Greetings Peace Be Unto You/ Do Not Fear,


Are you lacking (poor) academically, financially, physically, and/or spiritually? Or are you blessed (rich) in such categories?  Eliminate using words such as "poor" or "rich" and replace with lacking or blessed ... in any of the described area category.


Do not give until you first have received. (Source: Old Testament Verse of KJV Bible)



Ways to Use Godly Principles at Business

  1. Spend; Save; Donate (Charity).
  2. Mentor another or an aspiring entrepreneur.
  3. Fair-play competition.
  4. Fair-pricing of your products and/or services.
  5. How many times have you heard "Build it and they will come"? When should you really build? When should you really be worried when there are no productive profits coming in for such building activities?