eFellowship: Online Personal Devotion Group-Meeting Activity Announcements


Although all are welcome and invited, eMembers or members are really defined as members who give donations AND participate in this ministry as their church-home base of choice on a CONSISTENT basis. 




You are welcome to give 10¢ donations to this fellowship.


July 15, 2016: The ministry received its first dollar, today, during street ministry (Atlanta area, Georgia). I thanked, aloud, the female patron and the Holy Trinity of God. Immediately, I placed the one-dollar bill into the Bible--it landed on a page in the Book of Samuel. To the Holy Trinity of God, be the glory. I already know what the ministry will do with the next blessing. Don't get tired or impatient while waiting . . .


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I have finally found an organization that does similar faith-based community outreach for decades! I guess their ministry is unusual, too.  I am not affiliated with the organization, but I may source or give credit to some of their outreach materials such as public prayers, etc.


Source: Life-Study Fellowship (n.d.)



Fellowship and Membership Activities

God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Photo Credit: Unknown



1. Our Annual Food Fast* (Month of March,yearly)

Your kitchen should be free of milk,

sugars of all kind except honey,

fruits of all kind, breads of all kind,

alcoholic drinks of all kind, all potato forms, all pasta form,

all green peas form, vinegars/pickles, high sugar

yogurts, and peanut forms.


This is a form of reflecting our diciplined actions for a specified amount of time.



2. Cleaning of Community Graves*

Note: Place a small American flag, if you can.

  • Fourth of July - Military Graves Only
  • Memorial Day - Military Graves Only


3. Easter Activities

We do not use rabbit/baby animals, etc., decor to symbolize the resurection of our Lord and Saviour. We recognize that Jesus is no longer on the cross. We do not worship the symbol of the cross at any time; we worship the Holy Trinity of God at all times. By doing so, we choose not to eat cross-shaped candies, either. Instead, I think if there are those who choose to use such decor and candles, it would be appropriate to symbolize eating the words of God. Every day we should strive to eat up his words in our minds, sprit, and being. Holy bible-shaped image candies and decor is appropriate. Easter season and day is our time to highlight the social and political dysfunctions that can lead to such judicial brutality. It is a time when we recognize that Jesus was the only man that ever lived in flesh, again, after death. This is our actions during the Easter season, as faith-believers, in proclaiming that we are a Bible-based church organization and creed. 


4. Devotional Internet Revival - A Weekend in May, yearly

An annual Revival to share the Good News with my social media Audience Family and the general public who use the World Wide Web. Format: GICPA opening remarks and ladies' faith-based posts and sermons (First night); Children's faith-based posts and sermons (Second Night); Men faith-based posts and sermons (Third Night) and GICPA closing remarks.


5. Christmas-Season Caroling Activities - Thanksgiving Weekend - December 25, yearly

Please celebrate with me of our Saviour's birth with a joyous noise, November 27 - January 17, yearly. Hey Neighbors, who believe in religion, doesn't the Bible discuss actions of singing a "joyful" noise unto the Lord? A personal joyful sound.

6. Baptism of Receiving the Holy Spirit



Background Vocalist
My Range: Soprano, first (4 - 4.7 octave out of 10) - mezzo soprano B2 - D6. Available for studio, and venues. Conservative R&B (MEI sound),
and Gospel settings only. 

My purpose for doing it--Belief that even if another believes they can't sing they should sing any way ... --Joyously unto whom? Unto the Lord, Amen.


I am careful in selecting family-friendly appropriate music to share with my audiences. You may even hear her sing on the broadcast or during marketplace ministry outreach.

The genre highlights family-friendly, secular-music from some of our favored (and unknown) musicians and singers.

A mission of diverse, lyric sounds for a listening audience that want to hear lyrics that motivates our faith, increases our hope, or shares the Good News of the Gospel in an open music-genre format.

Bravura Oratorical Gospel Genre
Note: A subgenre creation of American traditional gospel and family-focused secular music that inspires or motivates.
(bruh voo rah)
(Or ah tour rick le)
It is lyrics discussing real, human relationship and activities, or life-experience language and lyrics--without using any form of cursing.*

Sherlene's Christmas Season Caroling social-singing activity begins Saturday after U.S. Thanksgiving - January 17, yearly.