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I am a female person of color, owner: I am multi-racial: European White German; African Black, and West Indian primarily. Hey Neighbor!
My degrees and certifications (1989-2014)
Journal-Memoir available: The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness
Company Design Layout, practice makes perfection. This was my rough outline of my company in 2000.
Resource Used: Expressions
Source: Brighter Vision Learning Adventures. Facebook used my idea of emotion therapy to create the comment face icons on its platform.
My emoji - "That's Sad," or "Tears of Joy"
My emoji - [Food recipe] "That looks delicious."
Melody and Compass GeeTee, youth microphone helpers.
Hi! It's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Melody Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings.
Glad to meet you. I am Compass Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings,
Weather Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) office. Natural Weather Customer Service. The Sherlene Brand's disaster financial-charity responsibility. Such relief doesn't include a board or committee approval for me to give to community-disaster victims in need.

Hello Neighbor! Disaster Relief Fund. A funding portfolio to provide quicker monetary actions in helping victim-families across the U.S. This is not a non-profit fund; funding to be utilized under the direction of The Sherlene Brand.
471 Global
National Marketing and Dispatch Customer Service.
Copyright 2016-2019, Landscapers Project. All Rights Reserved. Landscapers Project Storm Cleanup Volunteer Partners and Manpower Co-Op: Inside/outside organizing (preparing for and cleanup of a major weather storm);available to storm-victim homes and businesses.
Launching in 2021, The Sherlene Brand dba Marigold Staffing Services. “Let us provide you our prompt service, guaranteed.”