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OPINION: The Sherlene Analysis: Year 2024



For Immediate Release 


January 2024:


Opinion To Conclude Jan. TSB Social Theme (Mentoring/Coaching Another Month): Here is my response of advice to never explain, or complain about issues. You have a human sound; use your written or voice sound to express yourself. If you believe that you can never forgive someone about something, take a look at the following Forgiveness Chart:





                              MY FORGIVENESS CHART


  For most of my life, I both grew up and lived in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

True, Eastern Shore Island Dispute.

*Okay, forgiveness.

  My 15-year-old mother originally from and has mostly lived in Kent County, Maryland (minus two/three years).

True, Eastern Shore Island Cultural Norm Issue. 

*Okay, forgiveness.

  Most black and mixed people exchanged young children quite often due to American economics.

True, National Cultural Norm Issue.

*Okay, forgiveness.

  Black people take other's children, and white people take other's land/real estate. 

I'm starting to believe this wise saying. 

*Okay, work on that forgiveness feeling about that. 

  Black religious leaders' script is to be God, daily. 

I'm starting to believe this cultural norm mentality. 

*Okay, that's a mental thing of such beliefs. Forgiveness.

  Today, gifted children should not attend traditional public schooling. Nope, I'm starting to believe that most of such educational settings is not best for such learners to prevent bullying feelings by others, and accessibility to further learning opportunities.
  Today, there are more home schoolers than ever before.  True, National Cultural Norm Issue.
  One county says ,"She homeschooled her child over here. Yes, we allow homeschooling here." Home county says, "No, no homeschooling by this people-of-color family in my county. Attend our public schooling system, you'll like it, child."

True, this happened. Made into both a county/county/county and state issue.


*Okay, I had to work on that forgiveness feeling about that ... from my own home county."


Local school system:"Sorry, you'll have to resign if you want to finish your college (teaching) courses. You can not leave early from work or take time off." 


Me: "But you knew that I was only working in this low-entry position until I graduated from teaching college."


"No, your principal/boss was wrong to give you such permission."

True, this happened. I had to choose. This happened after they had lured me away from my full-time transportation state job. State boss, "Where's my employee?"


*Okay, forgiveness.

Husband: "I don't have all the money for our household budget." 


Me: "You know, I'm working a full-time job, a part-time job, and attending college full-time."


Husband: "Yes, so what? I don't have it.You the one who wanted to buy a newer car along with our bills. I don't have a car so, I don't have such bills."


Me: "Yeah, and without a reliable car, I wouldn't be able to attend my teaching college, or go places as we do."


True, this happenend.


*Okay, forgiveness (after the divorce).

My auto insurance: "Lady, your husband had an accident while attempting to hide his car behind his mistress's home. He hit her parked car while attempting to hide it. He lied to you."


Husband: "I was at a nearby grocery store, and I had an accident ... a white female was involved."




True, this happened. A man that could did no wrong in the eyes of so many, here on the Eastern Shore Island. (What ya doing (or did) for them, your such good-knit friends and them, fellow?)


*Okay, forgiveness.


Before marriage, boyfriend: "My aunt's husband took his own life. He shot himself with one of his rifles."


Me: "Sorry to hear about that You were home at the time? Are you okay?"

True, this happened.

Husband: "It's too much living such a lifestyle rhat you're in. I want a divorce. I'm sorry, I thought this is what I wanted to live, too. Thank you for believing in me, and inspiring my transportation career."


Me: Oh, gee, you're welcome (now that you've tried ruining my public-figure lifestyle to avoid debt of child support and alimony."


True, this happened.


*Okay, it took a while for me to not have sad feelings when seeing him entertaining other women. Forgiveness. 

  "If I can't have you, no one else will. Fuck yourself."

True, uh-huh, this happened.


Our children separated from me for the divorce-and-cultural feelings feud."There his kids." (meaning my ex-husband's)


Me: "Oh yeah, whose womb did they come out of? Who has been staying home with them as a stay-at-home mom all the  while attending college and working? If you want him to raise our kids, you're of the LGTBQ+ community, you're gay. You have a screwed up sense of what it means of a traditional family dynamics. Moms, a teacher, should have here kids with her on a full-time basis."


True, this happened.

*Okay, I admit that I've had to work on such forgiveness.

Husband: "I can't live with you anymore. I don't know how to live with you if we're not going to be married anymore."


Me: "You're selfish. It's all about you, and your friends. Never about what's best for our kids and me."



True, this happened.


*Okay. forgiveness.


Lady: "Since you're homeless, here is a Section 8 voucher. Go, start a new life without your husband and children."


Me: "You want me to sign a contract stating that I don't want to live with my husband and children?"


Lady: "Yes. Look if you want to have some place to live, you have to sign this."


Me: "I'd rather live on the street than to sign such a contract of housing welfare."


Lady: "Okay, I will tell my boss that you didn't want to sign it. Next, person."


True, this happened. Yes, I was often advised to not disclose that I am the mother of four while on financial and housing welfare in this country--even when my ex-husband and I agreed of such full-time living arrangements actions."


*Okay. Uhm, honestly, I'm starting to think that I'm in some type of health-care scam. Yeah, I'm not sure how to forgive this."


Stranger: "You own many properties, for real."


Me: "You think so. So why aren't I living in one of them right now. What was the important of having me on Section 8 if I had housing choices? After so many years, too. You know, I was told that I use that voucher to purchase my first starter home. I'm feeling disgusted with government welfare things right now."

True, this happened, too. What in the world?!


*What's that word called again? Yes, f-o-r-g-i-v-e-n-e-s-s for their mentality of their cultural norms and their stupidity. 

My ex-husband has now remairred.  

True, and he is happy in his newest marriage as a more emotionally mature person. We have forgiven each other for our immaturity of such things. In summary, we were children (age 13 when we met) we were first entangled in such cultural things



Opinon of a Trending Online Topic:  I believe that "only a few: of the entire human population are not black or people-of-color ethnicity category. In basic words, the majority of the world's humans are of the black race. As I look beyond North America, International people, most of you are truly people of color. 



With Love,