-approved renter's rent will generally be paid in full by the voucher or coupon value), or an expensive dwelling place (where the HUD-approved renter's rent will be expected to be paid in full by the renter minus the voucher or coupon value towards renting an approved HUD dwelling-place unit.)


Unit is defined as a rental or dwelling place in the matters of HUD, Local Housing Authority, landlords, and constituents.


Housing is a need and not a want.


With Love,