Storm Victims: Meal Planning 


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Or buy prepared buckets of chicken and request very little meat seasoning (KFC, Popeyes, Royal Farms, Golden Corral, Church's Chicken, Chick-fil-A, Boston Market, and Bojangles; local grocery store food bar).






​Use the basic quantity of salt, seasonings, and butter. Many storm victims will request not to have items prepared with a lot of salt, sugar, butter, seasoned lard, or meat seasonings.  Prepare meals without milk whenever possible to avoid spoilage.



Side Item Suggestions

  1. Individual baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil to keep warm. Do not use potatoes that have growing stems/leaves blooming or discolored. 
  2. ​Instant mashed potatoes without milk, and just a little butter and salt. 
  3. No cabbage or greens; large cans of strings beans, corn, or mixed vegetables.
  4. ​Grilled corn on the cob; boiled-water corn on the cob.
  5. ​Baked or boiled broccoli.
  6. ​Potato salad; macaroni salad.
  7. Bag of chips, etc.


Lastly, don't worry about desserts--you will be given plenty of such food-product donations. 


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