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Have you smiled to someone today?
I am a female person of color, owner: I am multi-racial: European White German; African Black, and West Indian primarily. Hey Neighbor!
My degrees and certifications (1989-2014)
Journal-Memoir available: The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness
Company Design Layout, practice makes perfection. This was my rough outline of my company in 2000.
Resource Used: Expressions
Source: Brighter Vision Learning Adventures. Facebook used my idea of emotion therapy to create the comment face icons on its platform.
March: White-Race Appreciation Month
April: Mixed-Race Appreciation Month
8/22-9/22, yearly. Our 2015 theme: The Uninvited Neighbors with Kids
November: Native American Appreciation Month
Dec. 1 - Jan. 17. Global Christmas Season Family Traditions.
My emoji - "That's Sad," or "Tears of Joy"
My emoji "Making Money Productivity" or "You Can Do It, More Money"
My emoji - [Food recipe] "That looks delicious."
My hobbies include designing, but I love putting fashion pieces together to wear.
Melody and Compass GeeTee, our children's read-aloud helpers.
Hi! It's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Melody Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings.
Glad to meet you. I am Compass Geetee. Story time with Sherlene and The GeeTee Siblings,
This is my logo that I use to announce major natural-weather events.
Weather Emergency Management Agency (WEMA) office. Natural Weather Customer Service. The Sherlene Brand's disaster financial-charity responsibility. Such relief doesn't include a board or committee approval for me to give to community-disaster victims in need.

Hello Neighbor! Disaster Relief Fund. A funding portfolio to provide quicker monetary actions in helping victim-families across the U.S. This is not a non-profit fund; funding to be utilized under the direction of The Sherlene Brand.
WEMA Help Desk monetary assistance for usage to help extreme weather or community disaster victims.
Thrift and Consignment Store. "New" clothing pieces only and more. 471 Product Items: Local store surplus item cost are of the 4-7-1 value or quantity size such as $1.47, $1.74, $4.17, etc.; pack of 4, 7, 1. "A little fashion can go a long way."
471 Global
National Marketing and Dispatch Customer Service.
Copyright 2016-2019, Landscapers Project. All Rights Reserved. Landscapers Project Storm Cleanup Volunteer Partners and Manpower Co-Op: Inside/outside organizing (preparing for and cleanup of a major weather storm);available to storm-victim homes and businesses.
Gift wrapping, custom crafts, pastry desserts and more! Site design and content created by Sherlene.
Handmade Heirloom Partner Gifts. Handmade item made by Sherlene given to those who offer an item, or time to my company concierge's work.
The Sherlene Brand's Official Logo
Lyft Rideshare and Dispatch Marketing Service
The Sherlene Brand Portal Logo
Accepts Paypal and Cash only for my services rendered.
Image Credit: RB 1st UMC
Drop Off Site, Accepting New and Gently Worn Clothing Now