Family Quilt Newsletter

2012 Theme: God Is Cleaning the Dust In His Today's Family Units:
Kings, Queens, and your Princes and Princesses

In This Issue:
A poem by (S)herlene, Editor-In-Chief
" Biz Believer's Kingdom (Entrepreneurship)
" Wants/Needs (Finances)
" What's On The Menu? (Recipes)
" Timbuktu Dialogue (Education)
" Right (the) Rights (Politics)
" Hallelujah 'N' Amen (Spirituality)
" With This Body, I Create (Gifted & Talented)
" 2012 Scriptures To Read (Holy Bible; Islamic Translation)
Note: This is a special edition newsletter in honor of Black History Month.

_Poem by (S)herlene_
Poem Title: Humans are Earth Dust
Humans are
R.eceiving examples of
H.oly self.
D.istant from
U.p above which is made up of
S.pirit and of
T.estimony of its Master.


What a great way to start this new year! A new black history month (dedication) edition, to my black ancestors, with a new name (Family Quilt Newsletter). My book "The Script In My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness" will be released this year (2012). I have so much that I want to share with families this year. You are kings, queens, princes, and princesses in your immediate family units. First, we must ask our immediate family units if we really want to exclude the next generation's ability of freedom of choice. Are we being selfish of our routine, traditional methods, of making a living in our households? In order to clean up we must be willing to get naked. Look at thy self from the top of your head to the souls of your feet. Clothe again with your new standards of living. To endure in challenges of meeting your family's goals and desires put on the whole armor of God:

1) Helmet of Salvation
2) Breastplate of Righteousness
3) Belt of Truth
4) Shield of Faith
5) Sword of the Spirit - God's words in book of your choosing.
Note: Inspiration from Ephesians 6:10-18, Holy Bible.

The Family Promise Pledge
I promise to allow open and free communication without fear. Each of us has our own unique gifting and/or talent. I promise to be a productive team member in goals that strengthen our family. I value others and their opinions, and expect others to value mine. I will encourage family members' strengths and help them in areas where they are weak. Please do the same for me in an appropriate and helpful manner. I will not become defensive, or refuse to be a part of our family during challenging moments. I will support and participate when I can in family bonding opportunities.

It is time to allow every citizen in North America to participate in community pride, or we will fail at any real economic gain. There is no more time of just covering up the blood of our human weaknesses (For further meaning review our 2012 Scripture List). What are the laws for your immediate household?

Hannah Hudson (Instructor, Holiday 2011) suggests that we participate in answering the following questions:
1. What is a community (neighborhood, town, state, country)?
2. Where do you live?
3. Who lives in your community?
4. What's special about your community?
5. What grows naturally in the community?
6. Who lived there before today's population?
7. How can we help our community to exist?

I would like you to think about...
1. What is family?
2. Who is part of your immediate family unit?
3. Your external family unit on your mother's and father's side?
4. What are you adding to strengthen your family and religious family setting?

Words that you will hear me say or I will have written in 2012.
•Being very sociable - It means traits of behaviors that keep human service agency staff employed.

•Family/Internal/Immediate unit - People who make up your household.

•External family - Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

•Life experiences - Situations that have occurred in your life.



•Dysfunction - Not the ordinary behavior of people in a cultural setting who are changing for the better to become what they consider normal.

Yours in Christ,

Sherlene Stevens, Family Evangelist

_Biz Believer's Kingdom_
Have you updated your company's publications of your copy right and All Rights Reserved notice, (©2012)?
For aspiring entrepreneurs: If you can describe your ideal product or service then you can find your niche to participate in the given market industry.
I am leary of any community that has only one industry for its economic existence. We need to become more diverse in the products and services that we offer. I have started a portal of family business resources that will be a part of A Time To Learn Academy's website,

A Self-help action: Search online for Startup America, and Independent Startup America Partnership
Useful link,

"When you have no financial assets it's very easy for your opponent to win. Prepare today by getting Skills, Partnerships, Networking, Education, Mentors, Faith, and Determination." -Sherlene Stevens (from Jan. 2011 Mentorship Month, Face Book)

Please choose the best answer of your family unit's needs.
1. Home or Car
2. Clothes or Jewelry
3. Food or CDs
4. Nail Appointment or Hair Appointment
5. Money Orders or Bank Account
6. Family Time or Second Job
7. 1 Working Parent or 2 Working Parents
8. Internet Shopping or traveling miles to a store chain
Your answers to the given choices will vary according to your community and culture.

This year, I would like for all of my viewers to obtain a debit card to make online purchases. Internet shopping is often cheaper because of daily specials. Participate with a bank in your community. Try to choose a bank that offers free checking which will be cheaper than purchasing money orders.

If there is a big business of any kind in our communities, then leaders are saying that its services/products are needed for many years to come. Take a look around your community. What big businesses are in your community?

_What's On The Menu?_
Meat Stew
Can be viewed on the "What's On The Menu" link of this web site.

_Timbuktu Dialogue_
Jesus (Yeshua, Isa) knew at age 12 that he was going to be someone great. What nonverbal behaviors are we giving to our today's youth?

All races and societies should be reading something daily. Black people should read twice as much, daily, if you truly feel like a minority in any current subject or industry.

What is a Pell grant? Any "grant" is free money that is provided by a sponsor.  A Pell grant gives students a certain amount of money that can be used for school-related purchases such as attending a private school before college, or attending an undergraduate college (2 yr or 4 yr). You or your parents must apply for the grant each year by providing yearly finances. Keep your W2s and 1099s handy. Choose an education institution that you are willing to participate with before committing to the organization's mission and vision, before grants or scholarships are given.

Your Princes, and Princesses
Do you know if your child's school is meeting your state's standards of a quality education? If you were to enter your child's room or personal space would you find educational toys and books that have been used within the last week?

It is never to late to raise your educational standards within your family unit. Take advantage of free family days and trips to social/educational events. Warn your child ahead of time that you can not purchase any extras while participating on a day trip. And just like the "sex talk" we must educate our children about the "human services" provided by our government's human service agencies.

_Right (the) Rights_
"Manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States, but this doesn't mean for tomorrow's generations to slack off in receiving quality in education and performing their best in their current education program." - Pres. Barack Obama, (Jan. 2012)

A liberty that seems to be lacking in our communities is information to improve our personal lifestyles. What we are really lacking is teaming efforts. There should be more resource outlets for improving our own circumstances of our own citizens. It was not the intent of our former political black leaders to have government as the only reliable means of finances for its citizens. If your community doesn't play fair in equality, then they are not going to reveal all policies. Rules that could help in togetherness of all economic social--low-income--middle-income--upper-income--classes.

_Hallelujah 'n' Amen_
The Scriptures in "few verses" reveals to us that the classification of poor and rich will always be with us, but how we treat each other in these social groups is described in "many chapters." -Sherlene

"Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But, today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." -B. Jones

"Trials keep you strong. Sorrows keep you human. Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you giving, but only God, friends, and family can keep you going." -Author unknown

"No matter how you feel: You need to get up, dress up, and show up." - Gloria Starr

"Sin always leads to slavery." -Author Unknown

"Freedom means to forgive and start anew. It does not mean to perform actions of, so, I have been a slave.. now I want others to feel like a slave when I am guiding them." -Sherlene

_With This Body, I Create_
"I am indeed a modern day king because I know how to rule myself." -E. Perkins

"Women came out of the man's ribs not from his feet to be walked on, or from his head to be superior; but, from his side to be equal, under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved." -Author unknown

"Over, under, or around. There is always a way for you to get to where you need to be." -Author Unknown

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." - H. E. Luccock

_2012 Scriptures To Read_
Holy Bible, King James Version
Genesis 2:7; 3:2-3; 3:14; 3:20; 18:27
I Samuel 2:7-8
I Kings 18: 37-39
Job 38(all)
Psalm 25:1-15; 27:1-9; 30:9; 72:1-19; 102:12-19: 103 and 104(all); 113(all); 119:9-16
Proverbs Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 17
Ecclesiastes 3(all)
Isaiah 25:12; 29:15-24; 35(all); 40(all); 49(all); 65:25; 66:1
Daniel 12:12-13
Matthew 6:6-34; 7(all); 10:10-17
Acts 13:51-52
Ephesians 5(all); 6(all)
Revelation 16:1; 16:4-7; 16:12-21; 17:7-8; 18:4-19: 19:6-10; 21(all); 22(all)

Holy Qu'ran Translation
IX:20, 41, 64, 83, 85, 107-112, 126-129
LXXVIII:8-16, 38-40