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1/16: This is the Sunday starting Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr's birthday week. This post is bible-language inspired.

In summary, I am delighted that God gave me my religious gifting. Some call me--a seer, one who has the Third Eye, a healer, a prophet, God's child, a psychic, a missionary, a humanitarian. I say that I am just me and have been just me all of my life so far, all of my 50 years. As I stated, I was taught to never receive financial gain from my talents. So, I never ventured into my religious giftings sustaining me financially or being the basis of my overall income.  I grew up in an area, Maryland's Eastern Shore, where most faith believers were 90% of Christians who were a part of the Methodism denomination.

I understand now that the problem is that my childhood faith, the United Methodist Church denomination, never used such terms stated above. It was other faiths, other believers, who highlighted me in such personality descriptions--they were outsiders either helping me with such language or hindering me because they knew that I would be a great woman of God.  I have often said 'how can I be psychic if I didn't know that my 16-year marriage would turn out so awful for me?" I would have never married him, Victor. if I knew in advance of such things. It is called forward-thinking, seeing things before it happens. As I think about such things, it was w-h-i-t-e females and males who have surrounded me in the past, watched me, stirred me down, they are of other faiths, and of other Christian denominations.  They were the ones who wanted to highlight me, who did highlight me, the only one, for some reason.
In my past, religious humans stirred me down to get what they call a reading of me.  Do you know that you will never get such a reading of me in such a way if not led by my God?  A reading lets one know what you are up to, what you will do next if left alone to do it. (You must know the history of this area about Northern psychics and religion and gypsies and soothsayers and all of that stuff--sort of like New Orleaners, Louisiana neighbors, who were originally Marylanders, and voodoo.

(I wasn't just a substitute at the local school district, I was an educator/student-teacher whose intent was to receive a teaching education bachelor's degree. What you've never seen a person of color, from this area, locally, who desired to use her talents in being a teacher? Teaching is a talent, not a skill learned.)

We, locals, were tricked by many for so long that we hardly believe anyone that comes through into our community anymore: Someone (some white people), some faith, sent the newest minister out of Delaware, Charles, here. His introduction to us, locals who didn't know him, was as a black man who was an unlicensed and untrained minister out of Delaware who said he was called to preach here. Who, yes, is a native from here, too. Now-bishop Charles said he was called here, but I say he was called here because they knew that I was in pursuit of being the first female-of-color United Methodist denomination pastor in this area.

It is factually, that at the same time this man-of-color, this uncertified minister, Charles, came back to this area spreading his faith, I was in religious school here learning religious things for my certification in being a United Methodist lay speaker. At the same time, too, I was in the nomination phase of the United Methodist pastor hiring process for the 4-church United Methodist charge (Rock Hall, Georgetown, Fairlee, and Melitota)--that's is when most faith members were introduced to me--other than 4-H Youth Development program. (Can you remember, do you remember that I grew up and lived in Ewingtown with my custodial father William/Uncle Joe?)

If locals are like me, I try not to get into feuds or wrong discussions about my faith involving my God, our God. This is why I haven't discussed such things before now. This is a new post, never discussed. This is not my familiar comment of ...  as it were, there is nothing new under the sun. This is a new discussion comment that is worth my effort in expressing such a topic. This is the newness of me about such things.

I no longer have tried to be in such a ministerial arena, but my God.  My God, t's not just about being becoming a minister: In my understanding now, maturely, leading places of worship is a business in communities that you have to be cautious about. When getting involved in such a religious occupation it's about how are you disturbing them, the undisturbed. The disturbance of it all involves/disturbs locals in any community, nationally. Such efforts may bring change, change to one financially as a minister, and change to the cultural normalcies of such communities--like a domino effect. Racism and discrimination and ignorance.  (Mind you these were locals who wanted to say that I never had any job of any occupation here, locally.)

What say you, county/county officials/public safety officials? What say you, governor? What say you, you who are reading this post?



1/7: National Dr. Rev. Martin L. King, Jr's Birthday Week: My socialization activities will be the reality that we, as Americans, need to have real-talk discussions (with for-real launching actions) of the necessity of a federal law of a 'Universal Basic Income' program in America. Or rename it-- Universal Subsidized Income program.


12/31: Happy New Year. I believe the year of 2022--You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the new year.



With Love, 

Princess Sherlene Deanna