Discussion before this formal customer-service platform. I wrote such articles after being dismissed from the United Methodist religious sect, my community neighbors and my then-husband's attitude.


 Family Quilt Newsletter

Table of Contents
A Note from Sherlene
Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurial Advice)
What's On the Menu? (Nutrition, Recipes, etc.)
Education Dialogue (Education, Child Care, Local School News)
Right (the) Rights (Politics, Top Stories of Minority News)
Wants/Needs (Sales, Bartering Advice)
Not Another Ripoff (Real Estate, Jobs, Announcements)
Hallelujah 'N' Amen (Church news)
With this Body, I Create (The Arts - Gifts and Talents)
Calendar Preview (Social Events, etc.)

Note: This newsletter is not intended to offend any religion, race, or person. It is not my ministry calling to convert anyone.

2005 Theme: Free to Dream

January Edition

Happy New Year,

Well, the believer's are off to do God's will. 2005, what an exciting and prosperous year!  I don't know how successful I will be in publishing a newsletter for minorities, but God... I believe God wanted me do this around the age of 10 or 11, and like many of you, I was not obedient to the Father.  Oh, but, now that I know what I know... I will bless my Lord and Savior (Saviour). I will praise him.  I will do a new thing.  I have so much that I want to share with believers.

This newsletter is not for church members, but for all members of any race in Kent County (Maryland).  First, pray that this newsletter will bring the spoken language.  Next, donate paper, words of encouragement, and contributions.

To God be the glory.

Yours in Christ,

Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist (Former United Methodist lay speaker)

_Believer's Kingdom_
Dear Interested Day Care Provider (There is a shortage of providers in Kent County.):
         Are you a minority entrepreneur who is interested in starting a home day care?
I am  willing to provide transportation to the next Day Care Provider orientation meeting.
It will be held in Easton, Maryland on Thursday, January 20, 2005, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Orientation is free.

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
This year our theme is, "Free to Dream." As we celebrate Dr. King's birth and prepare for black history month, let us all have a desire to continue our own destiny and dreams.

Are you familiar with Mary Bethune's philosophy of education? If not, that is your assignment for January.  I believe her (education leadership) ambition lives within my soul.  So if you aren't familiar with the name I suggest (hint, hint) that you find out who she was and her purpose.  She will be my inspiration for 2005.  For those of you who may not know I am an educator as well as an evangelist.  I am truly dedicated to bringing wisdom to all my readers.

Facts about Dreaming
Author Unknown

Daydreaming is a magical experience--anything can happen and all things are possible.  The relaxed state that occurs during a daydream allows the brain to filter out distractions of the moment and to go into a creative surge or imagination and reality.  Like the blending of paints, the hows, whys, and what-ifs of the daydream swirl together, forming a palette of colorful ideas.  Many a great idea begins as a daydream.  Orville Wright dreamed of flying.  Alexander Graham Bell dreamed of an invention to communicate over long distances.  Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr dreamed of freedom. Each held onto a dream, continued to question, and worked to make it come true.

Calendar Preview
Parents: Reminder, PTA meeting

_What's On the Menu?_
What's your new year's resolution? Losing weight, no doubt is probably on the list. Here are some tips for parents who would like to spend quality time with their children.
Physicians tell us that a child needs one tablespoon of food per year of age at each meal.  (That means a 3-year-old needs at least three tablespoons of food at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner in order to maintain health and growth.)
A family meal can be a time of conversation and relaxation, or a time of frustration and anger.
By offering children smaller amounts, the opportunity to help prepare meals, and the chance to serve themselves, you are providing a calmer more satisfying family time for everyone.

Recipe: Very Berry Smoothie
Makes 3-4 servings.
2 cups orange juice
1 cup vanilla low fat yogurt
2 small or 1 large banana
1 cup frozen berries (black, raspberries or strawberries)

1. Place all ingredients in blender. Blend for ten seconds or until smooth.
2. Pour into glasses.

_Right (the) Rights_
Poem: I AM by Michael Wynn
I am strong.
I am gentle.
I am proud.
I am humble.
I am confident.
I am beautiful.
I am intelligent.
I am becoming all that I can be.
I am a child of God.

Fashion Bug is having a winter clearance sale.  Now is the time to purchase that holiday item that was too costly.

_Not Another Ripoff_
What is bartering? Bartering is a service that exchanges skills, resources, and services. For example, Kingdoms' Quilt allows Potts' Cleaning Services free advertising if the company is willing to clean my carpets. Many businesses do this to gain customers.  Would you be interested in being a member of a bartering ministry?

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
Continue to pray for the sick and shut-in. Please call me to place names on the prayer list, or for church news and obituaries.

_With This Body, I Create_
What is a gift or talent? A gift or talent is something special that you are known or able to do.  The religious definition is having a special skill that only God gives to help to maintain his kingdom (getting people to know him) of faith believers.

Can you pray to have a gift or talent? Yes, however it is up to God to present you with the gift you are seeking.  God says (Holy Bible), "Acts without work is dead." You must consistently practice to perfect a gift or talent.

Calendar Preview
Jan. 24 - No school for public school youth
The next edition of the Kingdoms' Quilt, alternative schooling.

January 31, 2005 Edition


Thank you for reading the first (official) edition of the Kingdoms' Quilt newsletter. There will be two newsletter printed each month.  The issues will be available on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.  As I promised, the February editon will include information about alternative schooling.  The previous edition went fast, there weren't enough copies for everyone.  I print over 200 copies of the publication for distribution each month.

Again, pray that the newsletter will bring the spoken language.  Advertising ads are available. All information must be submitted no later than the 2nd and 4th Sunday (by 10 p.m.).

Yours in Christ,

Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist

_Believer's Kingdom_
As of January 28, all wage earners should have received their 2004 W-2 tax form.  If not, contact your employer.
Did you celebrate Dr. King's birthday by focusing on your dream? No. Why not?!

Discussion: Sleeper, Awake! Rise From the Dead.
(Ephesians 5:14, Holy Bible)

Have you ever said to yourself, you know self I would like to become a(n) _______________________.  Your assignment today is to fill in the above blank.  This is not a multiple choice test; there is no A, B, C, D answer. You have the opportunity to choose any answer and it will not be a wrong choice.  It is up to you to become what you have written.  Now, Sherlene, what do I do, you ask. I could give you a motivational quote such as believe, achieve, and succeed.  However, some of you require more than just a casual phrase.  Post and review the following list.

Steps to Achieving Your Destiny
1. Talk to your higher power--God--Jesus--Holy Spirit--to see what the Trinity thinks. You cannot achieve or even succeed in any thing that God is not a part of.  In the Holy Bible (your weapon against evil), God says "seek first the kingdom." You've got to seek after Him.  What would God want for you? What talents/gifts has God given you to help build his kingdom on Earth as it already is in heaven?

2. Education: Do you need to complete your high school years (large dropout rate in the County)? Sign up with a local GED agency or contact your guidance counselor at your local high school. Classes are offered at the Kent County Family Center (410) 778-7911 or the Kent County High School (410) 778-4540. Would you like to attend college or do you need to complete your college experience? There are also career exploration and technology trainings that are offered in many communities.

3. Motivation: You already know that I am in your corner.  Do you need a prayer partner?  Ask one of your church members or a friend to pray and agree with you.  By touching this newsletter in faith, you are focusing on your inner strength of being an achiever of your own destiny.  If you are working at a job that you hate, your destiny can still become a reality.

Believe it, there are jobs that do not require a college degree and you can earn a very nice salary (i.e., restaurant supervisors or manager).  Most jobs require you to have basic math and people skills.  There are also jobs that do require higher learning such as college courses.

Anyone who is considering college as a personal goal should complete a FAFSA form.  It is a financial aid application to determine if you are eligible for state and Pell grants, scholarships, or government-funded college loans.  The form can be obtained by contacting me or your local college.  I will help you to complete the form, if necessary. Just give me a call or stop by my home/office. You should have some idea of the college that you would like to attend, and a major of concentration interest. Will you attend part-time or full-time? To receive a full (funding) award you will need to attend on a full-time basis. Will you live on campus or do you have a reliable source of transportation? I realize that many of you that reside in rural communities may have transportation challenges.  The funding that you receive, if eligible, will allow you to purchase courses, books, school supplies, etc. Student loans are not considered grants. Most often you will need to pay off such loans after completing college, or if you do not attend a least half-time during any given semester (weeks of schooling allotted for an education program).

I would also recommend volunteering under your chosen occupation to see if you would enjoy such a career.  Many employers will not allow volunteering in the (Kent County) community.  If you have transportation you may have to travel outside of Kent County to reach your destiny. Some of you are reluctant of leaving the county to reach beyond the social norms.  The good news is if you are determined to reside in Kent County you can commute elsewhere, if you have reliable transportation.  If you do not have transportation try to arrange your work schedule with that of a friend.  That person should have at least six months on his/her job.  You wouldn't want to find a job and have to quit because of unreliable means of getting to work.

Male readers to Sherlene: "You don't understand, Sherlene. I have to do this or that, and my wife doesn't understand what I'm trying to do."

You have expressed to me part of your destiny plans, but you need to really communicate verbally with your mate.  Next, if she doesn't understand, refuses to hear your destiny plans, or refuses to accept your plans after you have completed 40 hours and given her money to pay the household expenses, then separate and find someone who believes in you like I do.  Keep working that job and paying those bills until you can make your dream a finacially reliable destiny.

Women readers to Sherlene: "Sherlene, I am trying to work, take care of my kids and perform my duties as a wife. What about my destiny?"

First, thank God.  Thank God for a job.  Thank God that you have kids. Thank God that you have a trusting relationship with a man.  Next, take fifteen minutes to work on your destiny every day. I guarantee you if you are consistent in doing this for at least one or two months, you will begin to have the time for your goals.  This is especially important for single parents to do.

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
Parents, did you remember to attend your child's PTA meeting?

Kids, who was Mary Bethune? Be the first person to mail your answer to the mailing address listed and you will receive a prize.  Your response should be less than 100 words.

Calendar Preview
Parents, don't forget Valentine's Day goodies for your elementary-aged child.  Why not give pencils, pens, etc.  Don't forget your child's teacher(s). Happy Valentine's Day, Kent County public school teachers.

Feb. 2 - Henry Highland's Elementary School PTA Meeting @ 7 p.m.

Scholarship information: $1,000 
Offered by Bennie Smith Funeral Home
Must be a graduating 2005 senior. Available to all students who are enrolling in a post secondary liberal arts institution for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Young ladies, a must-read: The Real Deal by Billie Montgomery Cook

_What's On the Menu?_
Good Meat Makes Its Own Gravy by Rev. Walter S. Thomas

_Right (the) Rights_
"The unwanted have worth." -President George Bush, Inauguration 2005

10th Annual Million Man March will be held in Washington, DC.

(Kent County) Human Relations Commission, (410) 778-7452

Ladies, don't forget Valentine's Day! Christian women can have just as much fun as others.  We can be sexual and still be a lady.  It doesn't have to be all down hill to be considered sexual. O-k-a-y.  I am a woman born in July, hear my lioness' roar.  Do you understand what I am saying, women?

Praise your spouse. We as Christians enjoy romance. Yes, we even express our love just like anybody else.  Being a believer does not mean that you have to become this boring person.  A person that thinks only of God and has a holier-than-thou attitude.  God wants us to love and be loved.  Not just by words or things, but by the touch of a loved one. Men and women, your assignment this Valentine's Day is to tenderly touch your mate's body in as many ways as you can for the month of February.  Don't abuse but improve your love.

Singles, a must-read: What's Love Got To Do With It?  by Frank Thomas

_Not Another Ripoff_
(Kent County's) McDonalds is hiring.

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
I was raised early as a Christian in the beliefs of the Methodist and (maybe even) Baptist denomination.  I am by many United Methodist members and staff considered to be participating in the Islam and Interdenominational church beliefs because of my cultural expriences (i.e., college, education work, and simply getting along with others outside of my own race and religion).  Whatever.  I will give to my readers the spoken language from all areas of my background.  Why not call me a well-rounded individual or Christian?  It is not my goals to offend any of my readers, but to only present information that will give you knowledge, truth, and freedom.

There are many black history month programs scheduled in the Kent County communities during February.

Don't forget our theme for 2005 is, "Free to Dream".

_With This Body, I Create_
Singers, a must-read: The Trouble I've Seen by Brunto Chenu, Stand.

February 8, 2005 Edition


I greet you with Shalom (peace).  As I promised, here is the alternative scholing issue (part 1).  I hope that I am presenting you information that you fine useful and factual in your everyday lives.  In honor of African American (Black) History Month, that is always celebrated during the month of February, I will include my perspective of what this month means to minorities.

Valentine's Day will not be celebrated for one day this year. I will host an all-month celebration. Men and women don't forget your assignment for the month.  It is my prayer that after you complete this assignment you will continue what you have learned.  Trust me, your mate should give you at least a C+.  Don't know what the assignment is? No problem.

February's assignment for married couples
To touch your spouse's body in as many ways as you can for the entire month. Extra Credit: Continue the assignment as your mate's desires increase.


Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist

Song: Dr. King Had a Dream
Song Writer Unknown

Doctor King had a dream of freedom.
Doctor King had a dream of peace.
Doctor King had a dream for people ev'rywhere.
We remember Martin Luther King.

1. He said to all the people,
"We shall overcome."
We all must live together in brotherhood as one.


2. He was an inspiration.
We shall overcome.
Doctor King had a dream for people ev'rywhere.
We remember Martin Luther King.

_Believer's Kingdom_
I hope that you are focused on your destiny plans.  If anyone is interested in a discussion (seminar) on starting a business, let me know.

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
"We've known about this problem for decades." -Gov. Ehrlich, (Maryland) State of the State Address, 2005

Calendar Preview
State financial aid deadline is March 1, 2005. Complete you college FAFSA today!

Poem: Mamma Settles the Dropout Problem by Betty Gates
Lawd, Son, what um goin do with you?
You makes me so mad I don' know whut to do!
You think you's a man and I hope one you'll be,
but you got 'bout enuff sense to stuff a skinny flea!
Done worked myself until um nelly
'bout dead so as you can go to school
an' git sumthin in yo head,
an' you come telling me that you gon' quit cause they
aint got whut you wanna git.
Well, they sho is got much mo'n you an' if you don' git it.
Talkin' bout you so proud you black,
if you wuz you'd know how to ack!
A heap of folks done went through hell, marchin in the streets
an' goin' to jail;
An' some mighty good folks is laying up dead.
Jes so you can FILL yo empty head.
Now, you gon' stop yo ackin lak a fool!
You get yo books an' you git back to school.

Discussion: Alternative Schooling
Any parent who would like to home school their child must complete a home schooling notification form 15 days before starting a home schooling program.  This state law is for any child that is already enrolled in a (Maryland) public school setting.  A child that has never enrolled may immediately begin their home schooling program. Just remember to submit the form to your county's school board of education.  Kent County parents must contact the board's pupil services worker at (410) 778-1595. It is an easy form to complete, and you can either fax or mail form back to the department.

(I attached a copy of an official home schooling notification form to the newsletter.)

It is best to start the home schooling program during the kindergarten level or before a formal school attendance. It's easier for everyone involved.  Why? Well, you do not want your child to receive mixed feelings about your educational choice for them.  Secondly, you need an opportunity to evaluate external techniques that are appropriate to use for your child(ren), blocking out all traditional habits of learning.  You may also want to refer to  report cards, school records, teacher conferences (which may include IEP conferences), and this may or may not reflect your child's potential.

One of the benefits of home schooling is smaller classroom settings and more individual attention, if necessary.  Yes, it is true that there are only a few minorities on the Shore that are participating in the alternative education choice.  It is also true that many white families who are home schooling have joined together to start what I call, home schooling schools or education centers.  They are engaging in home schooling activities at local church meeting rooms, church basements, unused classrooms at organizations, or organization banquet rooms. Why aren't black faith-believing families doing the same on the Shore (threats of school closures)?  My children have participated with the local (majority of white families) home schooling programs and they meet the needs of "all home schoolers." All home schoolers are invited. So invite your self and your child(ren) today, or in 15 days after completing the home schooling form :) You may want to inquire about any and all information in your child's student file.

My (culturally black; home schooling) experience has been a lonely one to say the least.  I started home schooling my oldest daughter at a young age of 2.  I began by simply teaching her to count to 10 and reciting the alphabet with her. Yup, such activities are considered home schooling.  All of us who have children are guilty of home schooling our children at one time or another. Perhaps, for one unique household it was during your child's early years. For another, it was during the winter months when your child couldn't attend school due to medical reasons or public school weather closures.  Home schooling has been around for years.  Personally, I do not appreciate educating my children only to have public school teachers getting all the respect and credit for their achievements during report card time, classroom observations, and teacher evaluations. Public school teachers who do not follow my children along for all of their education experiences--weaknesses and strengths, the good and the bad. Only me, I am considered the only one who has this unique point of view.

Important Facts of Home Schooling
1. A minimum of (5) hours of instruction is required for at least 180 days.  You would be amazed how time passes. Instruction can take place according to local public school calendar or you may create your own academic calendar year (i.e., including tutors, nights, weekends, summers, etc.). You may also want to start earlier or later and take longer or shorter holiday or vacation breaks.

2. Your child's instruction program must be administered by you--parent(s) or guardian.

3.  Subjects that must be included in your child's learning: reading, english or any language, fine arts, science, social studies or history, health, and some form of physical activity. All tasks should be recorded in a journal for portfolio time and for reference in creating the next year's learning goals. Plan field trips in advance. A simple field trip can be going to any store or organization with specific learning tasks to achieve.

4. Your child will not receive a diploma provided by your local (public) school district. I recommend enrolling your child into public school during their 11th grade year.  There are a few approved organizations that can provide your child a diploma, there is normally a fee.

Calvert School (K-8), (410) 785-3400
Home Study International (K-8 avg. cost is $500, 9-12 cost is $1000), 1-800-782-4769
Bill Bennet's K12 Program www.k12.com
Classical Free www.classicalfree.org

You can also design a curriculum (purchase or borrow books of interest) or use no curriculum at all (unschooling). I have textbooks for review, to borrow, or for sale.

_What's On the Menu?_
Valentine's Day: Are you going out or staying home? Create a heart-shaped baked item (pancakes, dessert).

_Right (the) Rights_
"It's about respect." -Gov. Ehrlich, (Maryland) State of the State Address, 2005

Happy President's Day!

The Emancipation Proclamation from the War Dept. General Orders No. 139
My family's old address was 139...Chestertown, MD 21620 during my growing up years.

September 24, 1862
I, Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States of America, and commander in
chief of the army and navy thereof, do hereby proclaim and declare...
That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three,
all persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state, the people whereof shall
be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the executive government of the United States,
including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such
persons, and will do not act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them in any effort they may
make for their actual freedom.

"The way to control the nigger is never to pay them more wages than is actually necessary to buy food and clothing." -W.K. Vardaman

Gifts for Valentine's Day
Teddy Bears
Sexy pajamas
Poetry written by you
A date for a friend who is single.

Poem: On Being Brought From Africa To America by Phyllis Wheatley
'Twas mercy brought me from my Pagan (witchcraft) land,
taught my benighted soul to understand,
that there's a God, that there's a Saviour, too:
Once I redemption neither sought nor knew.
Some view our race with scornful eye,
"Their color is a diabolic dye."
Remember, Christians, Negroes, black as Cain,
May be refined, and join th' angelic train.

_With This Body, I Create_
Poem: Temple for Tomorrow by Langston Hughes
We younger Negro artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame.  If white people are pleased we are glad. If they are not, it doesn't matter. We know we are beautiful.  And ugly, too.  The tom-tom cries and the tom-tom laughs. If colored people are pleased we are glad.  If they are not, their displeasure doesn't matter either.  We build our temples for tomorrow, strong as we know how, and we stand on top of the mountain, free within ourselves.

Poem: The Funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr by Nikki Giovanne
His headstone said,
But death is a slave's freedom,
we seek the freedom of free men
and the construction of a world
where Martin Luther King could have lived and preached non-violence.
Poem: Question and Answer by Langston Hughes
Durban, Birmingham, Cape Town,
Atlanta, Johannesburg, Watts,
The earth around struggling, fighting, dying --for what?
(Whisper or shout)
A world to gain.
Groping, hoping, waiting --for what?
(Whisper or shout)
A world to gain.
Dreams kicked asunder, Why not go under (die)?
(Whisper or shout)
There's a world to gain.
But suppose I don't want it, Why take it?
(Whisper or shout)
To remake it.

Poem: I Wonder
Sherlene Stevens Gould
I wonder how a white teacher feels entering a class
filled with little black children praying from tiny desks and chairs.

As the teacher slowly, but swiftly approaches the front of the class. 


I wonder
  I wonder...


Next, the white teacher announces to the class, "I will be your teacher for the year."


If only the teacher could connect with her students by telling memories of living in an
assigned housing community--it is affordable--it is based on a parent's income.

I wonder
  I wonder...

The teacher dismisses her class for lunch.


She is greeted by the black superintendent,

the black principal, and the black assistant principal.

I wonder
  I wonder...

I believe it would be the same feeling a white student would feel,
entering a majority of an all-black student school with a black superintendent,

a black principal, and a black assistant principal 

greeting the student with, "Good morning, welcome to our school."

I wonder
  I wonder...

February 22, 2005 Edition


I hope that you will find this newsletter just as interesting as the other issues.  This issue will complete our discussion on the alternatives of public school education. Remember to honor the achievements of the great black men and women of our nation, of our cities, and our towns.

Yours in Christ,

Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist

Poem: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Author Unknown
She told the story, and the whole world wept at wrongs and cruelties it had not known,
but for this fearless woman's voice alone.
She spoke to consciences that long had slept:
Her message, Freedom's clear reveille, swept
from heedless hovel to complacent throne.
Command and prophecy were in the tone and from its sheath the sword of justice leapt.
Around two people swelled a fiery wave,
but both came forth transfigured from the flame.
Blest be the hand that dared to be strong to save,
and blest be she who in our weakness came,
prophet and priestess.

_Believer's Kingdom_
Dear Black Men and Boys,
Did you know that may years ago, during the time Jesus was on the earth, we partied? Yes, people of various cultures (including faith believers) danced. In fact one of the greatest men of the Bible once, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, danced out of his clothes. He was praising and thanking God.  I am quite certain it wasn't just the one or the two-step dance, especially if he danced out of his clothing. We must remember that, though we go through, we still must give God praise in our good times while overcoming our bad times.

Many of you have resorted to drinking to fill some emptiness or void in your life.  Another fact of partying during Jesus' time, Jesus probably drank. We know that at a wedding ceremony he turned water into wine. Oh, yes, he did. There was no more wine, and his mother asked him to fill the empty jugs.  Christians have fun; we enjoy celebrations and participate in most holidays.  However, Jesus said it is a sin to become drunk. And God instructed priests not to drink.  So we find, today, that there is scientific evidence that if you drink more than one or two drinks per celebration or event your behavior can become a habit.

Alcoholic beverages are depressants.  If you wonder why you're having a down moment it is because your drinking more than your body will accept, similar to overeating.  Your body is screaming "stop." Some of you may even start to hear negative thoughts, "You're a failure,' 'Settle being a ..." Or all of a sudden you feel as if no one understands you. Brothers, you know your limit. Listen to your friends or family if they approach you about such habits. We do not need our men being depressed by such unnecessary evil. If you conquer the drunken demon or spirit you will be able to conquer other demonic forces that may come to tempt you.

For my brothers who read the Holy Bible: Review 1 Kings.
Yes, you were and still are our kings, men.  Let us review 1 Kings, Chapter 19. For those who may not have a Bible, I will attempt to summarize the words of God.

Title Discussion: What Are You Doing Here, Elijah?
Elijah was a prophet (see With This Body, I Create section) who was scared and depressed.  He forgot who he was and his mission during a time of tribulation.  Simply, my brothers, he was scared.  So God asked him (I Kings 19:9), "Why are you here, Elijah?"  What God was really saying to him was I know my people are being disobedient by not listening to you. I know that you have been repeating my instructions to them constantly (as though they could not hear Elijah). I know that they are refusing to praise me.  I know that they have forsaken the covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain some prophets with the sword, but, you, Elijah, are not alone. I AM (Exodus) with you.

God is the Alpha and Omega: the beginning and he knows all endings.  Prophets speak for God, but they are not God. They do not predict the next minute unless God gives them such message. Elijah was one of the great prophets who was having a challenge of depression.  Why? He forgot his mission or God's promise. He forgot that with God, who can be against him?   In summary, he forgot that the battle wasn't his but the Lord's, and he was so down (depressed) that he actually wanted to die and couldn't see his godly destiny.

Eventually, an angel came along and touched Elijah (a simple touch with feelings of love) and fed him.  Let someone know that you love and care for them. Feed them by giving them a mouthful of loving words.  Ladies, our men are going through many tribulations right now, and they need to know that we love them by action and not by words alone. Our men feel as though they are letting us down.  They really want to be kings of your unique households. There are demonic forces that are making them feel like something other than a king. Unfortunately, we have slowly eliminated them from being who they were meant to be.

Education is essential for good financial goal setting and solving challenges.  Many of our men have not been fully educated. These are men who are trying to make decisions to the best of their abilities.  Unfortunately, at times, their decisions are negative or poor choices, leaving them feeling inadequate.  What did we "use to" do? We use to call them lazy, dumb, no-good men. In nicer words, uneducated men who lack wisdom and knowledge.

Men want to talk; they want someone to listen. I believe that men really are craving love and attention. Sisters, we have to allow men to be educated by men in a positive learning setting. What happens when we try to help in a given situation, ladies? A typical man's response: I got this or I know what I am doing.  Men, how about knowing  what I AM (Exodus) is doing?  Brothers, your women want to help and should be a helpmate. A real productive relationship is two people each having 50% of the responsibilities.  50/50. Productivity is sharing issues and coming to a 100% agreement about every challenge that occurs in the relationship.  Men, I understand that you have a lot to deal with, women do to.

The Bible goes on to say that God (I Kings, 19:11) told Elijah to stand, stand, by the mountain before him.  I want to talk to you alone without any interruptions or distractions.  Suddenly, a wind came. It wasn't wind created by God.  Then, came an earthquake. It wasn't an earthquake created by God.  A fire, not God.  Finally, a whisper, a still small voice spoke. Elijah knew it was God. Can you hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, readers?  The Holy Spirit is your helper in the time of need.  Some call it the good voice.  If you're hearing more negative than good, you need to ask the Holy Spirit for direction. Ask it to become more clearer or louder than your distractions so that you may hear God's wisdom for your situation.  When you feel that you have no one who really understands you, take time to pray or meditate.  Recite a positive message (i.e., poem, scripture verse, quote) until you feel like the king that you are and will continue to be. Until, women, you have a king in your unique household.

So in closing, What are you doing here, Elijah? because God is listening, and don't make him come down here because you know that he can. That old phrase is true today. He may not come when you want him, but he's always right on time.  Brothers, don't forget your destiny. Women talk to your men in that still small voice:

That encourages.
That shows that you love and want to be loved.
That says, "No matter what the situation we can conquer the devil and run him out of the relationship."
"Wisdom and knowledge is granted unto thee: and I will give thee riches and wealth, and honor, such as none of the other kings have had that have been before thee, neither shall there any after thee have the like."
-2 Chronicles 1:12

Pray with and for your mate. Hold hands (if it's not against your religious custom) when you pray. Remember February's assignment, dance my brother; dance my sister.  My pastor says that when the praises go up the blessings come down.  Praise, pray, and love one another--that's a real relationship. Stand like Elijah and you will eventually hear from God. Elijah waited until he heard God, and then, he didn't hesitate or give it a second thought to come out of the cave. He was obedient--praise--pray--and love one another.

"A wise man will hear, and will increase learning, and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel." - Proverbs 1:5

In Ebonics: If you are smart, men, you will continue to study. If you understand the importance of an education and what it can do for your unique household, you will gather around educated or knowledgeable men so that you and your mate can become wealthy with the skills that you have obtained or are obtaining.  Lastly, after you get yours can you at least share some wisdom in your community to help another man or woman out, please.

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
An article: Learning to Read from Sketches of Southern Life, 1872 by Frances Harper

Very soon the Yankee teachers come down and set up school;
But, oh! How the Rebs did hate it,
It was agin' their rule.
Our masters always tried to hide book learning from our eyes;
knowledge didn't agree with slavery.
'Twould make us all too wise.
But some of us would try to steal a little from the book,
and put the words together, and learn by hook or crook...

Well, the Northern folks kept sending the Yankee teachers down;
and they stood right up and helped us,
though the Rebs did sneer and frown.
And I longed to read my Bible, for precious words it said:
But when I began to learn it, folks just shook their heads.
And said there is no use trying. Oh! Chloe, you're too late;
But I was raising sixty (almost age sixty years of age). I had no time to wait.

The truth is we all can do something to help educate our black students. First, we must have the commitment of the black community to teach children to respect adults (and their traditional ways). Today's teachers (public, private, or charter) have an awesome and challenging job. Next, we must inspire our men to be the best that they can be.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said, "In this period of social change, the Negro must come to see that there is much he himself can do about his plight.' '...He may be uneducated or poverty stricken, but these handicaps must not prevent him from seeing that he has within his being the power to alter his fate."

Dr. Martin Luther King classified the oppressed into three different categories.
1. People who adjust themselves to the oppression. In other words, they give up and give into such challenges.
2. People who become accustomed to thinking like slaves. Acceptance of such injustices.
3. People who let the oppressor wear them down and they just give in. They put up a good fight and not discipline in seeing things improve so they simply quit (life, relationships, jobs, etc.).

_What's On the Menu?_
Food of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.  After you digest these three, you will have eaten understanding.

_Right (the) Rights_
In 1909, the NAACP was formed.  The meeting took place in New York City on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
Happy President's Day!

_Not Another Ripoff_
Housing needed, again. I have a Section 8 voucher. The rental can not be more than $550 per month. I wish there were high-earning jobs in this community.

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
Poem: When Ol' Sis Judy Pray
Author Unknown
De thun'ers ur Mt. Sin-a-i comes rushin' down fum up on high-
De Debbil tun his back an' fly while sinnahs loud fur pa'don cry.
When ol' Sis Judy pray. When ol' Sis Judy pray.
Ha'd sinnahs trimble in day seat.
Ter hyuh huh voice in sorro' 'peat:
(While all de chu'ch des sob an' weep)
"O Shapa'd (Shepherd) dese, dy po' los sheep!
When Ol 'Sis Judy pray.

When ol Sis' Judy pray, Salvation's light comes pourin' down.
Hit fills de chu'ch an' all de town.
Why, angels robes go rustlin' 'roun, an' hebben on de yurf am foun',
when ol' Sis' Judy pray.

Poem: Cross
Author Unknown
If ever I cursed my black old mother and wished she were in hell.
I'm sorry for that evil wish and how I wish her well.

Calendar Preview
Black History Month programs at Holy Trinity, Potter's House Ministries, and Aaron's Chapel (contact them for schedule).

_With This Body, I Create_
What is a prophet?  A prophet is a human, earthly example of God's messages to faith believers.  A real prophet is  not a witch, demon, or a bad person. Since we cannot see God, there are faith believers who bring God's message from time to time. God provides a message by someone who we can see or relate to. A prophet is not a psychic. Most psychics do not believe in the principles of religion.

Why do I feel the need to talk to a psychic? Please hear me, it is because you are probably a prophet.  You're trying to find someone that shares common ground.  At times you have probably had the ability to predict a situation. God has repetitively said not to believe in this form of witchcraft.  Okay, we all have had moments where a psychic is able to reveal something about our lives, but they do not really know our destiny.  A demonic spirit in the psychic will tell you only a portion of your true destiny but will never reveal all.  It is also siad that when you visit a psychic you allow yourself to be open to demonic spirits. Other forms of witchcraft: Ougie boards, Tarot cards, and magicians.

Do you remember what happened to (Exodus) Pharaoh's snake? A lot of people are curious to know their future. Other's want to know the reason for mishaps in their life.  The best person to answer these questions is God. During Moses' time there were so many miraculous or unusual signs and wonders of God.  Did you know that there were witches who could perform some of the same signs. I've taken a few workshops on prophecy: The only way to identify a true prophet of God is to review their resume.  What a true prophet says will come to past. Don't make eye contact with a witch. Don't let them contact you by telephone.  As soon as you believe it is a prank call, hang up the phone immediately.

Should I be afraid of a prophet? No, you shouldn't be afraid of anyone especially a real prophet.  Years ago, they carried positions like other ministerial staff.  Today, they are called prophet or prophetess (that is mostly their job description).  The four things that hinder a prophet from directing God's true people (for further study read Ezekiel the first three chapters).

Consumerism - attachment of materialistic things
Individualism - the interest of an individual vs. unity with the entire church body
Nihilism - No God attitude of an entire community, race, or people
Entitlement - Mindset that some things are owed you
Do prophets bring harm or evil to the earth? God uses who he chooses (a good or a sinful person). This old world would not exist if man/woman could bring full destruction.  The answer is no. They can't bring full harm to the Earth. When there are a lot of prophets in a given area that means that God is up to something of importance due to the evilness in the society.

Why aren't prophets in today's church? Too many people believe that prophets are evil, and they try to harm or kill them (Ezekiel 2:5). People feel that if prophets aren't around then the prophecy will not be fulfilled. In other words, the destiny of God will not be performend or revealed. Note: The United Methodist denomination does not refer to any one/minister as a prophet.  My instructor states that the prophetic traditon has left the Christian churches because of
false sense of comfort.
inability to have a true position within churches.
introduction of a celebrity mentality that disrespects God and their boss/pastor. Some church people think of them as stars; they take their eyes off of God (the sender of the prophets, the angels, and the Holy Spirit, a sinful act).  
Must I believe in Jesus? God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one. You cannot break the connection of the holy trinity. They are united as one, like real marriages should be.  You cannot separate them. Jesus speaks to the Holy Ghost who we are able to communicate with on a daily basis.

What is the difference between a prophet and a priest? A prophet can be a prophet and a priest. Many are called and few are chosen.  Some prophets are not anointed to preach. Some ministers are not anointed to prophecy. They may have other gifts or talents to share during fellowship. Other prophets share a prophetic word through some form of a vision experience. This is the ability to see a certain event that will occur within a family, community, nation, or world experience.

March Edition
Greetings my brothers and my sisters,

Praise God! What a wonderful black history month. I am so thankful that our religous organizations celebrated our people in song, in prayers, in poetry, and in dance.  We had a chance to remember the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future with peace, unity, and love.

Kent County minorities, I hope that you are ready to forget our sufferings as a people.  It is time, thus saith the Lord, to create your destiny in the present.  I have given you knowledge to achieve your personal destiny goals. Now, achieve...

Happy Harriet Tubman's Day! Harriet Tubman was the first black woman honored on a U.S. postage stamp.  All aboard, nothing on this train to lose.  Here we go! Choo-Choo...

Yours in peace, unity, and love,

Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist

_Believer's Kingdom_
Poem: The New Negro by James Edward McCall
Dedicated to all my brothers, our Kings--
He scans the world with calm and fearless eyes,
Conscious within of powers long since forgot:
At every step, new man-made barriers rise to bar his progress--
but he heeds them not.
He stands erect, though temptests round him crash,
Though thunder bursts and billows surge and roll:
He laughs and forges on, while lightnings flash along the rocky pathway to his goal.
Impassive as a Sphinx, he stares ahead-
Forsees new empires, rise and old ones fall;
While caste-mad nations lust for blood to shed,
He sees God's finger writing on the wall.
With soul awakened, wise and strong he stands holding his destiny within his hands.

This month: Remember your destiny by organizing your goals to reach your destiny. Have the courage of Harriet Tubman. She had a goal to set just a few people free, and what happened? Thank God she followed the star and allowed hundreds of slaves to control their own destiny.  Oh, what faith, readers: A touch of mustard seed faith is all that is required.  (I attached a mustard seed to each printing.)

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
I am available, if you need a curriculum created for your bible study or education group.

_What's On the Menu?_
Recipe: Unleavened Bread (Passover meal item)
1 cup water       3 1/2  cups flour
Combine and knead.  Roll out the dough on a floured surface and transfer to a greased cookie sheet. Prick all over with a fork.  Bake at 475 degrees in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until lightly brown.

Haroseth Mix
1 cup chopped apples
1/4 cup chopped nuts
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of grape juice

1. Hard-boiled egg: The hardness of the egg stands for the strength of the Jews.
2. Haroseth: It is a reminder of the clay mixture that the slaves used for making bricks for Pharoah.
3. Matzah: Similar to the bread the Jews baked when they were in the wilderness. Three pieces are kept separate to represent the three different slave groups: Kohanim, Levites, and Isrealites

This represents the fact that the three groups stayed in unity. They didn't forget their religion while in Egypt. This is believed to be the reason for a successful freedom from Pharoah.
Source: Jewish Holidays

_Right (the) Rights_
March 2000, MD General Assembly declared March 10, yearly as Harriet Tubman Remembrance Day. For more information contact the African American Tourism Council of Maryland at (410) 783-5469
Source: African American Pride magazine (Jan/Feb, 2005), p. 17.

A song that Harriet Tubman sang while freeing on the Underground Railroad:
Of all the whole creation in the East or in the West, the glorious Yankee nation is the greatest and best. Come along! Come along! And don't you be alarmed--Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all a farm.

A letter from an exslave written to Harriet Tubman by Frederick Douglas.
"The difference between us is very marked. Most that I have done and suffered in the service our cause has been in public and I have received much encouragement at every step of the way.  You on the other hand, have labored in a private way.  I have wrought in the day--you have wrought in the night. I have had the applause of the crowd of being approved by the multitude, while the most that you have done has been witnessed by a few trembling, scared, and footsore bondsmen and women whom you have led out of the house of bondage and whose heartfelt, God bless you, has been your only reward. The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses of your devotion to freedom and of your heroism."

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
Passover (Pesach) - means freedom
A long time ago a certain group of people, the Isrealites, were forced to work for a king named Pharoah.  The Isrealites worked as slaves in Egypt. Pharoah forced them to be his slaves for 430 years. Moses, a leader of the Isrealites, heard from God.  Moses was a prophet and demanded that Pharoah free his people. Pharoah refused to listen to Moses' commands. God sent ten plagues to Pharoah's land. Although, the Isrealites were in bondage they were not harmed during the plagues.

Today, the Passover holiday is celebrated by many religions. Again, if you would like for me to speak or be your worship leader please contact me.  I realize that in the United Methodist denomination believes that prophets or prophetess are a rare species, but I will be more than happy to speak God's words to any denomination that has a ear to hear the prophetic words of our Lord and Savior, as I hope that some, if not all, ministerial staff are able to preach an annointed word to faith believers.

Poem: The Lord's Candle by Ginger Gustavson
Let your candle shine for Him,
And even though it's small,
The size will make no difference.
The Lord has need of all.

September Edition


I thank you for your support.  There will now be a small cost to purchase the newsletter.  This fee will be used for the printing cost and a portion will also go towards the building fund of the faith-based learning center (serving K-12). I am asking for your continued prayers and suggestions to make your newsletter interesting and unique. I am also asking God for assistance because without him the task would be impossible.  In this issue, I will discuss public education in Kent County and the surrounding areas on the Shore: what is new and what is out.

For those of you who have saved all of the publications, that is wonderful. For others, I'd like to give you some of the Ebonic word definitions that I have used from time to time so that you'll have an understanding of the thoughts that I am expressing to you.  If you do not understand what I am discussing please contact me so that we can discuss further.

Peace, unity, and love,

Sherlene Stevens-Gould, Evangelist

Kingdom's Quilt's Vocabulary
1.   human voice - news
2.   gifts - skills given by God to a person
3.   prophet - a person that speaks for God to warn or persuade faith believers
4.   Allah - God, the only God in the Muslim faith
5.   peace - Not causing strife with others or other faith believers
6.   unity - togetherness
7.   love - concern for another
8.   Bible - words given by God (Christian faith; I use the King James Version in discussions)
9.   Koran - words given by Allah (Islam faith; Muslims)
10. Kingdoms Quilt's Theme for 2005 - Free to Dream; setting goals and achieving them in 2005
11. Shalom - means peace (Judaism; Islam)

_Believer's Kingdom_
How many of you have been working on your entrepreneurial goals? If you didn't answer the question, then that is your first assignment for the new year. Adults, you can take pride in learning, too: be a role model for your son or daughter during this school year.  I will continue to include discussions on starting a business, and how to continue a business once it has been formed.

_Mary Bethune's Dialogue_
Our educators have faced challenges regarding the transfer of students from Chestertown Middle School (CMS) to Sudlersville Middle School (SMS). The Chestertown Middle School has received an "Improvement Needed" status from the Department of Education (Baltimore, Maryland). Therefore, children enrolled at CMS are given the opportunity to transfer to a nearby satisfactory (or in compliance) school. At least 24 middle school students transferred to SMS. According to the Kent County Newspaper (2005) a few of the students lived closer to SMS.

There is at least fifteen new staff members hired to help our returning public school students.  At least two African American teachers have retired: Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Cruz. I know that they will be sadly missed.  There is a new trend of hiring more minority males and female teachers in Maryland.  Only one African American female teacher was hired for the new academic year. Many school districts are giving wage incentives and extra benefits to educators of color. Are you interested? Discuss your goals with a college advisor.

Parents of public school children, don't forget to review your child's list of supplies needed.  If you can not afford the expense ask your child's guidance counselor or teacher. It has been my experience that students should have their supplies no later than the day after Labor Day. Many stores are having school supply sales.  To save additional dollars, look at sale ads in your local newspaper.

_What's On the Menu?_
Parents of public school children, you can apply for the food program at your child's school. Many of our Kent County students are receiving free or reduced-priced breakfast and/or lunch meal.  It is an easy form to complete and it may save you money for your family'soverall household budget.  Every savings helps... If your child does not like the lunches from their school make sure to provide nutritous alternatives from home. A meal should consist of a fruit, vegetable, and a meat. I am still accepting box top labels.

_Not Another Ripoff_
There are many retired teachers within the county that are willing to tutor your child. If your child is in need of additional learning, it is best to have them tutored by a trained instructor in a small class setting. Adults needed for the board of the learning center.