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The Less Than 15-Minute Read

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For Immediate Release 


March 15 - Pray for me. As expressed by local stores, it's true, they've now taken away my hair-straightening perm brand off store shelves. (No, you don't understand. ... Please, let me perm my hair.) I have used the same perm since the age of three--I think. I will ask my biological mom to be truthful. Who would have ever thought that black hair perms would no longer be on stores shelves? And my favorite chewing gum brand is no longer available, either.


During our hair challenge, I would go for a time without perming my hair (about two inches of new hair growth before relaxing it). For as long as I can remember, I have never seen my "natural" hair strands. I remember my grandmother and mom using a straightening comb on my hair strands to sizzle them for Sunday's church-building services. They would sit one of our kitchen chairs in front of our gas cooking stove. Sit down. Smoke would be all in the air of our kitchen from the recent hair grease dab just before the hot comb straightening. I think that hair dye tames your hair, too. Or maybe its the conditioner that you apply after dying hair strands that makes it more manageable. Just pray for me; this will be very interesting and something very new to me (from 3 - now, at age 51).


With Love,