Special Report: Extreme Community Disaster

A part of my #DisasterNowInfo 



Safe Water


Rising Sea Levels

What is a tsunami? The t is silent and rhymes with money (sue-naaah-meeee).




Wild Animals

Pythons, crocodiles, and snakes are becoming a major environmental concern. We  need the right to bear arms (a gun weapon) just to be able to kill wild animals in our local communities.


Wildfires and Air Quality



Sinkholes and Sinking Sand

Be cautious, if you begin noticing a slight indentation of your yard or local-community soils.




Gun Fire


Homelessness and Neighborhood Citizens

Undocumented Immigrants and Natural Disasters

Corporate (Local and Business) Responsibility | Good Deed Challenge
"For you givers or those who like to give, do not give until you have received." -KJV Biblical Quote