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Extreme Hot Temperatures in Community


Travelers, Things to Know

  1. In such heat, you will need to drink double the amount of water than you ordinarily do.
  2. Mowing grass is a form of exercise. Avoid mowing mid-day hours.
  3. You may use aluminum foil-covered cardboard, between homestyle window and drapes, to reflect heat back outside.
  4. You may use two fans, in one room, if you do not have an air conditioner.
  5. Stay indoors, on the lowest floor level, as much as possible.
  6. Avoid buying items that are flammable or will pop first, when shopping at several local stores in one day. 

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Extreme Cold Temperatures in Community


Travelers, Things to Know

  1. In such cold, you will need to dress in layers. Mittens are warmer than hand gloves. Wear hat, scarf, and several pairs of socks if necessary.
  2. Floor mats should keep your feet warm in your vehicle.
  3. If your car is idle, do not run your engine and heater for more than 10 minutes each hour to keep warm. You may need to turn off your radio to conserve your vehicle's battery. You may need to open a window, and clear snow from your exhaust pipe. 
  4. Shoveling snow is a form of exercise.
  5. Do not eat snow. Do not make snow cream.


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Blizzard Storm in Community


Travelers, Things to Know

  1. Anticipate the local snow-storm for at least three hours or more.
  2. Do not eat fresh snow. Do not make snow cream as if ice cream.

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Travelers, Things to Know

  • Pets should not be left outside in below freezing temperatures, or above 90º weather.
  • What is a tsunami? The t is silent and this rhymes with money (sue-naaah-meeee).


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