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"We must realize that juvenilies will one day become productive local citizens: Be careful, mature adults, of how you shape their cultural viewpoints of communities." -Sherlene Stevens


Welcome Young Adults (ages 18-29),


Did you know that I have a daughter (age 21, oldest of four) who is

a part of the "young adult" crowd who votes? Are you ready to modernize

our country?!! I am ready to modernize our country with your help. . . . Vote for 'It'!


Why It Is Important to Write-In, Elect and Discuss My Name with Everyone
and ...
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(So I can appear on the current, most-popular candidate lists on the web and

party-meeting discussions.)


Young Adults, nominate me for the Republican presidential nominee of

choice. Support my current campaign activities; share my campaign run with

your family/friends, co-workers, and participating organization, and donate to

my campaign so that I can be listed on the voting ticket. Next, vote for me or

add my name when you choose to participate in a political poll or survey. Share

your citizenship concerns with me because I care about your future, and what

our country's future opportunities will be available to offer you.



Source: The Washington Informer (Millennials, April 3-9, 2014)


45% of young people age 18-29 voted in 2012. And 51% voted in 2008.

71% of young voters have attended college. 


States with the "largest voting" participations by young adults:

Mississippi (68.1%), Wisconsin (58.0%), Minnesota (57.7%), and Iowa (57.1%).  


States with the "lowest voting" participations by young adults:

West Virginia (23.6%), Oklahoma (27.1%), Texas (29.6%), and Arkansas (30.4%). 


School Age Youth Citizens (age 17 and under), I need your help as well.

Encourage your teachers, coaches, neighbors, and family to support my

presidential campaign. Discuss some of my goals during appropriate classroom

discussions--during history, business, fine arts, science, technology, engineering,

or math. All school subjects are important to learn. I also believe that all children

should learn important tasks of being a responsible citizen in our country. Parents,

does your child's school provide "all" subjects described?



Youth Citizens' Activity Packet

Color, Post or Distribute Sherlene Is It Campaign Signs 





         'It' . . . is America 2016    

                                              Sherlene Stevens for President