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 Devotion Socials: Personal and Family Devotion and Fellowship. You're Welcome Here. On Purpose.

As our God and Lord Jesus Christ leads people, by the Holy Spirit, to this assembly.


Special Devotion Ministry Services Event

​   _Holy Ghost's Physical Healing Announced Special Services (special healing-fellowship socialization are announced throughout the year. You may see people under the anointing of the Holy Ghost's spirit, as he leads me to heal the physically sick, laugh/speak/cry/or lay themselves or by the holding of another person.); and,

   _Devotion, Inspirational and Motivational Songs Socials (Pentecostal-style if you come to experience my ministry's fellowship. You are not required to do an actual full-body dance praise at every event, if you don't want to.);



We are Christians. We are the church, on purpose, with unique purposes.