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Most modern apartments, nationally, are being designed for small-families lifestyle.The layout designs are mostly of 1- and 2-bedroom sizes. In 2017, there are at least 4.5 million American citizens who are a part of Amrican rental-assistance programs.


The best places on the east coast to live, if you do not own a personal vehicle: New York City NY, Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, Baltimore MD, and the District of Columbia.


Do you know if you are a part of the disadvantaged

population in your local community or state?

Who Are the Disadvantaged Households or Communities?

  • Low-income Household and Communities
  • Racial and Ethnic Minorities (the least of in a community or state)
  • Welfare Recipient Households, Communities, and States
  • Refugees
  • People with Disabilities

*A must-read article for Team Ladies only. I really believe in the belief of these topics for those who really want to be the definition of a wife and want to have a peaceful home.


Year of 2018






















Landlords Want You To Know This


YouTube TV Offers $35 Month Cable Service


What To Do If You're An Undocumented Immigrant in America


Super Hero and Child Play Study


New Credit Scoring to Help People of Color 


HARP Mortgage Rebate of $4,264


Jan. 30--For families who have earned less than $52,000 inquire of your taxes prepared for free.


Jan. 25--Can you imagine living in a place where 10 people are shot in one evening? The place is a real place and it's named Chicago, Illinois. Some people refuse to move from where they live their unique homestyle because of upbringings, loyalty or some other reasoning that they have created within their own minds. Is moving from such cultural challenges really productive? 


2017 How to Declutter Your Unique Home Style


2017 Most Recent National Survey Of The Homelessness Crisis Finds Isn't A State 


2017 Verizon Wireless Plans


2017 USPS Postage Stamp Designs


If You've Ever Lived In a Rural Community: Our Way or What? ... The Highway


Taxing Family Fun Places


Black on Black Crime


Age-Appropriate Chores Chart


New York's Micro (Small) Apartments


Virginia Bill to Raise State's Legal Age, Marriage


Lead In Water Across Our States


Not Californian Anymore, The Great Migration


Ever Wonder What's In Your Tap Water, New Yorkers


Long-Lost Slave Cemetary Discovered in Virginia


Open USDA Farm Loans Now Available to Underserved Farmers


Duplex Renters Make a Housing Purchase


Libraries are Vital in Communities


Familes with Kids: Household Projects 


Kids of Today


Depriving Child-Mother Bonding: Cultural Tradition Increases in "New America"


TV Entertainment Blamed For Increasing Conversations of G#Y Lifestyle At This Unique Household


How Many Hours Do You Have to Work to Pay Household Rent


White Funeral Directors Preferred in this County


Free Home Drug Tests Distributed to Parents in this Community


When Is It Time To Give Up the Roller Coaster Amusement Ride?


Attending an Adults-Only Event


Parenting While Away from Immediate Family


Decline of Childhood Outdoor Play or Simply More Parental Supervision


How To Literally Give A House Gift to Your Parents


How Dads Can Help their Daughters Grow into Successful Leaders


Sea Level and Climate Impact


Landlord, "No Holiday Decorations Outside!"


Baltimore Maryland's Household Tenant Eviction Rate is Alarming


Among the 10 Largest Cities, This One Has the Highest Poverty Rate


The Need to End Chronic Homelessness in our Country


Zoning: Less than 500 Feet of Housing, Housing Choice


Tips When Purchasing a Foreclosure, Detroit's Abandoned Communities


Future Housing Designs 


Decline of African-American Household Moves


Indian Housing Projects Receive Funding


Housing Affordability Crisis in Seattle, Washington


Rent-Burdened Households


How Much Living Space is Considered Safe in America?


Cities too expensive for home purchases