Devotion Note: Participant's Guide Log

 Verse-by-Verse King James Version Bible Study Series By Sherlene D. Stevens


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Peace Be Unto You (also means Do Not Fear Faith-believer, John 20:26),


A Note To You--


October       8:   You Don't Think I Need To Learn For Self Improvement  (Psalms)                       
October       8: You Want To Love Animals More Than People (Psalms)
October     22: There Seems To Be A Lot Of Bad Things Happening (Proverbs)
October     29:   

You Just Want To Act A Fool (Proverbs)

November   5: You Want To Identify Your Self-Worth (No, Good-Man Named Jesus)
November 12:             You Are Deciding What Place of Worship Or Church Style To Attend
January        7: You Believe You Are Experiencing Newness (Ecclesiastes)
January      14: Christmas Eve 2017: Family Devotion (Ecclesiastes)
January      21: You Need To Choose The Good Around You (Isaiah)
March         25: You Want To Know GICPA's Belief of Easter Fellowship (Isaiah)
April            22: You Are Seeking Actions To Do As A Christian Religious Leader (Isaiah)
April            29: You Have To Give A Speech To The Learned (Jeremiah)
May            11:

2018 Internet Revival: I Said A Prayer For You Today

May            27:      You Want To Recall That God Does Speak, Personally, To All His Creatures (Jeremiah)
June           10: You've Been Abused By Religious Leadership (Jeremiah)
July              8: You Are Fearful of the Understanding of God, Let Him Have His Way of Doing (Jeremiah)
July             15: You're Thinking About Obedience and Relocating (Jeremiah)
July             29: There Is Long-Suffering In Doing What Is Right (Jeremiah)
August        12: You Want To Know What It's Like To Be Led By The Holy Spirit (Ezekiel)
September   2: You Try To Become Blessed From Someone Else's Blessing (Ezekiel)
September 23: You Want To Know How To Participate In Devotion (Ezekiel)
September 30: You Think You Don't Have Much To Offer
October       7: You Don't Think God's Classification System Doesn't Matter
October     14: Local Places of Worship Close In Your Community (Ezekiel)
November 11: You Are Diverse
November 18: Leaders Are Not Considering The Needs of All of Their People/ Citizens/Constituents/Affiliations/Grouping (Daniel)
November 25: Jealousy Spirit Lingers In A Community/City/State/Country
December   2: Endings of a Thing Has Been Revealed To You (Daniel)
December 16: Discussing Male Leadership and Jesus As the Saviour of Humankind (Hosea)
December 23: You Want To Know What Gift To Give To God (Joel)
January      6: You Want To Know How God Feels About Curses On People That He Didn't Order
January    13: You Try To Hide From God
January    God's Anger Visits Places of the Earth
January    27: You Want To Know If God Ever Instructed Nature's Force (Nahum)
February    3: You Want To Know If God Is Known Throughout The World (Zechariah)
February  10:  You Want To Know How To Treat The People of the Land of Jerusalem (Zechariah)
February  17: You Feel Distracted By The Sinful Actions of Priests, Focus (Malachi)
February  24: Jesus Is The Saviour of 'His' People, The Jews, For Their Sins (Matthew)
March        3: God In Flesh 'Jesus' Came To Fulfill His Promises (Matthew)
March       10: You're Too Angry To Be Helpful (Matthew)
March       17: You Want To Know How Jesus Heals (Matthew)
March       24: Jesus Enters Communities Like The Devil,  Like A Snake (Matthew)
April            1: God's Kingdom Separates Humans Into Classification of Actions of Being of Good or Wicked
April            7: God and His Heavenly Things Are Above And Globally, 24/7 (Matthew)
April          14: You Must Be Flexible With Self, Like A Child (Matthew)
April          21 Why Stand Ye All the Day Doing Nothing? (Matthew)
April          28: When Jesus Comes Again-- (Matthew)
May            5: You Call Jesus The Son of God (Matthew)
May          19: Your Faith Is Personally Killing You Or Your Spirit (Mark)
June           2: You're Fearing The Blessings That The Holy Spirit Has For You (Mark)
June           9:  God Goes Before Thee To Fulfill His Promises (Mark)
June         16: When You Think Your Little Job Isn't Much (Luke)
June         23:  Faith Believers Who Are Sick In Mind, Or The Spirit of the Things of Old Ways of Religions Is Amongst Us (Luke)
June         30: You Have To Be Baptized To Receive The Things of God (Luke)
July            7:  Ladies, Who Need A Healing (Luke)
July          14: Always, Every Day, Watch What You Say and Do (Luke)
July          21: You Want To Identify a Real Minister of Jesus (Luke)
July          28: What Is Rejected by Some Is A True Blessing to Others (Luke)
August       4: God Created the Light of John, Jesus, and You (John)
August     11: Women Who Accept A Religious Job Title Position (John)
August     18: Jesus Will Always Be With You If You Truly Believe in God--You Truly Believe In Him (John)
August     25: The Opposite, Faith-believers Couldn't See Him (John)
September 1: All Things Finished (John)
September 8: Those Who Are Financially Blessed and Leaders, God-led to Become Faith-Believers (The Acts)
September 15: How About If It Be of God … ? (The Acts)
September 22: The Entire World Is Judged By One (The Acts)
September 29: Paul's Ministry Was Different Than Jesus's (The Acts)
October        6: Live By Actions of Hope and Faith, Everyday (Roamans)
October      13: It's Okay To Do Small Kingdom Work for Our Great God (I Corinthians)
October      20: Don't Be Deceived by Fake Ministries of this Modern-Day Century (II Corinthians)
October      27: God Assigns Faith Workmanship Talents (Galatians and Ephesians)
November   3: There Is No Difference of Those Who Are Woke--Now, Than Those Asleep (Philippians, Colossians, I and II Thessalonians)
November 10: Strive for the Realness of God In the Actions That You Do Everyday (I and II Timothy)
November 17: There Is Another Day (Titus; Philemon; Hebrews)
November 24: It's Time To Remember God's Said Promises (James; I - III Peter; I - III John, and Jude) 
November  1: It Takes a Lot To Keep the World, Godly (The Revelation)
Final Note of Series The Prophecy of Jesus Fulfilled (King James Version Bible, entirety)