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A Message from Sherlene Stevens


Dear American Citizens,


As of this date, April 5, 2014, I would like to submit to families and citizens highlights of my administration's 2017

agenda, if elected:


Elect me so that I may

  • Quality of Jobs and Education Organizations: Increase "quality" of national jobs and education organizations.
  • Business Appreciation Program: Encourage and strengthen national entrepreneurship models.
  • Federal, State, and Local Agency Goals Modernization: Create new goals based on modern economic and population needs.
  • National Recycling Program: Encourage increased participation.
  • Even Tax Distribution: Create an even distribution of tax paid by all the people, citizens of the United States,and its corporations.
  • Decrease of School-Based Health Care Organizations: Decrease the number of health care offices located in our public school institutions.
  • Same Textbooks Incentive Program: Encourage (Pre K - Grade 4/5) per state and local districts.
  • Universal Public School Plan (if needed, based on performance measurements): Create a universal education plan for Kindergarten through Grade 2 that will be accepted by our Congress and citizens/members of these United States of America.
  • Global Trading Representation: Encourage participation by our most productive citizens.

My focus is to re-energize and support American families by modernizing our national policies and programs: It's about you, your unique family, and my promise to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.


-Sherlene D. Stevens

Individual Leadership for Families (Ready to Modernize)



As of this date, April 1, 2013, I am announcing that I am exploring community

support to run for president of the United States for the 2016-2020 term. My goal,

as your potential Republican candidate nominee, is to re-energize and support

American families by:

  • Increasing "quality" of available jobs and education organizations.
  • Even distribution of tax increases paid by all of our socio-economic statuses.
  • Providing affordable health care insurance programs to all.
  • Usage of a majority of our own environment and energy resources.
  • Providing governmental respect of each unique household.
  • Closing the border to Mexican newcomers until our economy improves for our current citizens and their immediate families (current aliens, word used to identify non-citizens in the Constitution).

As a member of the Republican party, I assure you that I really do understand and

care for the "average American." 


I thank you for your kindness and consideration.


Sherlene D. Stevens

Individual Leadership for Families



As of 5/1/13, my temporary political office (home office in Ward 7, Washington, DC)

 will be open. A more formal setting will be used at a later time if enough community

support. Office hours: Monday - Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sherlene Stevens Is It campaign 

is seeking volunteers and interns. Submit your resume and cover letter to


Mailing information: C/O Sherlene Is It, P.O. Box 62761, Washington, DC 20029 

Email: sherleneisit@sherleneonline.com


Saturday, April 5, 2014 @ 11:34 a.m. Provided my 2017 agenda (if elected) to citizens of these United States of America. Uploaded my official Sherlene Stevens for President home page.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014 @ 1:55 p.m. Addition to my campaign focus and activities of my administration

Job Plan: Introduction and Expansion of Made In America Entrepreneurship and Family Business per our 50 states


Friday, July 26, 2013 @ 10:00 a.m. My campaign focus and presidential focus:
1. Environment and National Recycling Efforts
2. Economy and International Exporting/Importing Readiness
3. Education Choices
4. Family Socialization Activities


Tuesday, May 14, 2013. By becoming a member of this family-friendly web site, you will

receive campaign updates and alerts. I am suggesting that all campaign volunteers

become a member of this web site.


Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 12:00 p.m. I will announce my political-run agenda and theme

slogan/motto on (my) social networking sites and web site.


Slogan: It is me. It is my family. It... is America!


Agenda: My campaign focus is family preservation: you, your family, and preserving,

protecting, and defending the Constitution.

  • To increase "quality" of available jobs and education organizations.
  • To increase protection of government respect of each unique household.
  • Activities in expanding the national recycling program.
  • Even distribution of tax paid by all the people, citizens of the United States, and its corporations.
  • To decrease the number of health care organizations located in public school institutions.
  • To create a universal, public school, curriculum for Kindergarten through Grade 2 that will be accepted by Congress and citizens of the United States.

The campaign (home) office will be located in Ward 7 of the District until further notice.


Wednesday, June 13, 2013. I will be producing and hosting an online radio broadcast

beginning in August, Membership, Our States of America. Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m.



Thursday, November 21, 2013. My Current Political-Run Agenda

I promise that my administration and I, as your Madam President of the United States of America, will provide the following to the best of my ability along with representing our country to other global leaders and its citizens.

  • Education (Education Choice Rights, Universal All-States Participation Education Pre K - Grade 4/5, quality of education/training organizations)
  • Recycling ( Expansion of Recycling Program including our housing/construction workers)
  • Economic Reform (government, business and citizen tax, quality of available jobs)
  • U.S. Global Trading Representation

I am your aspiring Madam President that will be representing both major political parties - all political parties, and all economic-statuses and citizens. Having your expectations before me, I will represent "It". 


Let's begin my political run together by reintroducing our country's values, what are they? What are the moral action words to define who we are as a total body of American citizens. I would love to have these set of words available to read aloud during my victory speech on election night.


October 25, 2014 - November 4, 2014. D.C. do you need a new type of mayor? Take the freedom test, and write-in me, Sherlene Stevens, for mayor.


As of November, 2014 - 

If you nominate me, as Republican nominee, you are saying that you support and realize that I support:


Housing Programs

  • I Support the HUD [Housing Urban Development] Section 8 Voucher Program of Habitable Dwellings--Not Junk or Landlords that Refuse to do Necessary or Required Repairs--in all of our Communities (housing);

Job and Education Programs (0 - Age 3/4; Pre K - Grade 12; Adults)

  • I Support the Increase of "Quality" of our Available Jobs and Education Organizations;
  • I Support the Strengthening of National Entrepreneurship Business Models;
  • I Support States' WIA [Workforce Investment Act] Job Training Program of occupation-choice activities, not simply what local communities are requesting to their government and political officials (jobs, education);
  • I Support Job Training Programs provided by our state departments of Social Services - Dept. of Human Services as long as they allow occupation-choice practices, attitudes, and behaviors in our local communities (jobs, education);
  • I Support Job Training Programs provided by our local HUD offices as long as they allow occupation-choice practices, attitudes, and behaviors in our local communities (jobs, education);
  • I Support the Return of Textbooks in our Public Schools;
  • I Support the Usage of the Same Textbooks per County or State from Pre K - Grade 4/5 (elementary school buildings);
  • I Support the Accessibility of the Fine Arts in our Public Schools, Pre K - Grade 12;
  • I Support the Decrease of School-Based Health Care Organizations;


  • I Support giving Amnesty to Existing Immigrants who have been adequately employed, or defined as disabled in our country for more than five years. Children who have been born in this country by the above should have automatic American citizenship; 

Recycling Programs

  • I Support an Increase of Recycling in Congress, White House, Judicial Systems, Government Buildings, Affiliates, Partners, and Agencies; 

Social and Family Rights

  • I Support Pro-Choice and Family Rights;
  • I Support Social Freedoms and Democracies;

Global Trading

  • I Support American Businesses and Entrepreneurs Participating in Global Trading, From- Here-to-There activities;

Our Government

  • I Support New Goals Implementation based on Modern Economic and Population Needs;
  • I Support Creating Easier Tax Formulas for an Even Distribution of Tax Plan paid by all the People, Citizens of the United States, and its Businesses.


February 24, 2015.  In the process of moving to Georgia from Washington, D.C. and cable service challenges, I uploaded the Georgia flag picture on this page. 


May/June, 2015.  I recently relocated from Washington, D.C., and I am temporarily residing in Union City, Georgia to improve my personal financial stability (challenges from lack of a consistent homestyle).


July, 2016.  Please note my new presidential campaign email, ongoing - January, 2017, sherlenestevenswritein@sherleneonline.com


Kelli says...
"Could you please explain what this statement means?
'To decrease the number of health care organizations located in public school institutions'" (7/24/13)
Sherlene says...
"Kelli, thank you for asking this question. There are several public schools in our states that house small health care organizations/clinics to service our public school students who are enrolled (i.e. medication distribution, subscribing medications, diagnosing illnesses and referrals)." (7/26/13)