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As a traditional-gender multi-racial writer,

I am sharing my personal reflection of American-living households and families(From Year of 1971 - 2020).



NOTE: The weekly sitcom episode can be found on my META/Facebook, a 

social media page. Adapted from Sherlene's memoir "A Compilation of Forgiveness" also published as "The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness".

Main Setting:

A fictitious rural southernly people-of-color neighborhood/town

where in 15 minutes one could be in a major urban, city-like, neighborhood with a diverse citizenship population. Two towns, communities, where households and families become aware of how to help each other, inwardly and outwardly in modern historical times. 



Character and Description: 

A large multiracial family, age newborn to 102.


Diverse working-class neighbors including 100% white households.


A low-income/fixed-rent apartment complex.


A black country-store owner and gas station.


Several event venues(a karaoke/comedy club, an outdoor-venue club, and movie theater).



A church community separated per standard race categories.


An outdated in-town police station that secretly rules the southern neighborhood, but no one really truly knows it until the recently-elected town mayor threatens to close it. The police station has lacked adequate government funding for decades, and the current police staff are overwhelmed with their discreet job tasks.




Sitcom Introduction: January 2024.


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Episode 1/Pilot: Children, What Did You Learn In School Today?


Episode 2: Meeting the Moment of Opportunity


Episode 3: I Live By the Water


Episode 4: By Way of Water to Enjoying Land


Episode 5: The Last is First, The First Last


Episode 6: (Silence) Asleep Until Morning


Episode 7: Will Our Work Ever Be Finished?


Episode 8: Easter Sunday Service


Episode 9: I Do ...



*No further episodes, at this time, due to current work obligations.