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[January   4] --> National Spaghetti Day

[January 11] --> National Milk Day
[January 15]--> National Bagel Day
[January 19]--> National Popcorn Day
[January 27]--> National Chocolate Cake Day

[January 27]-->National Krispy Kreme Doughnuts BOGO Dozen
[January 30]--> National Croissant Day



[February 1]--> Dunkin Donuts : Each Monday of Feb. Offering a Free Cup of Coffee w. Any Purchase 

[February 9]-->National Pizza Day

[Feb. 13 - March 24]-->McDonald's Shamrock Shakes Available (Mint)

[Feb. 25]-->National Pancake Day



[March 7]--> National Cereal Day
[March 9]--> National Meatball Day

[March 12]-->Free Pancakes @ IHOP, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

[March 14]-->National Pi Day



[April 2]-->National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
[April 5]-->National Burrito Day

[April 10]-->Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

[April 12]-->National Grilled Cheese Day
[April 26]-->National Pretzel Day



[May 13]-->National Apple Pie Day
[May 15]-->National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
[May 28]-->National Hamburger Day. Burger King is celebrating its 70th anniversary, 5/28 - 6/3.



[June 3]-->National Egg Day
[June 4]-->National Cheese Day
[June 7]-->National Donut Day

[June 15]-->National Lobster Day



[July 4]-->National Hot Dog Day

[July 6]-->National Fried Chicken Day

[July 10 ]-->Opening - 7 p.m. - National Chick-fil-A Day. Dress in something cow-themed entree at participating locations.

[July 11]-->7- Eleven Small Slurpee Day, 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

[July 13]-->National French Fry Day

[July 16]-->National Ice Cream Day

[July 29]-->National Chicken Wing Day

[July 30]-->National Cheesecake Day



[August 3]-->National Watermelon Day
[August 4]-->National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
[August 24]-->National Waffle Day
[August 31]-->National Bacon Day



[September 5]-->National Cheese Pizza Day
[September 12]-->National Chocolate Milkshake Day
[September 16]-->National Guacamole Day
[September 18]-->National Cheeseburger Day

[September 25]-->National Lobster Day

[September 26] -->National Pancake Day

[September 29]-->National Coffee Day 


[October 1]--> Coffee Day

[October 1]-->World Vegetarian Day

[October 4]-->National Taco Day

[October 14]-->National Dessert Day

[October 16]-->World Bread Day
[October 17]-->National Pasta Day
[October 21]-->National Apple Day
[October 22]-->National Nut Day

[October 26]-->National Pumpkin Day

[October 28]-->National Chocolate Day



[November 3]-->National Sandwich Day
[November 6]-->National Nachos Day
[November 11]-->National Sundae Day
[November 14]-->National Pickle Day

[November 16]-->National Fast Food Day

[November 26]-->National Cake Day



[December   4]-->National Cookie Day
[December   8]-->National Brownie Day

[December 15]-->National Cupcake Day

[December 30]-->National Bacon Day


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