A Serving Concierge since 1979.  

Over the years, this company has turned into a full-service professional helping company. Its services are available to all races and creed.

The Sherlene Brand is an EOE company.



A reliable social platform with humanitarian services-- 

A family portal of public amusements, online family-appropriate journalism, and residential or business lifestyle services: The first-and-only family portal on the World Wide Web. Home of SNMB® News Feed where I personally classify and share family-appropriate online media with the general public.


​Residential and Commercial Services, Mission and Slogan:

"Tasks, errands, organizer, driver, and more."



Email: letters@sherleneonline.com



Phone/Text: (410) 671-5372




I appreciate all financial donations given to me personally, or to my non-profit.



Mail check or money order to

Postal Address: 503 Washington Ave #315,

Chestertown, MD 21620. Based out of Chestertown, Maryland; a part of the northern "Kent County" side of the Chestertown, MD jurisdiction, USA.  My nearest locality neighbors are Northern Queen Anne's County - Centreville, MD; Chester and Stevensville, MD.



The Sherlene Brand® 

Company Vision: Providing as-needed services, providing personal-devotion services, sharing national local-community amusements including extreme-weather announcements, and sharing daily online news to people, to families. Audience: 13+


What I Offer To You--



  1. Provide useful strategies of how to create family-oriented goals, and how to divide such activities among household members in a productive teaming effort;
  2. Offer an opportunity of family and personal devotion "God In Christ's Purpose Assembly/GICPA" (inspirational department);
  3. Home and business services in American local communities, locally and online;
  4. Offer a news feed and presentations that matters to families mostly "SNMB News Feed"; 
  5. International support of factual news topics;
  6. Continued friendship participant of the UK Commonwealth and American friendship; 
  7. Offer a concierge thrift/fundraising store that allows patrons to give both financial and product-item donations; and as an additional resource "471 Global" marketplace; 
  8. A public figure accessible to multi-racial Native Americans of Color, and multi-racial people;
  9. Increase discussions of the acceptance of productive American businesses (all things business) and the emotional support that entrepreneurs or business owners may need; 
  10. Founder, President, and Program Administrator of a recycling donation-hub and resource "A Time To Learn Academy"; and,
  11. Provide skilled manpower that is willing to provide residential, home office, or business gig-labor services "TSB Marigold Services".

CONCIERGE Business Hours

Marigold Staffing Services available Daily per Reserved Flexible Schedule with Me

Online Daily; Sunday after 7 p.m.


In case of a National Crisis/Local-Area Community Crisis Schedule - On-call flexible hours as needed.


Summer Schedule on Digital Platform - Varies based on the demand of social and amusement announcements, and extreme weather announcements.


*Summer Season Hours: May 1 - July 31, yearly.


Social Networking Schedule

Mondays....New Monday Talk Show. Faith-based discussions, current topics, healthy eating discussion and recipes, and more;


Tuesdays....LinkedIn® Tuesdays and Pinterest® Tuesdays, quality time w audience;


Wednesdays....Facebook® Wednesdays, quality time w. audience family;            


Thursdays....Twitter® Thursdays, quality time w. audience family who own a  business, or has aspirations of owning their own business.


*Audience-Family chatroom is available, when utilized or announced on this web page.



Holiday Hours Will Be Announced*


Jan. 1, yearly                    New Year's Day

March or April, yearly         Easter
May 31, yearly                  Memorial Day
September, yearly             Labor Day Weekend and Monday

Nov. 25, yearly                 Thanksgiving Day
Nov. 26, yearly                 Day After Thanksgiving Day

Dec. 24, yearly                 Christmas Eve
Dec. 25, yearly                 Christmas Day

Dec. 31, yearly                 New Year's Eve


An Equal Opportunity Employer, and is a drug-free and

smoke-free workplace. 



                          Individuals. Family Lifestyle. In Local Communities.



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