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11/9: . Wait, voters, your political duties aren't over. Now that the election is over its time now for community locals, nationally, of completing a roll call of announcing what your major job industries are in your local neighborhoods, cities, and state, for your newly elected politicians. Who will control the House of Representatives?!


Congratulations, to all politicians who participated in the 2022 election cycle. There were many firsts in yesterday's political wins.  I must say that I am a little disappointed that Georgia's Democratic Stacey Abrams has been defeated and Republican Brian Kemp will now have a second term.  Regardless of political-party choice, I believe that Ms. Abrams really is compassionate and has done everything within the power of her political service in reflecting her patriotism in serving Georgia's neighbors. While living in Georgia, I participated in Georgia's job market in the media and entertainment industry, as one who holds a master's degree in business and communications.

Speaking of job industries--
This morning, Marylanders are welcoming Governor [drum roll] Wes Moore! Governor Moore, your first day's agenda of serving Marylanders begins today. I would like to welcome you as the first African American governor in my hometown state's history. As a native of Maryland who serves not as a political term public servant, it is my life work as a humanitarian. Over my lifetime, I have seen too many politicians come and go and never be heard of again.

Governor Moore, In 2017, just before the major healthcare pandemic, I returned to Maryland to help care for my custodial father. A man who cared for me as if I was his child, since birth.  Needless to say, if you are familiar with the feelings of empathy, I would want to offer him the same care that he offered to me.

Of Maryland housing matters, Governor Moore, I didn't think that I would need to discuss my consistent, local, housing situations ever again because of my inherited habitable properties here on the Eastern Shore.  I thought I would have good news for Marylanders and others who appreciate humanitarian work here in Maryland of the outcomes, of a multiracial traditional female completing actions of deed title transfers of Maryland properties. Like politicians, I have seen many homeowners come and go here on the Shore.

Governor Moore, if I may, I would like to introduce the Shore's major job industries for locals according to current economic and demographic data: healthcare, fishing or seafood, and restaurants.  I remember when as a teenager of Queen Anne's County, I was involved in a minor accident, locally, here in Kent County with my high school boyfriend. Thankfully, it was a minor accident and we only needed minimum healthcare services. I am grateful for the healthcare services that are here for local citizens, even if limited. I am still interested in offering some form of non-profit maternity services for resident neighbors of both Kent County and northern Queen Anne's County, too. 

I wish that my high school boyfriend who became my ex-husband had a public social media page, too. He is more reserved of communication than me. I think he could help in explaining that we both were residents of Queen Anne's County, Chestertown line than the Kent County, Chestertown jurisdiction line.

We all know that it's nice to have choices of health care options. Unfortunately, while I am living here on the Shore thinking that I would be living on one of my properties, I am taking some time in addressing constituents of actions of cleaning up my identity files with them. While commuting to and from Georgia to here, I just felt that I never had time to do so. We're updating my identity files with accurate information about my true identity. So much has happened to me that was mysterious to me here in Maryland, and it mostly involves my interactions with my extended family sets who didn't partake in raising me as a child. 

One local case matter, Governor Moore, that has my attention while living here is the identity mishap case at a local schooling district that would have suggested I resigned from my longstanding education occupation because of a healthcare issue, bodily injury. All the while such a healthcare assumption, I was waiting to complete a bachelor's degree in a non-existing teacher major program in a different state. In basic words, while I am working other jobs to attend day college courses, locals thought I had disappeared from my servitude due to healthcare matters.  Such a topic ruled and is highlighting the healthcare industry, too.


Lastly, the crown doesn't entertain social or political venues. The crown highlights public servitude of care in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.



9/23:  After participating in the current legal matter of my true identity here in America, my preferred choice is to actually use no last name or surname at all.  For legal purposes, I will use either of my former last names, only when required to do so.


9/8:  Dear New York City, thank you for your neighborly kindness today. I didn't learn of her death until I got back here to Maryland. ... I had just five minutes to get my thoughts together before going to work. (I read an internet post about her death.) I knew that her time on earth was shortening, but I thought, like many of you, that we all would have a few more days and months with her in the earthly realm. I am just now taking a real moment to understand that my mentor and someone who was like my cherished grandmum has passed.


Thank you, also, to Maryland locals who have given condolences. My prayers and thoughts are with the family, at this time. My two-day itinerary for next week would have been too late. It would have been too late.
On this last evening of the World Unity Prayer event, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and the global family.  God bless the American family, and God bless the world's family.

As she would comment, "A princess is not a name, but a title of duty of public service." In her honor and out of respect, I frequently gave a statement that I would not call myself a female queen like many of you, ladies, call yourselves until after her death. As a child, I didn't play being a pretend princess, or have a desire to be a real princess. Or even culturally, as a young lady, to be referred to as queen. For I have kept my promise. --(Queen) Sherlene


8/20: Biden Administration's Forward-Actions of the Student Loan Crisis: I'm a student loan borrower, and I would like to share my testimony: College #1 matriculation agreement with College #2 for to be later identified formally as an "inactive" major program altogether, in-house grants, Pell Grants, state youth scholarships, and my hard-earning cash utilized; College #2, lost its accreditation, and student loans were still being disbursed to the unaccredited college on my behalf, now formally reopened, College #3, permanently closed due to accreditation citation issues and lack of funding (In-house grants, Pell Grants, student loans, and my hard-earning cash utilized); College #4, still open and changed from a state college to a university (student loans, and my hard-earning cash utilized); College #5 closed due to accreditation citation issues, now formally reopened (student loans, and my hard-earning cash utilized).  I have been sharing this statement of testimony since the late '90s. These described actions originally began while an active, full-time, student at College #2.


6/17-6/19: An activity for the holiday weekend (Father's Day; Juneteenth): I want to make certain that each of my charity partners and audiences who own a home(s) has a reflective house number sticker attached somewhere visible. It is important to have your house number visible for emergency responder staff, if ever necessary. Delivery drivers also appreciate it when homeowners have both their address visible on mailboxes, and the house-number sticker label on homes. The described number labels cost less than $4 each, are weatherproof, visible at night, and last a number of years before needing to be replaced. It is worth the cost and effort of such a purchase. 


My racial ethnicity is that I am white, but my visual is a women of color. Most of North America's civilization are multiracial. Being black is a social "culture," not real [racial] ethnicity.


6/6 - 6/11:  Highlighted topics due to the statistics revealing that there is an increase in American marital divorces, nationally.  Sex, Sexual Acts, and What Is Love? (This special topic series is available only to current friends "Charity Partners" of my private Facebook page). Historically, the month of June is considered the wedding month, when most marital ceremonies are held.


5/31: Weather professionals are assuming a busy hurricane season.  I think we're going to need to discuss volunteerism for this year's hurricane season. (TSB National Landscapers Project)


5/25: Walmart didn't DO its homework (research) before offering its latest Juneteenth ice cream product. I would like to know if the nutritional value of the ice cream product is equivalent to other ice cream brands.  (Let's not get so disgusted that it was an off-brand effort of a food-based entrepreneur in celebrating blacks/black Americans in the form of a unique ice cream flavor.)  Was there anything wrong with the nutritional value of Walmart's special item of offering its brand of a Juneteenth ice cream product: a flavor of red velvet and cheesecake? Part of the business homework was done in realizing that there is a large percentage of blacks/black Americans who enjoy the flavors of red velvet and cheesecake. Today, off-brand items have improved so that there is really not much difference in the quality or taste of many off-brand product items including food-branded items.


Walmart, apparently, didn't want to make a profit from such endeavors. (What was the price of the ice cream?) If you do the homework on wanting to provide a product targeting blacks/black Americans, you would know that many of the racial ethnicity population do not eat or enjoy ice cream, and do not drink or eat or appreciate dairy. In fact, I have shared the nutritional importance of the vitamins of Vitamin D and Calcium. Allergies? lactose intolerance (nope, your bowels are full and dairy is doing its job)? ... Drink a small amount until you can consume the appropriate daily requirement of such vitamins. Unless you are drinking more than three cups of whole milk, sodium percentage in milk should not be an issue. In other words, don't devalue the various forms of receiving your daily dose of vitamin D and calcium.


4/26: Growing American Support for $2,000 per month Universal Basic Income (UBI) aka Universal Cash Assistance (UCA): Social Security (SSDI, SSI) is Used to Stigmatize and Control Recipients: SSDI Offers the Greatest Amount of Benefits ($1,200 - $4,194). SSI offers the lowest amount of benefits ($600 - $841 per month). SSI Benefits Should Only Be Distributed to Support Disabled Children (ages 0 - 17) Because Disabled Adults' Daily Living Expenses Are Greater (Inflations, Emergency Preparedness, etc.). Do We Really Expect Adults "Disabled Adults" in Our Local Communities to Live Off of $600 - $841 each month? Indefinitely? What does that say about our American morals? TANF is another temporary form of American cash assistance provided to parent(s) with children only. I support the UBI model for American adults, not short-term but indefinitely. For more information of the definition of welfare or cash assistance, click here.



4/17 (Resurrection Sunday): On this day that faith believers recognize the resurrection of Jesus/Yeshuah/Isa, we celebrate in the belief that he lives and the mission of his overall pursuit of the Church system continues.


We believe that HE LIVES! Jesus got up and he lives. Now let's continue our work in the things of the kingdom of God: moral values of Universal basic income (subsidy for every household member to have a household budget income of $2,000 per month even if full-time/part-time/seasonal income fails to offer such a minimum income)  ...  Consistent housing in our local neighborhoods that are safe, livable, and affordable to each low-incomer, middle-incomer, and higher-incomer.

The symbols of the Easter rabbit, baby chicks, and dying eggs are just an act of understanding that the spring season is the beginning of new birthings of things, of new human ambitions, goals, and opportunities.


3/15: This year, my non-profit (A Time To Learn Academy) has been appropriately renamed to Sherlene's Charitable Outreach, Inc. You may refer to the non-profit and its activities by either name, however. 


1/24: As promised the hosted socialization theme for February and March is "Two Public Figures, Yet One Treated So Differently".


February (African Americans Month)

March (White Americans Month)

As stated, I understand that there are some who are very loyal to my ex-husband in industries and locally. Some who are now realizing that 'hey, they really aren't together.' In my memoir, his fake name--like our fake marriage--is Victor.  The setting of highlighting our relationship begins as teenagers attending the same local high school. In summary, due to our locals' economic system, the said series of events lingered into other states--as though such events recently occurred.

Since we live such private lives, there are some who didn't even know of such things as properly now restated.  Others feel uncomfortable of having me, a long-standing local who was so highlighted (might I say erroneously), on Maryland's Eastern Shore again. There were their lawyers involved who tried to defame my personal character to help their clients--that's all.  Two public figures, yet one, myself, treated so differently because of the eco-chain of our society, the local people's economic system. Also, the usage of using school-aged children both at our attending high school and the school where I worked as a full-time educator/student teacher who was enrolled in a teaching college major.  Sh, hush, cases that have been ongoing, active, BECAUSE of the lack of swift involvement by law enforcement, on my behalf, since 1996/1997.  They said 'such things are just civil matters.' Let the public and those involved do whatever to her and say whatever about her.  "It's okay, she's just one of them. Let lawyers and administrators handle such civil matters." I tried to tell others about such untruths, I really did. And today, we're still talking about such things.

Doing the opposite of what was ever intended for my life's experiences on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and such things were the normalcy to do, to be popular. (Sure, chosen to be the scapegoat of such highlighted dysfunctions.) Giving credit to my cousin Rev. Dr. MLK, and my southern family sets: If you want to say that I am a public figure, say that I am the first to 'complete' the four-year college degree in my immediate family. Say that I am the first who created the first summer enrichment program used by school-aged children in Maryland.  Say that I am the first to be highlighted for homeschooling my own children, and tutoring students. Say that I was first to tell this country's neighbors that if you are lacking financially for housing, let your local housing authorities and politicians know to have the consistency of housing in our local neighborhoods to work to remain in local schooling districts. Not because of the Mother Queen, her majesty Queen Elizabeth, but because I was a very ambitious child but a child of color, one of the minority in such a rural region of this country, realizing the realization that there are many small towns in this country.



1/16: This is the Sunday starting Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr's birthday week. This post is bible-language inspired.

In summary, I am delighted that God gave me my religious gifting. Some call me--a seer, one who has the Third Eye, a healer, a prophet, God's child, a psychic, a missionary, a humanitarian. I say that I am just me and have been just me all of my life so far, all of my 50 years. As I stated, I was taught to never receive financial gain from my talents. So, I never ventured into my religious giftings sustaining me financially or being the basis of my overall income.  I grew up in an area, Maryland's Eastern Shore, where most faith believers were 90% of Christians who were a part of the Methodism denomination.

I understand now that the problem is that my childhood faith, the United Methodist Church denomination, never used such terms stated above. It was other faiths, other believers, who highlighted me in such personality descriptions--they were outsiders either helping me with such language or hindering me because they knew that I would be a great woman of God.  I have often said 'how can I be psychic if I didn't know that my 16-year marriage would turn out so awful for me?" I would have never married him, Victor. if I knew in advance of such things. It is called forward-thinking, seeing things before it happens. As I think about such things, it was w-h-i-t-e females and males who have surrounded me in the past, watched me, stirred me down, they are of other faiths, and of other Christian denominations.  They were the ones who wanted to highlight me, who did highlight me, the only one, for some reason.
In my past, religious humans stirred me down to get what they call a reading of me.  Do you know that you will never get such a reading of me in such a way if not led by my God?  A reading lets one know what you are up to, what you will do next if left alone to do it. (You must know the history of this area about Northern psychics and religion and gypsies and soothsayers and all of that stuff--sort of like New Orleaners, Louisiana neighbors, who were originally Marylanders, and voodoo.

(I wasn't just a substitute at the local school district, I was an educator/student-teacher whose intent was to receive a teaching education bachelor's degree. What you've never seen a person of color, from this area, locally, who desired to use her talents in being a teacher? Teaching is a talent, not a skill learned.)

We, locals, were tricked by many for so long that we hardly believe anyone that comes through into our community anymore: Someone (some white people), some faith, sent the newest minister out of Delaware, Charles, here. His introduction to us, locals who didn't know him, was as a black man who was an unlicensed and untrained minister out of Delaware who said he was called to preach here. Who, yes, is a native from here, too. Now-bishop Charles said he was called here, but I say he was called here because they knew that I was in pursuit of being the first female-of-color United Methodist denomination pastor in this area.

It is factually, that at the same time this man-of-color, this uncertified minister, Charles, came back to this area spreading his faith, I was in religious school here learning religious things for my certification in being a United Methodist lay speaker. At the same time, too, I was in the nomination phase of the United Methodist pastor hiring process for the 4-church United Methodist charge (Rock Hall, Georgetown, Fairlee, and Melitota)--that's is when most faith members were introduced to me--other than 4-H Youth Development program. (Can you remember, do you remember that I grew up and lived in Ewingtown with my custodial father William/Uncle Joe?)

If locals are like me, I try not to get into feuds or wrong discussions about my faith involving my God, our God. This is why I haven't discussed such things before now. This is a new post, never discussed. This is not my familiar comment of ...  as it were, there is nothing new under the sun. This is a new discussion comment that is worth my effort in expressing such a topic. This is the newness of me about such things.

I no longer have tried to be in such a ministerial arena, but my God.  My God, t's not just about being becoming a minister: In my understanding now, maturely, leading places of worship is a business in communities that you have to be cautious about. When getting involved in such a religious occupation it's about how are you disturbing them, the undisturbed. The disturbance of it all involves/disturbs locals in any community, nationally. Such efforts may bring change, change to one financially as a minister, and change to the cultural normalcies of such communities--like a domino effect. Racism and discrimination and ignorance.  (Mind you these were locals who wanted to say that I never had any job of any occupation here, locally.)

What say you, county/county officials/public safety officials? What say you, governor? What say you, you who are reading this post?



1/7: National Dr. Rev. Martin L. King, Jr's Birthday Week: My socialization activities will be the reality that we, as Americans, need to have real-talk discussions (with for-real launching actions) of the necessity of a federal law of a 'Universal Basic Income' program in America. Or rename it-- Universal Subsidized Income program.



12/31: Happy New Year. I believe the year of 2022--You will be hired, or receive donations, or receive distributions all throughout the new year.



With Love,