Social Media Rules, and Feelings Chart



Note: Parent(s) if you no longer want to participate in the good-and-bad involved with parenting, you may drop of your infant(s) or child(ren) at my doorstep. Please do not harm your child, just drop your child off to me for some quiet time, or so that I may make other solutions on your behalf. Remember, children never ask to come to our great world. You may also phone me.


Online and Offline

Description: By allowing me to be your social-media friend or your social-media follower, you are saying that you allow me to post your photographs, or interesting viewpoint on this portal platform, in Sherlene media publications, or on the Twitter show, "And You, Your Point Is?".


An opportunity to chat about family-themed topics and current events, while communicating personal feelings of the given topic discussion: social-platform communication tool.





Chart  that we use to express feelings in forums and discussions: 'Feelings Chart
Chart that we use to express feelings in forums and discussions: 'Feelings Chart'




























DEAR AUDIENCE FAMILY, Phrases that We Use To Express


  • "Bring Your Own Music" or "BYOM"
  • "What It Means"
  • "What We Can Do"
  • "Citizenship Responsibility"
  • "We're Ready to Modernize"
  • "Hello Neighbor"
  • "I Appreciate-"
  • "I Understand-"
  • "I Feel-"
  • "Too Much Information Shared" or "TMI"
  • "I Acknowledge-"
  • "I've Learned-"
  • "Now What?"
  • "Then What?"


This web site may make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups

available to its users. Please remember that any information that is
disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise
caution when deciding to disclose any of your personal information.


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