Episode Title Collection: Year 2020


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May   4 It's Okay To Not Know Everything
May 12  Newness of a Thing
May 25 Don't Waste Food Items
June  1 Message From the Floor
June  8 Being a Godly Neighbor
June 15 Being a Godly Son of God the Father, No Matter Whether of the Traditional or Non-Traditional Male Gender
June 22 Black Lives Matter From a Biblical Viewpoint
June 29 The Lord's Prayer
July 6 The Meaning of 'Many Colors' Isn't Purposed for Old Actions
July 13 Don't Try to Change God, Change Your Personal Feelings To Fit the Ways of God
July 20 Are Any of Us Truly Free?
July 27  Police Brutality, Community Laws, and God's Grace
August 3 Adoption vs. Slavery
August 10 How Do You Adapt to New Beginnings?
August 17 Being the Meekest During Time Like These
August 24 To Give the Highest of Praise: Water Has a Sound, Too
August 31 Leaving a Job to Take On Another That's More Rewarding Part 1
September 7 Leaving a Job To Take On Another That's More Rewarding Part 2
September 14 Leaving a Job To Take On Another That's  More Rewarding Part 3
September 21  I Understand There Are Some Things About My Faith That Troubleth You But Shouldn’t. 



Peace Be Unto You (also means Do Not Fear Faith-believer, KJV Book of John 20:26),