Many religious faiths believe that single people who date should be married. Sometimes, socially, your community will go to great lengths to make certain this occurs. Such activity may occur before or after you live together or share space. Many faiths believe that you should not have a baby out of wedlock: a marriage is the ultimate conclusion--a traditional family lifestyle.


Most Marital Arguments Are About ... And Can Be Worked Out
Source: Thompson, A. (n.d.) Handle With Care Marriage Discussions.

  1. S#x (little eyes may be viewing this page :)
  2. Money
  3. Intangibles, focusing on the silly, small, stuff without productive adult conversations
  4. Religion
  5. Children

Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship. What You Can Do...
Source:  James, G. (August 2014). Damage Control. Ebony, 85-87.


Move on or move back

  • Choose Money over Love. Suggestion: While going after your goals, keep yourself open to meeting a good partner to have a productive family lifestyle.
  • They are Still Growing. Suggestion: Pay attention to the qualities and deal-breakers early on in the relationship.
  • They Date Many. Suggestion: More isn't always better. Adding another person only complicates mutual agreements. Talk, get help, write in a journal, do whatever it takes before "moving on" to a new or "moving back" to an old [relationship].
  • They Don't Know What Real Love Is. Suggestion: Seek role models. Read relationship books and articles on challenging thoughts of "love."
  • Too Much Ego. Suggestion: Are you sending mixed messages of what you expect while being in a relationship? Are you in touch with your feelings? Do you ever ask for help? By staying in unproductive traditions or stereotypes, you may miss out on opportunities.
  • Don't Believe It's Possible. Suggestion: Yes, there are couples in the world that have normal, healthy relationships--commitment, communication, and consistent opportunities.
  • Early Exit Game. Suggestion: Don't quit just because your feeling a certain way. "Victory can be the greatest feeling ever."
  • Lack of Reciprocity. Suggestion: Give and receive. You may not be the same, but their should be balance of couple-oriented activities.
  • Still Carries Past Hurts. Suggestion: Discuss issues and set boundaries. It may be time to move on or back.
  •  Always Says No to Everything. Suggestion: Everyone wants feel supported in personal and relationship goals.  If your mate ignore your aspirations then it's time to move on or back.
  • Controlling and Abusive. Suggestion: Any form of abuse--whether it is manipulative behavior, emotional cruelty or physical violence--is a clear sign that it's time to move on or move back.