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The Less Than 15-Minute Read

OPINION: The Sherlene Analysis: Year 2023



For Immediate Release 


August 22: Be cautious of the new covid variants when in public and in closed-spacing venues. Since the start of summer, there has been a rise in Covid cases, nationally.


August 18: (A recent topic presented as an humanitarian posts on my Meta/Facebook page Sherlene Stevens.) Now that cannabis is legal in Maryland, I find myself wondering how non-users like myself fit into this new legalization and, ultimately, a new Maryland in time. Can non-users be as popular as users?  I'm definitely a safe haven for non-using youth, seniors, and adults. I can't give you advice as a user if I'm not one or haven't used it, sorry.  Some lessons one doesn't have to learn. #non-user #safehaven


July 8: Coming soon! Series episodes of "Humanity Living w/ Sherlene Stevens".


July 5: There will be no further episodes of "The New Monday Show w/ Sherlene Stevens." Thank you to those who participated in watching [the broadcast] over the years.


June 9: Transition to total all-natural hair strands update: As I commented earlier, neighbors, I haven't reflected my natural hair since the age of 3. Yes, my biological mom began perming my hair because she didn't know how to take care of my thick and full hair strands. (Instead of time-consuming braiding hairstyles that typically last two weeks or more, my hair braids would only last at the most two or three days.)


My hair strands were never fully straightened by box or salon black-focused hair perms. I am happy to express my personal feelings that there "has not" been much of a difference in my hair texture, either (still wavy).  Actually, I can comb through it now with a hair comb vs. my fingers because of the former hair balls/knots and tangles. My multiracial hair feels softer than when I used the box perms, and I haven't had any hair shedding either. As suggested, I am using a conditioner with every hair wash.  I notice that instead of washing my hair twice a month, it needs to be washed weekly--to keep it manageable. Lastly, my German baby hairs are much more visible, all the way around my head.


May 25: Team Ladies and Team Gentlemen, I will be on a vegan fast during the month of June: reflections of supporting and honoring all of our Team Gentlemen neighbors. (It's our TSB Global Male Appreciation Month.)


April 30: My summer hours on this portal begins on May 1 - July 31. If you haven't already done so, you may still give a spring financial charity donation to The Sherlene Brand, now through June 20.  Accepting your summer financial charity donations beginning June 21.   


With Love,